Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 1997

Analysis of an autonomous generator slip energy recovery system, James Todd Rhoad

Modal frequency detection in composite beams using fiber optic sensors, Gilbert Warren Sanders

Robust acoustic control of sound radiation into a closed cavity using smart structures, Timothy John Siedlecki


Damage detection of bridge-like structures using state space models, Javier Valentin Sivico

Feasibility of the adaptive reduced-state sequence estimation employing respective-states channel estimation in time-varying fading environments, Chih-Hung Su

Strain measurement in fiber reinforced plastic composite bars using fiber optic sensors, Adrian Teguh Sutinjo

Simulation of ATM systems using Block Oriented Network Simulator, Sushil Philip Verghese

Implementation of camera calibration techniques for vision-based metrology in a rapid prototyping environment, William Christopher Walton

The identification and a neural network based control for a backward maneuvering trailer truck, Robert S. Woodley

Theses from 1996

Steady-state voltage security assessment, Aysen Basa

Mechanism of anomalous photo-induced transient current peak in amorphous silicon thin-film transistor, Ming-Hsiang Chu

Development and simulation of artificial neural networks using VHSIC hardware description language (VHDL), Daniel Robert Dorrance

Bus functional modeling of a Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller using VHDL, Timothy Durell Emmerich

Maxflow - estimation of the maximum power flow on a transmission line, Howard Layne Gugel

Design and implementation of a single board computer with small computer systems interface based on the TMS320C30, Barry Gerard Anthony Hoog

Feature detection algorithms for a vision-based inspection system, John Alexis Johnson

Electric demand reduction for industrial facilities, Lawton Christopher Komo

Investigation of electromagnetic interference through slots in shielding enclosures : finite-difference time-domain simulations and experiments, Min Li

Synchronization of Band-Limited White Gaussian spreading codes, Matthew Steven Long

Feasibility of identification of excitation system parameters, Eric Ludwig

Iterative extended Kalman filter estimation of Monod model states and parameters with limited measurement data, James Edward Lyon

Speckle strain processing of fiber optic strands and rope, Amy Michele Moats

Vibration suppression of smart structural systems using predictive control, Rodney Dewaine Nelson

Investigation of autocovariance models of images for transform coding, Rahul Mahendra Shah

Study of Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks using Block Oriented Network Simulator, Sandeep Suresh Tamboli

The design and signal integrity analysis of a digital signal processing system, Shawn William Thompson

Investigation of the tripping of adjustable speed drives due to brief voltage reductions, Jerry L. Tichenor

The 12-bit RT-100 microprocessor implemented by FPGAs based on the SCC-650 computer system, Hsien-Chang Tseng

Analysis of the graphical line primitive using VHDL and field programmable gate arrays, Gerard Richard Williams

Design of an 80960JD single-board computer, Jeffrey Darren Woodall

Theses from 1995

Developing a compliance plan for a coal fired utility under "The 1990 Clean Air Act", Judith Andrea Almasque

Assessment of costs and benefits of battery energy storage for utility applications, John Timothy Alt

A study of the impact of excitation limits on voltage stability, Jyothi Ayyagari

A fuzzy logic based approach for direct load control, K. Bhattacharyya

Characterization of ten channel electro-optic phase modulator and amplifier in AlGaAs/GaAs, David Eugene Brown

Design of modern undergraduate digital laboratory experiments, Vijitha Chekuri

Automatic receiver tuning of single sideband speech signals in noise without transmitter cooperation, Ray Lynn Cross

A comparison of the neocognitron with backpropagation and counterpropagation for aircraft identification, Michelle Margaret Ditton

Neural network control of an AC resonant link induction motor drive, Cynthia Aileen Ferkenhoff

Evaluation of SNR spectral distance measures as objective measures of speech quality, Ju Chien Hsu

Application of AI techniques to the diagnosis of nuclear reactor systems, Wajid Ali Khan

A motif GUI for an IC reliability model, Srinivas Paleswara Kota

A least squares transformation for digital image processing, Mark Alan Kremer

A fuzzy-logic predictor for medical thermometry, Randall Jeffrey Krohn

Analysis and average value modeling of a modified load-commutated converter-synchronous machine system, Bryan Eric Ladd

Using SPICE for neural network simulation, Thanh Cong Le

Acquisition of pseudo-noise codes using a generalized correlation loop, Ming-Tieh Liu

Symbol synchronization of NRZ waveforms using Haar wavelets/, Tsung-Hsien Liu

Numerical simulations for thin slot penetration, Kuang-Ping Ma

Robust control of seismic structures using independent modal-space estimation and control, Kerry Stephen Martin

Fuzzy set theory applied to generation system adequacy evaluation, Jonathan Leon Oliver

The design and the development of a graphical user interface based evaluation tool for a fault tolerant digital system, Ravi Kiran Paladugu

Random number generation with a desired probability density function and a desired power spectral density, Joong Hoo Park

Audio enhancement techniques for suppression of background noise and impulse noise, Jeffrey Russell Phillips

Sparsity based user-friendly power flow program, Dennis Joseph Schamburg

Vibration control in a cantilever beam using a neurocontroller, James Douglas Schieffer

Investigation of feedback architecture for estimation of time varying delay, Kalpana Shanmugam

Study of printed circuit and waveguide coupler discontinuities with an FDTD-discrete surface integral method, Hao Shi

A simulation study of adaptive equalizers to combat intersymbol interference in multipath channels, Deepa Soni

Multiresolution signal analysis using wavelets and quadrature mirror filters, Mark John Takatz

Process control user interface development in X-Windows, Giridhar Tatavarti

Analysis of a two-phase induction motor with a shifted B-phase stator winding, Todd Andrew Walls

Neural network control of dynamic channel allocation for mobile radio systems, Edward J. Wilmes

Theses from 1994

A comparison of new sequence estimation methods for intersymbol-interference channels, William Francis Alexander

Real-time optimal control of nonlinear systems using neural networks, Jaipaul Karerakattil Antony

An algorithm for choosing a B-ISDN communications network design, Daniel Richard Buchner

High-resolution ultrasonic thickness measurement using the chirp z-transform, David Joseph Bytnar

Fault location on multi-terminal lines based on travelling wavefronts recognition, Ching Hsiang Chang

Texture classification for skin tumor images using the adaptive wavelet packets transform, Yao-Ting Cheng

An implementation of a data compression algorithm with VHDL, Tai-Yu Chen

Application of sparsity methods to power system selective modal analysis, Joseph Paul Cook

A simplified method for pitch extraction from speech signals using autocorrelation analysis, Douglas Todd. Cordier

Analysis of a current-regulated brushless dc drive system, Keith Corzine

The application of mean-square error and signal-to-noise ratio estimation to nonlinear communication systems, Krid Dusitsin


Information processing using laser speckle, Rathnakar Gopisetty

Comparison of active structural acoustic controllers, Michael Lewis Hill

Impact of segmented ground planes in printed wire boards on inductance and electromagnetic interference, R. Lee Hill

The finite-difference time-domain method and applications in electromagnetic compatibility, David M. Hockanson

Field computation by triangular patches for arbitrary surfaces, Tony Hsu

Combination permanent magnet generator and exciter, Robert Francis Lambrecht

A Translation program for 3D electromagnetic modeling software, Hong-Him Lim

Phoneme recognition using Hidden Markov Models, Austin Jesse Lin

Design and implementation of boundary scan with built-in self-test for Xilinx's XC4000 Logic Cell Array Family of Field Programmable Gate Array, Chien-Yuh Lin

Design and implementation of a single-board computer based on the TMS320C31, Max Yi-Chuan Lu

Tumor classification based on relative color analysis of melanoma and non-melanoma tumor images, Robert Paul McLean

Recognition of malignant melanoma via neural computing, Samuel Joe Mehmert

Optical DLTS as a probe of surface defects in Pt/CdS Schottky diodes, Quy V. Nguyen

Evaluating the accuracy of a harmonic study, John Joseph Nichols

Accurate computation of the magnetic field from the electric field on rectangular grids, Saran Phaloprakarn

A self-oscillating maximum power point tracker for a solar powered vehicle, Bob Thai Pham

Analysis of parallel operation at large industrial substations, Robert Jerome Rauschenbach

Finite-difference time-domain analysis in two-dimensions, Md. Ishfaqur Raza

An expert network process control application, Douglas Michael Rogers

A visualization tool for power system voltage dynamics, Krishnakumar Thirupathur Sathyanarayanamurthy

Inductances and capacitances for a distribution transformer, Jesse Paul Schmeller

Decoding of the (7, 4) Hamming code beyond the half minimum distance using neural networks, Dong-Ha Shin

Real-time digital control : an application, Srinivas Thota

Automated data reconciliation, Atul Trasi

Via modeling and lossy media in the power bus structure of multilayer printed wiring boards, Michael J. Wilhelm

Impulse noise concealment in NTSC receivers, Roger Allen Younger