Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 1996

Gender integration in basic combat training, Wayne Neal Sepitko

Utilization and comparison of statistical process control and Taguchi's on-line quality control methods in an on-line quality program, Keith Francis Sequeira


An approach to Just-In-Time implementation in discrete parts manufacturing, Phillip Gregory Shirey

Reengineering the plan scoping process at the Missouri Highway and Transportation Department, Elizabeth Jan Skouby

Dynamic neural network and dynamic neuro-fuzzy control model for control applications, Gang Sun

Theses from 1995

Implementing simultaneous engineering and its pitfalls, James Charles Diez

Design and testing of packages for hollow chocolate rabbits, Raul Enrique Garcia Via

A new architecture for dynamic neural networks on control applications, Wei-jer Han

The use of neural networks in a smart battery charger, Timothy Wayne Harvey

An expert system for test and evaluation across the acquisition life cycle, Janice Mitchell Isbell

Client/Server development : A solution to software development failure?, Kristin Patricia Piskulic

Theses from 1994

Implementing ISO 9001 at an automotive supplier's facility, Alice Brigid Beechner

Empirical study of managerial incentives in differential organizational settings relating to environmental regulations, Mark Gilman Benkovich

Historical review and economic analysis of federally generated hydroelectric power in the United States : an analysis of the "preference clause" and cost based rates, Thomas Girard Borowiak

A graduate education program for U.S. Army engineer officers, Thomas William Buning

Development of a purchased product ship-to-stock program at AlliedSignal Aerospace Kansas City division, Russell Kent Dahl

Automating a system safety program using Information Superhighway technologies, Sue Ann Ference

ISO 9000 : a case study, Troy Murray Goodman

A neuro-vision model for object recognition using light-stripe images, Lan-Hsin Hao

Application of ART2 in conceptual design for linear mechanical system, Duen-Kai Hsu

Integrating business and systems engineering processes through automation, Jack Kulas

Restricted dual optimization of removal torque and inner-seal removal force on induction sealed bottles, James Joo Lee

PCB inspection using differential competitive learning and fuzzy associative memories, Madhav Moganti

Hermetic welding of polymeric films with a carbon dioxide laser, Kevin Kwanghyon Park

A Methodology for planning and controlling acquisition of Army projects, Bradley Alan Pettijohn

Self organizing maps in autonomous parts assembly, Sudhakar Pillarisetti


Application of knowledge-based expert systems for selection of industrial robots, Shobha Shashikumar

A methodology to determine the pedagogical value of industrial grade machinery in an educational curriculum, Timothy Scott Swartz

Effective use of Contract Engineers, Michael Alan Valenti

Optimization of a consulting firm, Douglas Allan Wojcik

Theses from 1993

An automated coding and classification system with supporting database for effective design of manufacturing systems, Munish Agarwal

Improvement of the electrical failure analysis system used by AlliedSignal Aerospace Kansas City Division, Daryl Ralph Brunswick

The design and analysis of cellular manufacturing systems using computer simulation, Kevin Martin Hubbard

A study on the evaluation process of inventions submitted to the University of Missouri system, Gary D. Kercher

Mitigation management for surface subsidence resulting from coal mining beneath Rend Lake, Illinois, Danny Joe McMurphy

Linking the IGES geometric entity format to a machine vision system, Brian Joseph Miller

A prototype expert system "trouble-shooter" for the "ANEX" structural engineering teaching laboratory, Azam Ali Mirza

The product packaging life-cycle : the economic, environmental, and consumer issues, Cheryl Anne Munie

Cap removal torque of plastic bottles after free-fall drop testing : an experiment on multicolored caps, Rawin Raviwongse

Women in engineering, Barbara S. Wilmes

A study of the University of Missouri technology transfer process, particularly as it applies to the National Institute of Standards and Technology energy-related inventions program disclosures, Sheela Nilam Yadav-Olney

Theses from 1992

Feature recognition in ultrasonic images through artificial neural networks, Timothy Andrew Bauer

Specification of MIS operations in contract documents, Paul R. Bethea

Implementation of a computer based automated time and attendance data taking and tracking system at McDonnell Aircraft, Dwayne Blakemore

Management of morale in a high-reliability electronics procurement organization, Roy Joseph Brown

The management of change in manufacturing : a case study, Richard Neal Callahan

A study of the Army's preventive maintenance system, Martin Curtis Ewald

Motivation in engineering, Theresa C. Fiala

Designing courseware from industrial grade software for use as a component in a packaging design curriculum, Michael Lee Johnston

The negative motivational effects of the forced distribution of performance ratings and merit raises, William Howard Kinney

Military applications of prefabricated construction : a historical survey, Jacob Paul Kovel

A neural network application for R&D expense forecasting, Robert J. Lechner


Development of a transmission line route selection method for Sho-Me Power Electric Cooperative utilizing multiobjective decision analyses, Ron S. Marlin

The management saturation point, Susan M. Miller

Management of military software project costs using software metrics, Pamela Susan Montgomery

Moving object recognition and tracking by a robot using artificial neural networks, Abhijit Neogy

Managing the development of medical device software for small development groups, Kenneth J. Niehoff

Autonomous parts assembly through neuro-vision, Eric William Roddiger

ART1 neural network approach to large scale group technology problems, Cheng-Fo Sen

Simulation modeling in manufacturing system design, Manoon Sivapiromrat

Economic analysis of energy recovery at the circulating water discharge of a coal fired power plant, Bryan K. Uhlmansiek

Automated precision assembly through neuro-vision, Mahesh Kumar Vellanki

A fuzzy method for preliminary design random access memory failure rate prediction, Keith Robert Weyenberg

Theses from 1991

Just In Time implementation techniques in a Department of Defense aircraft contractor environment, Wendy Sue Bailey

Computer assisted identification of surveillance testing requirements associated with commercial nuclear power plant mode changes, James Earl Davis

Q90s: adapting the Malcolm Baldridge framework for quality improvement : a case study of 3M-Springfield, Missouri, Beverly M. Ernst


Coordinated strategic planning of hydroelectric energy usage using Stochastic Dynamic Programming with decoupled production cost simulation, Duane David Highley

A neural network approach to group technology, Ramakrishna Huggahalli

Managerial skill assessment of military officers : a comparative analysis, Joseph Eugene Jenkins

Downsizing strategies for large engineering companies, Ann Marie Jezek

Carrot or stick: why do people strive for perfect attendance?, Carolyn Louise Merritt

Decision Support System for project managers, David Dewey Prigel

Theses from 1990

Manufacturing applications of artificial neural networks, Stephen Earl Aylor

Quality program requirements placed on original equipment suppliers, Elizabeth Jean Borchelt

Design for Assemblability/Design for Manufacturability : an assessment of its need, usage level, and effectiveness, Winston F. Erevelles

A knowledge-based approach to construction risk management, Teong Aik Koi

Neural networks in generic mechanical process design, Peter Benedict Lakey

Pursuing a masters degree in Engineering Management : are expectations greater than realizations?, Jill Suzanne Miller

A prototype intelligent process controller for the small manufacturer, Clarence Rasquinha

The preparation of women for technical careers, Barbara Ann Reilly

Development of a flexible automated assembly cell in a multitasking environment, Rashmi Roy

Intelligent process control in glass container production, Juan Enrique Vidal

The application of reliability engineering concepts to software development, Wilson Davis Yates

Theses from 1989

Use of physical modeling in computer integrated manufacturing system design and verification, Robert Dale Borchelt

Small business start-up, Mark Edward Davis

Quality control programs : an assessment of the educational needs of American industries, Marvin Robert Ferris

The manufacturing engineer restructured as an intracorporate entrepreneur, David Lawrence Fritsche

Motivation management, Melinda Kay Fritsche

A study of the effects of products and services on membership retention in professional societies, Kenneth Michael Gianino

Feasibility of a capital project : a case study in Engineering Management, Paul Anthony Higgins

N-aff, n-power and n-ach : motivational profiles of engineers and technical managers, Kimberly Suzette Hofstetter

A study of the effectiveness of heavy construction equipment operator's training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, Gary D. Jones

Developing computer integrated manufacturing in a furniture manufacturing company, William Lester Jones

The underutilization of the experienced engineer, Amy Lynn Kartmann

An automatic control chart monitoring system for on-line statistical process control, Snit Kunaporn

Plan to improve quality in MCAIR'S Machine Shop by studying the procedures/characteristics of manufacturing cells within the Machine Shop, David G. Millman

Development of an assessment tool for engineering management undergraduate education : a questionnaire approach, Saikat Nandi

The development of a microcomputer CAD/CAM and decision support system for the manufacture of aerospace vehicles, Craig Thomas Scott

An integrated production system for composite laminate structures, Kenneth Allen Shelton

A microcomputer-based decision support system (DSS) for capital investment project selection and scheduling, Konstantinos Hristos Tsoupos