Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 1989

An intelligent scheduling system for automatic storage and retrieval, Syeda Nazli Wasti

Applications in robotics using neural networks, Hsien-Jung Wu

Theses from 1988

Procurement, uses, and benefits of venture capital financing, Kimberly Lenore Baltzer

Application of the analytical hierarchy process in considering the effects of risk and time pressure on decision making, Gregory D. Daily

Optimization of the U.S. Army's quarry and concrete and asphalt equipment operator courses, John Frederick Jacobs

A survey of the job performance of engineering management graduates with civil engineering preference, Bassem Assem Makzoumi

Implementation of a CIM strategy for automated manufacturing and assembly, Merwan Burjor Mehta

Torque degradation of the 100cc polyethylene bottle due to induction sealing, Steven John Peterson


Packaging engineering education qualitative need assessment, M. Douglas Sachs

The extent of the customer activated industrial product idea paradigm, David Clark Strahorn

A systematic transition to flexible manufacturing, Daniel Lloyd Webber

McDonnell Douglas Corporation's five keys to self-renewal : an evaluation of their development and implementation, Stephen Leonard Winkler

Theses from 1987

Expert scheduling system, Derya Alasya

An analysis on the effects of can denting and neck diameter of the 2 & 6/16" diameter drawn and ironed aluminum beverage can, John F. Bade


Implementing an MRP system in a job shop environment, Kathleen A. Behnke

Computer architecture for small batch automated manufacturing, Amy Lynn Bryant

Computer simulation of a flexible manufacturing system with scheduling applications using SLAM II, Delilah Cuizon Chanrasmi

Computer simulation in optimizing service system operations, Marjorie Diane Clements

An economic computer model for industrial location selection : a background study, Brian William Jenkins

A new technology for Missouri's wood-using industries, Douglas Michael Mendoza

A study of the perceived effectiveness and importance of continuing education by engineers, Steven Charles Phillips

An engineering management comparison of the U.S. Army Facility Engineer and the Public Works Director, Paul Vernon Pinkerton


Packaging management organizations: A case study, Stephen A. Raper

An exploratory study of university programs in technology transfer, Timothy Scott Schoenecker

Forecasting building maintenance using the Weibull Process, Ann Kathlene Yeoman

Theses from 1986

An engineering economic analysis methodology utilizing life cycle cost for the design engineer, Leo Floyd Brewer

An analysis on the effects of sidewall creases and sidewall dents on the axial load strength of the 2 & 7.5/16" diameter drawn and ironed aluminum beverage can, Scott Andrew Givens

An evaluation of GPSS/PC for manufacturing systems modeling, Mathew Wade Pitsch

Theses from 1985

Education level and organizational tenure : predictors of quality of work life, Lisa Katherine Baganoff

Quality control programs : an assessment of the educational needs of Missouri industries, Sharon Margaret Cassell

Feasibility study to determine method for developing robot specifications, Jon Charles Falke


Stress and stress management among geoscientists in the U.S. petroleum industry, August 1984: An analysis, Ann M. Hagni

A study of the effects of advanced technology upon organizational structure, Mary Ann Seyer Koen


A case study of the management of new packaging technologies, Richard Kirk Maguire

A study of stress among functional and project managers in matrix organizations, Karen D. Park

The disposal and utilization of coal ash wastes : Ash Pond Modification Project, James River Power Plant, Springfield, Missouri, Kevin Quentin Smith

Theses from 1984

Modeling career paths in organizations ; the theory of personnel dynamics, Stephen J. Callan

A strategic planning model of industrial facilities, Paul Elmer Hartmeister

Performance rating determination utilizing normal pace standard comparison, Hugh A. Jesse

A systematic approach to a robotic work cell layout in an existing production facility, Thomas A. Meyer

Informal risk capital in Missouri, Michael David Moline

An interactive video computer-based maintenance aid for infrequent maintenance tasks, David Richard Seaman

Cost estimate uncertainty, George John Shannon

Development of a method of forecasting electric utility coal consumption during the early operating period of a new base load power plant, John Nicholas Stolwyk

A decision support system for production planning and bid preparation for a small job shop manufacturer, Veera Veerakool

Theses from 1983

Coal conversion for an island utility, John M. Benavente

Requirements for a third generation data information and gathering system for surface mining equipment, Joe Francis Cox

The implementation of sulfur extended asphalt for the city of Portland, Oregon, Michael Alan Heitzman

An empirical study of the base repair cycle of WRSK components, Marla Kay Kiepe

A financial basis for selecting corporate merger candidates, Deborah Denise Koch

Theses from 1982

An analysis of the continuing use of load bearing sandwich panels., Fredric Norman Bruns

The acquisition of capital funds in the domestic coal mining industry, Dale S. Hursh

Impact of a proposed expansion at Fort Leonard Wood on Waynesville and St. Robert, Missouri., Frazer Robert Lockhart

Lunar enterprise management., Michael Vincent Lupo

Information management systems for high-technology organizations., Katherine Ann Sewell

Comparison of M880 and Dodge 1 1/4 ton truck operation and maintenance, Samuel Alan Stone

Theses from 1981

Economies of scale in the production of fuel grade ethanol., M. Waqi Ul Alam

GPSS generator for material handling., Garland Joseph Butler

Empirical determination of WRSK component failure distributions., Allison Elaine Kuehl De Kanel

A strategic management system for a telephone utility., Richard Allen Johnson

Process control for vertical accuracy in photogrammetric production., John Anthony Kelmelis

Examination of management techniques employed in automated operations., Stephen Edward Kipp

Charcoal production by continuous pyrolysis of amorphous wood residue., Arthur Philip Kuss

Theses from 1980

Sulphur extended asphalt in the Missouri State highway system: an impact study., William Michael Dale

A life cycle energy model for materials substitution in the automotive industry., Richard John Leeser

A computer study of local governmental employee accidents., William Gerard Sample

An assessment of indirect exporting involving small business manufacturers and export management companies., William Johann Schonfeld

A multivariant statistical model for the selection of corporate merger candidates., Harold Kent Sooter

Examination of exporting as an innovation: concerns in acceptance of innovation., Brenda Iceline Tenes

The feasibility of wood as an energy source for electric power generation in South Central Missouri., Lawrence Wray Wetzel

Theses from 1979

A capital improvements management program for a small Missouri city., Richard Bernard Beck

The application of psychological scaling methods to industrial cost estimating., Robert Allen Costello

The supervisor and labor relations., James Albert Faletti


A planning system for research management in a university environment, Russell Lee Goldammer

The effects of work/rest distribution on a paced inspection task., David Christopher Kornfeld

Missouri disaster communications: a plan for the 1980's., John Herbert McNally

Lagos (Nigeria) port study - congestion and management., Alex Anozie Azubuine Okereke

A productivity information system and application to design and construction projects in a public works department., Phillip Gary Ostapowicz

The development of a computerized maintenance program for a physical plant facility., Robert Leroy Otto

Theses from 1978

Budgeting and control of Department of Defense expenses through variance analysis., David E. Amthauer

A study of production line simulation using normalized times as input data., David Edmund Barczewski


The transition of an engineer to an engineering manager: The people problem., Edward Leon Boyd

Life cycle cost computer simulation model utilizing an installation's 2 1/2 ton cargo truck fleet., Samuel William France

The analysis of locations and markets for the small retail businessman., James Edward Grelle

An investigation of priority sequencing rules to determine their effect on the scheduling function of an actual job shop environment, Jeffrey John Haferkamp

Computerized truck scheduling: multiple dispatch delivery., Peter Joseph Stoddard

Theses from 1977

Selecting the proper cost performance forecasting model for major systems acquisitions., Lawrence Wilson Collins


An evaluation of productivity and efficiency in work scheduling in a public works department, Kraig L. Gordon

A feasibility study of computerized control of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment for reducing electrical demand and consumption., Rene Oakford Harrell

A model for evaluating the effect of energy reductions on industrial production facilities., Eugene Dale Manning

How we collect the refuse : an analysis of Missouri's solid waste collection system., Glenford A. Newtown

A study of production line simulation using GPSS., Joseph Claggett Offutt III

A study of the electroplating market for the waste-plus-waste recovery and recycling process., Rolland Joseph Ponzer

A study of failure mode and effect analysis and its role in Air Force program management., Frederick Charles Potts

Performance audits within public works departments., Ronald Morgan Reed

A method to evaluate the impact of automation on selected library activities., Tony E. Sarrouh

A comprehensive energy information system model for controlling statewide energy-related activities., David Bruce Schade

Increased aluminum use and its impact on the life cycle energy cost of automobiles., Semahat (Dengi) Sinharoy

A model for barge cost optimization., Marcus Lee Smith Jr.

Preventive maintenance - Personnel., James Scott Taylor