Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 2006

Interference mitigation using distributed power control algorithms for RFID reader networks, Kainan Cha


Fault modeling and testability of domino CMOS logic, Pavankumar Chandrasekhar

Staircasing mesh algorithm for 2D and 3D primitives for FDTD and the generation of complex geometries, Fan-Keung Chang


A new multi-algorithm approach for network echo cancellation problem, Ashrith Deshpande


Optical in-circuit measurement system for immunity applications, Chong Ding


Relative color histogram and spatial color clustering analysis in malignant melanoma images, Yunus E. Faziloglu

Investigation into a measurement-parameter-independent application of the modulated scatterer technique (MST) for material dielectric property characterization, Gabriel S. Freiburger

Expectation maximization and its application in modeling, segmentation and anomaly detection, Ritesh Ganju

High resolution distance monitoring system using laser light, Blake R. Gray

A hardware implementation of a quadrature amplitude modulation communication system with MIMO applications, James David Jenshak


The extension of blotch features for melanoma discrimination in dermoscopy images, Azmath Khan

3D modeling of string motion, Ibrahim Atakan Kubilay

Noise source characterization on the power delivery network for electromagnetic interfeence and eye pattern generator tool, Mauro Lai

Hybrid key management and secure routing protocols for wireless sensor networks, Timothy J. Landstra


Feasibility study of instruments for electrical impedance tomography (EIT) and magnetic induction measurement of skin cancer, Deepak Narayanaswamy


The flood frog: An autonomous wireless device for flood detection and monitoring, Valerio Plessi


MIMO capacity, finding optimal parameters using training signals, and quantization feedback of MIMO channels, Christopher Potter

Self-organizing and routing protocols for wireless sensor networks, Sibila Ratnaraj

Polygon decomposition in to minimum number of primitives and electromagnetic shielding using composite materials, Poorna Chander Ravva


Detection and identification of electronic circuits based on their unintentional radiated emissions and an investigation of the effect of chassis connections on radiated EMI from PCBs, Ahmed Sharief Shaik

Application of swarm and evolutionary techniques to neural network training and partitioning combinational CMOS, Gaurav Singhal

Charge transport in nano-scale thin-wired network, Lee Tran

Feature and color analysis of images of the cervix, Shoba Umamaheswaran

Intelligent optimal control of a grid independent photovoltaic system using adaptive critic designs and fuzzy logic, Richard L. Welch

Power distribution network modeling for design and high-speed time-domain reflectometer system design for cable sensor defect measurement, Liang Xue


Cost-driven optimization of repair strategies for tolerating defective crosspoints in NanoFabric, Shanrui Zhang

Novel optimization methods for scalar and vector quantization design, Wenwei Zha

Theses from 2005

An asynchronous FPGA for NULL Convention Logic circuits, Arun Swaminathan Balasubramanian


Intentional islanding and adaptive load shedding to avoid cascading outages, H. Manjari Dola


A probabilistic approach to measuring robustness in distributed computing systems, Behdis Eslamnour


An intelligent fluidic dissolved oxygen sensor system by electromechanical actuation method, Xinbo He


Extended operation of flying capacitor multilevel inverters, Jing Huang


Design and implementation of controllers for a class of electromechanical systems, Vijayakumar Janardhan


Dynamic simulation models for distributed generation classes, Natasha Ayesha Khan


High resolution 3D microwave and millimeter wave imaging, Rajesh Koganti

A knowledge based architecture for airborne minefield detection, Deepak Menon


A high-performance amperometric biosensor system utilizing electrolytic gas bubbles, Jongwon Park


Experimental analysis and modeling of Laser Aided Manufacturing Process (LAMP), Kaushik Phatak

Laboratory emulation of a wound rotor induction machine for wind generation, Narayanaswamy Ramakrishnan


Enhancement and subaxial subluxation detection in cervical spine X-ray images, Santosh Seetharaman


The parallelization of a finite-difference time-domain code for the simulation of practical engineering problems, Sarah A. Seguin


Integration of ultra-capacitors in static compensators, Abhishek Singh


Implementation of an embedded neural network-based output-feedback controller for spark ignition engines, Jonathan B. Vance

An analysis of STATCOM/UCAP for power system stability, Juan Wang

Theses from 2004


Landmine discrimination using wavelet decomposition and weighted density distribution functions, Kalyan Ram Achanta


Microwave evaluation and modeling of rapid chloride ingress in mortar, Bharath Akuthota

Redundant Link Network-Bluetooth based wireless sensor network, Mohammed Rana Basheer Basheer


Quantifying radiated emissions from high speed traces in proximity to a PCB edge, Daniel P. Berg


Monitoring of refractory thickness using pulse-ultrasound and aluminum nitride (AIN) transducers, Thomas George Burns


A method of powering and controlling large, multi-segmented, electroluminescent displays, David Christian Callier


Transmission line pulser construction and magnetic field testing of timing circuits, David James Carter


Design and control of a magnetically levitated (maglev) system, Nishant Chadha

Data mining of substation relay data, Mythili Chaganti


Implementation of surface impedance boundary condition in FDTD and Incorporating EMI from traces crossing the gaps in the ground plane into SPICE, Sunitha Chandra

Vector control of a double fed induction generator for variable speed wind power generation, Srinivasa R. Chellapilla

Determining the optimal placement of FACTS devices using genetic algorithms and enumeration techniques, Jyothirmai Chittyreddy

Characterization of human-metal reference ESD event and correlation of ESD simulator parameters to system failures and a new calibration method for current probes, Ramachandran Chundru

Optimization of capacitor structures for improved fault tolerance and reliability, Bradley John Deken

Scalable hierarchical group digital signatures, Pinar Demircan

Radiation resistance testing of COTS CMOS chips against continuous gamma radiations, Hiten Pravinchandra Dharavat

Computational intelligence techniques for collective robotic search, Sheetal Doctor


Design tools for NULL Convention Logic circuits, Sasikanth Duggini

Image based synthesis for airborne minefield data, Thandava Krishna Edara

Structural identification of a smart truss for condition assessment, James W. Fonda

Expert system algorithms for evaluating the electromagnetic compatibility of printed circuit board designs, Yan Fu

Detection and size evaluation of corrosion precursor pitting using near-field microwave and millimeter wave nondestructive testing methods, Mohammad Tayeb Ahmad Ghasr

Applications of particle swarm optimization for neural network training and digital systems, Venu Gopal Gudise

Detection of skin cancer using electric impedance, an electrical model of skin, and statistical methods, Kapil Gupta


A clustering approach to intrusion detection, Nageswaran Jayaraman


Pigment network extraction and salient point analysis, Pavani Jella

An Investigation into the electromagnetic behavior of the vector controlled induction motor drives, Jayeeta Joddar


Three dimensional magnetic effects in a permanent magnet synchronous machine, Dinakar C. Kaluvagunta


Development of bench mark power system for FACTS/BESS simulation, Gaurav Karandikar

A windowing-based approach for intrusion detection, Reno Madanmohan Kayarkar


Prediction of rotor position in switched reluctance motor drives at standstill and unexcited rotating shaft conditions, Umamaheshwar Krishnamurthy


Live wire segmentation tool for osteophyte detection in lumbar spine x-ray images, Suren Eda Naarayana Kulothungan


Microwave reflectometry: A novel diagnostic method for detection of skin cancer, Pratik Mehta

Detection, characterization and modeling of stress-induced cracks in cement-based materials using open-ended rectangular waveguides, Jagadish Nadakuduti

Power flow and stability model for induction generators used in wind turbines, Kiran K. Nandigam

A critical comparison of high performance induction motor drives, Anitha Paladugu

Background modeling and algorithm fusion for airborne landmine detection, Hariharan Ramachandran

SCADA system vulnerability analysis using command data packet manipulation attacks, Arunesh Ramalingam

Next generation intrusion detection system, Arvind Rapaka

Distributed fair scheduling and optimal routing protocols for wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, Niranjan Regatte

Six-sigma distribution system reliability, Xiang Ren

Flexible microsensor array for monitoring dissolved oxygen and water content in the plant root zone, Sandeep Sathyan

Using a VHDL testbench for transistor-level simulation and power calculation of NULL convention asynchronous digital circuits, Anshul Singh

An analysis and comparison of modal extraction techniques in power system modeling, Atmika Singh

A cost and performance comparison of the STATCOM/SMES and STATCOM/BESS, Prasad V. Siriki

Automatic target detection using hidden Markov models for waterjet demining, Deepak R. Somasundaram

Feature Extraction Toolbox and image segmentation using cellular neural networks, Shiva Kumar Sooryavaram

Using Handel-C to design complex hardware: the right tool can make decoding simpler, David Paul Spinden

Study of hostile applets as a threat to internet users, Ganesh Sridharan

Function-based failure mode identification and detection in conceptual design: extending the function-failure design methodology to electrical systems, Scott J. Uder

Investigations of vulnerabilities of select directories of the Linux kernel 2.6.6, Jonathan Roger Syler Van Houten

Performance improvement of power system stabilizers using Prony analysis, Srinivas Vemuri

Detection and evaluation of disbonds between CFRP laminates and concrete members, Stephen Thangaraj Vivian Richards


Temperature consideration in solar arrays, Min-Jung Wu

Mobile robot navigation using RAM-based neural network and fuzzy logic methods, Qiang Yao


A page counter using non-invasive optical techniques, Jason Michael Young