Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 1977

Acquisition of embedded computer software : A descriptive model., Jerry Keith Watson

Theses from 1976

An investigation into the impact of an incentive wage system on labor productivity in a small industry., Wali Ul Alam

Inventory control requirements for utilities versus industry., Wayne Stephen Alexander

An empirical study of the roles and functions of manufactures' agents., Michael Scott Beuke

An energy auditing system for small industry., Donald Alan Cline


Non-cash incentives and worker motivation, Daniel Franklin Cole

An interactive planning model for the development of information systems., Phillip James Colombatto

An experimental model to simulate the potential economic benefits of accelerated development of controlled thermonuclear (fusion) reactor systems for the generation of electricity., Charles Phillip Conrad

Combat engineer one station unit training test., Dennis Wayne Crowe

Analysis of safety inspections for trenching and excavation operations., Gary Alan Currall

An analysis of accidents in the Missouri Wood Products Industry., Dennis Ray Fisher

Reliability growth using a Bayesian reliability assessment technique., Allan Ward Gillespie

Federal regulation to assure quality in the design and construction of nuclear power plants., Larry Gene Harmon

The statistical analysis of an experimental model for predicting the commodity futures market., James A. Hier

An evaluation of stock portfolio strategies for unsophisticated investors., Vicky Janeice Maurseth

Systems modeling of distribution power networks., Darold Lee Phillips

A computer algorithm for evaluating the effectiveness of information systems., William Jack Schwamle

The economic feasibility of a longwall water-jet coal mining machine., Dennis Wright Williams

Theses from 1975

The availability and development of an automated accounting system for small businesses., Margy Rice Beckmeyer

An organizational structure for a highway agency., Frank L. Carroll

The development of a selection model for coal conversion processes., Karen Aldridge Dollar

An experimental model for predicting the commodity futures market., C. E. Roy Francis

Selection criteria for technical salesmen., Frederick Dale Grafton

Project program evaluation technique for real property maintenance activities., Richard Walter Graumann

A strategic planning model for implementing community development block grant programs., John M. Lang

Universality of management principles and applicability of American management know-how in less developed countries., Minas Lessanu

An investigation of the independent research and development engineer., Larry Gene Niedling

An investigation into the extent of implementation of operations research techniques for inventory control in industry., Edward Allen Scarff

An analysis of the role and effectiveness of the contract manager in government contracting., Daniel Martin Wilson

Theses from 1974

A computerized simulation of a personal rapid transit system., James Richard Cromer


A systems approach to evaluating the effectiveness of training programs, Jesse Michael Haverstick

Bidding and negotiation of government funded contracts with inflationary considerations., David Thurman Hearst

A training simulation for rural electric cooperative staff., David F. Larcker

Minorities are not prepared for accepting jobs in the petroleum and petrochemical industries., Freddie Lorace Thompson

Theses from 1973


Management of passive countersurveillance in the R & D environment, James Ronald Carney


An investigation into the degree of correlation between air flow rates, bacteria in the air and post-operative infections in hospitals, Carl Eugene Intag


Managerial performance appraisal, Benildus Wai-Young Lau


The simulation of a production control system, Steven Craig Weis

Theses from 1972


Managerial appraisals - a systems view, James Thomas Hatlan

Theses from 1971


A computerized decision model for making quantitative decisions with regards to the Department of Army's equipment improvement recommendations, Lewis Neri

Theses from 1966


Minimum cost data collection techniques for circulation control at the University of Missouri at Rolla Library, John Peter Shewchuk Sr.