Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 1990

SONET utilization from FDDI sources, Catherine Diane Biagioli

The application of the VHSIC hardware description language to the test of VLSI circuits, Leon Edward Brumfield

Intel 80386SX microprocessor based single board computer CRL386, Rong-Dyi Chen

Applications and performance analysis of the Intel 80960 based single board computer : the CRL960 system, Yung-Fu Chen

The design of an Intel 80386SX cross assembler and system software, Chang-Min Chou

Computer simulation of a brain slice using fractals, Timothy Lee Culver

An investigation of the tracking, acquisition and noise performance of charge-pump phase-locked loops, Ronan Eamonn Patrick Dowling

Control of a glass bead furnace, James Donald Feher

Protection of 480 volt network systems, Harry John Ferris

Feasibility study of the discrete sine transform in parallel image processing, Cynthia Kay Fields

The electrical characterization of cadmium telluride using Hall coefficient and conductivity measurements, Bradley Alan Foreman

The equivalent noise bandwidth of IIR digital filters produced from analog prototypes, Bari E. Greenberg

Analysis and model development of phased array laser far fields, Jeffrey Roy Heidel

Theory of non-equilibrium heterojunction interface-state occupancy in semiconductors, Tzu-The Huang

An algorithmic hybrid clamper for NTSC digital video, Douglas William Irwin

Negative resistance microwave oscillator design, William Joseph Javurek

Implementation of a variable bandwidth digital bandpass filter, Marlin D. Knabach

Viterbi decoding algorithm and program simulation, Kathryn Elaine Kusmec

A computer-aided analysis of the effect of channel nonlinearities in digital communication systems, Otto Hing-Bill Lee

A new method for Partial Fourier Series approximation of long signals, Bor-Heng Lin

An expert system to assist distribution dispatchers in the location of system outages, Eric Marcel Martinez


A bistatic radar ground clutter model and computer algorithm, David Christopher Miller

Multivariable identification of a uranium dioxide chemical process, Mark Stephen Moellenhoff

Electromagnetic coupling through apertures in a conducting plane, Mark David Randol

Stability analysis of a multivariable model-based predictive controller, Anthony Dennis Raney

A direct method of system reduction : the application center of inertia based reductions to a completely modeled, large-scale power system, Shelli K. Starrett

DLTS measurements of defects in AlGaAs single quantum-well lasers, Gwo-Chin Su

Optimization of the high angle of attack flush air data sensing (HI-FADS) system algorithm executed on transputer networks, David K. Taniguchi

Multivariable identification of a glass bead furnace, Wesley Thomas Tremper

Near real-time histogram equalization, Boyd Lee Troop


Broadband impedance matching using multi-section quarter-wave transformers, Alan Richard Webber

Design of an automatic landing system using robust control synthesis techniques, Glen Allen Weichelt

Motion compensation coding augmented by intraframe prediction, Donald Frank Wilkins

Digital computer simulation of an optimum type II phase-locked loop with transport delay, Steven Alan Wright

The theory and application of binary-coded-2n-valued algebra, Sheue-Liing Yang

Theses from 1989

Design of a direct memory access and small computer system interface for the digital signal processing computer CRL-25, Tarif Arabi


Expansion of an existing power system - a study, Suresh Arunachalam

Modeling rule based expert systems as neural networks, Michael J. Barnes

Stability analysis of voltage regulators used with ac power generation, Michael J. Basler

Simulation of transient characteristics and occupation dynamics in hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin-film transistors, John N. Bullock

A performance simulation of the IEEE type 3 LLC in token bus and CSMA/CD bus network with NETWORK II.5, Chung-Ho Chen

Calculation of stability margin for control system with real parameter variations, Dah-Jih Chen

A knowledge based system to develop a plan of action for eliminating transmission line overloads, Jiahn Shoou Chen

Computer vision in medicine : texture analysis algorithms for skin cancer diagnosis, Chang-Sung Chiang

Steady-state hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin-film transistor simulation, Marc L. De Wever

The CRL960 system based on Intel 80960KB microprocessor, Ivan Shyue-Cherng Doong

Loop transfer recovery, Christopher Eberhardt

Boundary detection in skin tumor images : an overall approach and a radial search algorithm, Jeremiah Eugene Golston

Optimal frequency-shaped linear-quadratic-regulator with output feedback, Victor Manuel Gonzl̀ez

High-order neural networks for computing, Lingzhi Guo

Maximum entropy compensator design, Rowena Lynn Turner Hargis

Measurement of electromagnetic properties of composites using a resonant strip-line cavity, Jeffrey Kent Hoyt

Performance evaluation of two Ethernets : a simulation study using the NETWORK II.5 simulator, Ming-Hong Robert Hsu

Computer vision techniques for symmetry analysis in skin cancer diagnosis, William Weiling Li

Design, simulation and fabrication of a microwave power amplifier, David Kevin Lovelace


A pulsed field-gradient system for nuclear magnetic resonance diffusion experiments, Saumil Shirish Mehta

Optimum linear demodulation of pulse position modulation, Hamid Naseri

Optimization of switched-capacitor filters, Joseph Pei-Tung Pan

A microprocessor-controlled, line-powered telephone, Karl Eugene Pommer

A design frame for IBM PC bus, Rajamani Ramasubramanian

A comparative study of economic models for battery energy storage systems, Ronald C. Reckrodt

Artificial neural network applications for improving airborne surveillance sensor utility, James Edward Russell

A digital implementation of a position, rotation, and scale invariant transformation, Stephen Vincent Saliga

A raster-scan display processing unit based on the TMS34010, Jinqlih Sang

Evaluation of estimation techniques for the probability of symbol error in the simulation of digital communication systems, Kevin W. Schneider

Noise generators for use in computer simulation, Martina Schollmeyer

Reducing kilohertz frequency common mode noise effects with proper line and shield terminations, Emmett Michael Slayton

The use of electrical noise reduction techniques to improve a circuit's performance, Richard Douglas Strom

A study on safety, grounding and protection of domestic electric service, Bharat Tamang

Development of a system-referenced model of a salient pole synchronous machine, William E. Veerkamp


Speech synthesis using a digital modulation scheme on the IBM personal computer, John Glenn Wallace

Modelling and simulation of the Chukha hydro power plant, Bhutan and the nearby Indian power system, Yeshi Wangdi

A single board computer based on Intel 80376 processor and Intel 82370 integrated system peripheral, Wen-Lee Wang

An ethernet implementation on a CRL-32B microcomputer, Shih-Ming Wan

Theses from 1988

A microcomputer based fuel management system for diesel towboats, Mark V. T. Anderson

Parametrization of all stabilizing compensators, Rakesh. Batra

Optimizing transformer impedance for short circuit analysis, Louis Scott Becker

Design of robust controllers using reduced order models, Mounir Belghith

Microcomputer application for power distribution system overcurrent protection and coordination, Franklin Vandyke Bernhard

Small computer system interface and floppy disk controller interface to a CRL-32B microcomputer, Phyllis H. Chin

Development of a recursive least squares algorithm for linear interpolation, Cameron Kelly Coursey

Toward interdisciplinary education : the development of a course in automated manufacturing for electrical engineering students, Jeffrey Stephen Dalton

Nonrectangular windows for the median filter, Leo G. Dehner

Analysis of local transient control using the partial energy function, Walter P. Dykas

Development of a microcomputer-based muscle tonometer, Philip Gregory Geerling

A knowledge-based method for forecasting peak and hourly electric load demand, Robert Layton Gray

Ultrasonic film thickness gauge, John M. Haake

Design and development of a prototype high speed digital communications board using VLSI components, Donald E. Hand

Investigations of thermal annealing effect on interface states of SOS devices using DLTS method, Dar-Sen Horng

The Ethernet and the validation of the network II.5 simulator program, Joseph G. Jingle

A multi-channel biotelemetry system for use in kinesiological research, Jeffrey Alan Lickenbrock


A three-dimensional bistatic radar target position measurement error model, Robert Kenneth Lynn

Computer aided design of microstrip antennas, Joseph William Martinosky

Computer-aided design of coupled-line microwave bandpass filters, John Leo Meier

The design of a controller for the intelledex model 605T robot, Dennis Todd Mell

Robust controller design for gas turbine engines, David Eugene Moellenhoff

Computer-aided design of an active mixer at X-band, Yisok Oh

A study of various autoregressive spectral estimators and the effects of varying the data block length, Alexander G. Perakis

A hardware compiler for Erasable Programmable Logic Devices, Ranjumani Sarma

DLTS measurements of interface states in SOS devices and thermal annealing effect after gamma and neutron irradiations, Jenn-Mou Sun