Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 2007


Use of analytical hierarchy process in university strategy planning, Mihir Gokhale


Converting some global optimization problems to mixed integer linear problems using piecewise linear approximations, Manish Kumar


Modular architecting for effects based operations, Emel Meteoglu

A critical analysis of the Toyota Production System, Benedict Ayi-Ago Okine


Best practices for implementing a biodiesel program, Sundaresan Sadashivam


Cognitive biases in risk management, William Thomas Siefert

A hybrid approach for feature subset selection using ant colony optimization and artificial neural networks, Rahul Karthik Sivagaminathan

Integrating axiomatic design and robust design, Siva Rama Jagadish Chandra Gupta Tadepalli


Enhanced functional analysis system technique for managing complex engineering projects, Sofia Tan


Interactive and dialogue based learning in engineering education, Siddartha Thummuri


Assessment of commonality in products and processes for a product family, Deepak Tickoo

Design of experiments as a means of lean value delivery to the flight test enterprise, Aaron A. Tucker


Security architecture methodology for large net-centric systems, Njideka Adaku Umeh


Performance evaluation of neural networks and GARCH models for forecasting volatility and option strike prices in a bull call spread strategy, Ajitha Vejendla


Executable system architecting using systems modeling language in conjunction with Colored Petri Nets - a demonstration using the GEOSS network centric system, Renzhong Wang

Theses from 2006

Argyris's model II behavior: communication patterns, self-management, and team facilitation, David M. Baca


Scalable product family design: Case study of axial piston pumps, Shivaraj N. Bhandare

An empirical study on the impact of an entrepreneurship course on professional career decisions, Akash Choudhary


Collaborative multi-agent architecture simulation using mobile robots for path planning in unknown environments, Karthik Gopalakrishnan

Impact of reliability information sharing on operational aspects of a supply chain, David C. Hall


Real-time control algorithm for inventory routing problems, Shrikant Jarugumilli

A graphical user interface for function flow down during new product development, Vivek Kulinchandra Jikar

Technology valuation: a review and comparison of methods, Satish Kumar Sampath Kumar

Development of computer business model and planner for primary processing in lumber production, Sudheer K. Padma

Social networks, leadership and team performance, Suved Rai

Modeling and simulation of net centric system of systems using systems modeling language and colored petrinets - a demonstration using the global earth observation system of systems, U. B. Madwaraj Rao

Real-time fault detection in bolted assemblies using torque-angle signatures, Thomas H. Sarantakos


Platform formation method for non-uniform demand, Vishnu Borappa Susheela

Robust supplier set selection for changing product architectures, Bhanumathi Tenneti

Theses from 2005


A decision system for estimating and scheduling tasks with varying reward structures in a job shop environment, Evren Akcora


Motivational influences on time management decisions in dynamic multiple priority work environments, Daniel J. Bailey

Women in engineering: influences, experiences, and opinions, Stephanie Lynn Buffa


Sensitivity analysis of real options parameters, Pei-Te Chung


The use of neural networks, GARCH models, and the Bollinger Bands technical indicator for stock trading decision making, Yanqiong Dong


Uncertain demand driven resource platform design for a service center, Smitha Hariharan


Conflict resolution in project management teams, Parul Khaneja


The effects of Congress on presidential elections on future equity market returns, Vincent Louis Ovlia

Reducing throughput time and improvement of customer satisfaction: a case study at the Phelps County Regional Medical Center--Rolla, Missouri, Sunil Joseph Pulimootil

Auction-based job allocation for productive collaboration among small and medium size enterprises, Kaushik Sampath


Impact of social structure on team performance and rate of network change, Dale Allan Spence

A stress test for engineers' ethics, Jisha Thomas

Theses from 2004


Online data mining using evolving neural networks, Nadeem Ahmed


An activity-product affiliation network approach to study product convergence opportunities, Faisal Anam


Performance evaluation of an auction-based job allocation model for small and medium sized manufacturing enterprises, Govind V. Bajaj

Robust design of automotive braking systems, Santosh Ganesh Dattatraya Bhat

Learning style and individual differences: predictors of student satisfaction as a function of course type, Cassandra C. Elrod

Construction of capacity-efficient product families using optimization and simulation tools, Jesse Alan Grisham


Career choice in the 21st century: Implications for engineering and technology programs, Suzanna Long

Vibration engine neural network object monitoring, Scott Thomas Maine

Web personalization architecture using neuro-fuzzy clustering algorithms, Kartik Menon


Discerning attributes which stimulate performance in quality improvement teams, Dwan LaMar Prude

Argyris' Model II interventions, constructive controversy and team performance: the mediating role of constructive controversy, Vijay Rajappa

A study of antenna-to-antenna coupling prediction with fuzzy inference systems, Taymor S. Rashidi

Characterization of product relations networks and identification of new product convergence opportunities, Aravind Sankaran

Evaluating product planning projects using real options, Prasenjit Shil

A generic, adaptive systems engineering information model, Joseph J. Simpson

Theses from 2003

Collective behavior in robots using evolutionary neural networks, Vikram Aedula

A ladder logic generation methodology for programmable logic controllers, Burak Hilmi Arasli


Impacting co-worker trust toward persons with disabilities, Holly Rose Bentley


Performance & project spirit of student design competition teams, Bradley Marcus Davis


Follow the leader motion strategy in double-octahedral parallel trusses, Ira James Dunn


Dynamic programming formulations of multimodal logistic networks, Ajith Kumar Karunakara

Development of short-duration teams: relationship of transactive memory, motivational behaviors, and performance, Gail Angela Lueck


Investigating team influences on individual performance in highly interdependent teams, Amanda Lea Milliken

Privacy attitudes, employer surveillance practices, and worker behavioral intentions, Tara B. Nolley

Effect of product family production environments on production capacity performance measures, Samarth Dilip Patwardhan

Enabling manufacturing excellence with formalized systems architecting and knowledge-based systems, Darwin Wilford Petersen

Team climate factors moderating the effects of gender and functional diversity on individual and team innovation, Jamie Dee Schroetlin

Theses from 2002


Intelligent technical analysis using neural networks and fuzzy logic, Vamsi Krishna Bogullu


Using political skill through computer-mediated communication channels in engineering teams, Ladan Kamfar


Applying the Six Sigma methodology to improve the admissions process at the University of Missouri-Rolla, Kimberly Kirkham McAdams


A study of the college choice process & models using artificial neural networks and decision trees (C4.5), Venkata Rama Krishnam Raju Saripella

Design and development of an interactive web-integrated flexible manufacturing cell control system, Ravi Sharda

Strategic inventory allocation for vehicle rental agencies, Igor Vasquez

Theses from 2001

Development of a web-based materials management system for small and medium sized companies in composites industry, Sanjay Kumar Karnam

Investigations in the design of products and factories for end-of-life disassembly, Shivakumar Viswanathan

Theses from 2000


Technology assessment of university research centers, Nishaj Attassery


Implementing a combined historical and operational data store utilizing data replication services and dynamic temporal fragments, James Kiemel Brake


Analysis of the effects of coolant/lubricant aiming in machining operations, Nebil Buyurgan


Manufacturing process development for non-design responsible suppliers: A model for successful management, Christopher Lynn Marshall

Theses from 1999

Implementation of manufacturing system simulation in conjunction with a design-of-experiments study, Neil Marco Bacoski

An optimization approach to the irregular-shape full-rotation nesting problem by evolving subgroups with a genetic algorithm, Amber D. Fischer

An analysis of international strategic alliances and technology transfer: manufacturing case-studies, Harsh Dhiren Gupta

Measuring, analyzing, and reducing vibration in the volume manufacture of systems containing rotating machinery, Harry Anthony Pierson

A project management guide for instructional multimedia courseware development, Xiaodong Song

A predictive/comparative model program to determine the effects of coolant/lubricant use and application methods on machined part cost, Jason Alan Stidham

Theses from 1998

Comparison of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems utilizing an exponential model to analyze existing Army data, Kathleen Doyle Biddlecombe

Measuring and benchmarking the reliability of an electric utility distribution system, Stanley Eugene Cary

U.S. Army AH-64A Apache helicopter reliability study, Anthony Waitung Hsu

Using White's criteria to evaluate the success potential of technology application development projects, Melvin Leo Johnson

Evaluation of reliability-centered maintenance techniques for electric substation applications, Jeffrey Alan Knottek

Implementing NPI; new product introduction at Lincoln Automotive, James Constantine Vintzel

Theses from 1997


Integrated manufacturing system for precision sheet metal tooling, Sunil Chaturvedi


Asynchronous distance learning technology: The instructor's perspective, Earl Alexander Evans

Using quality function deployment to establish design requirements for fuel injector packaging, Martin Alan Topi

Quantity discounts in EOQ based inventory systems, Esin Yildiz

Theses from 1996

Reengineering and information technology: exploring the relationship towards a common framework, Mark Damien Clark

Spreadsheet-based computer-integrated manufacturing applied to the batching of refractory compositions, Michael David Eudy

Development of an automated manufacturability evaluation system based on spatial reasoning of features, Adil Burcin Poyraz

Time series prediction using adaptive hierarchical neural networks, Karsten Schierholt