Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 1994

Reduced order mixed H₂/HΩ controller design, Wei Zhao

Theses from 1993

A novel three terminal optical device, Mohamad Khazani Abdullah

Optimal control of infinite-order smart structural systems using distributed sensors, Robert K. Butler

Performance of a new pulse-height analysis system for nuclear spectroscopy, Douglas Dwight Charlton

Analysis of bandlimited white Gaussian noise as a direct sequence spreading signal, Tze-Yu Chu

Identification and robust control of smart structures using neural networks, Rajendra Ratnakant Damle

Design of valve regulated lead acid battery subsystems for battery energy storage systems for utility applications, Scott Douglas Deffenderfer

A music accessory serial interface (the MIDI successor), James D. Deters

X̀REL' design and development, Mohit C. Doshi

Nuclear reactor diagnostics and monitoring through artificial neural networks, Ajaya Durg

Robust projection methods for the detection of soft sensor failures, Douglas Brian Ely

Software evaluation of printed circuit boards for electromagnetic compatibility, Puneet Grover

Correlative tracking of pseudo-noise codes using a filtered reference, Hettiachchi Upul Gunawardana

A comparison between two design methodologies - VHDL and traditional schematic design, Lucy Ju Ho

Autonomous target detection and position estimation using estimated probabilities, Ted Lee Johnson

Self-tuning control applied to aeroassisted orbit transfer problems, Srigouri Kamarsu

Automatic color evaluation techniques for skin cancer diagnosis, Kishore Khemani

A hierarchical intelligent controller of a three link robotic arm, John Edwin Lentz

An approach to improve the BER performance of the standard 32 kb/s ADPCM on high-speed voiceband data, Ching-Chang Liao

Undervoltage load shedding (an energy based approach), Anoop Nanda

Impact strain detection in fiber optic-based smart composite structure, Pojamarn Pojanasomboon

3D surface generation and computation algeometry algorithms for power system visualization, Hai Qiu

A GUI tool for the reduction of large scale fully modeled power systems, Keshava Prasad Rangarajan

Fault detection on distribution laterals, David A. Rhein

Determining an index of border irregularity for skin tumor images: a comparison of two algorithms, Michael David Rhew

Valve regulated lead acid battery energy storage systems : layout design and economic analysis, Jeremy Daniel Scott

Multivariable identification and control of a uranium dioxide chemical process, Rajesh Narayan Shinde

Computer simulation and analysis of a multipath fading channel, Katayoun Sohrabi

Modeling the quality of steel production with an adaptive logic network, Timothy Alan Stelljes

The effect of phase distortion on the perceived quality of audible monaural signals, Iwan Sudrajat

Adaptive control of smart structures using neural networks, Chris D. Tebbe

Investigation of the discrete Fourier transform using the residue number system, Kevin Thomas Turner

Periodic PN sequence delay estimation using phase spectrum data, Jorge J. Zaninovich

Theses from 1992

A method for the stability analysis of a multivariable model predictive controller, Hosam Abdel Aleem

EMAP : a three-dimensional finite element code for modeling electromagnetic radiation problems, Mohammad Wares Ali

VHDL-based top-down development and reliability prediction of alternative digital microelectronic systems, Robert Alfred Bellora

Three-dimensional finite element modeling of electromagnetic fields using a multicomputer, Girish Kaje Bhat

Improved communication system design using object-oriented techniques, John Francis Broker

An artificial neural network circuit in CMOS to solve the traveling salesman problem, Mark Nicholas Brown

Computer vision techniques for texture analysis in skin cancer diagnosis, Jung-Chieh Chang

Confidence intervals of bit error rate estimates of digital communication systems, T. F. Chang

A simulation study of an obstacle avoidance fuzzy logic autonavigation system, John Peter Fueger

Design of a Forth-based i960CA single-board computer, Jose George

Dynamic time warping comb filter for speech enhancement, Joseph Thomas Graf

Depth of field, flash synchronization, and structured lighting for a three dimensional machine vision system, Steven Ray Harms

Design and implementation of a PC-based tester for application-specific integrated circuit designs, Chien-Chung Huang

Use of object oriented programming methodology in hierarchical control application employing PLCs, Henry Jesus Johnston

The design of graphical user interfaces in the UNIX environment, Mahesh Govind Joshi

A computer simulation of phase-locked loops, Edith E. Lai

Introduction to the wavelet transform, Mark Andrew Menning

Simulation of a document storage and retrieval system using NETWORK II.5, Jyothi Nagaraj

Independent session/image transport protocol for the fiber distributed data interface (FDDI), Glenn Edward Niemeyer

A study and modelling of grounding in electrical power neutral and earth system, Lawrence Ejiofor Okafor

BER estimation in a non-linear digital communication system using the Tail Extrapolation Technique, Kok-Ching Ong

Sinusoidal modeling of speech signals, Jae Young Park

Software development for a CAMAC based real time data acquisition system, Sujatha Pothireddy

A Forth based TMS34010 single board computer with integral graphics ability, Mukunda V. Prema

A graph theoretic benchmark for routing in faulty hypercubes, Chaya G. Ramanujam

QMEM - Quine McCluskey efficient model logic minimization with comparison to Espresso, Matthew J. W. Ratcliff

Characterizing backpropagation neural network architecture response to network parameter variation, Elaine R. Raterman

Computer simulation of a residual excited linear predictive speech coder, Gary Rubel

Extraction of carrier frequency from a speech modulated single-sideband signal, Yau-Kae Sheu

Enhancing the cooperative computation model of stereo vision with a parallel color correlator, Mark Stanley. Shylanski

Reactive power in bulk power system reliability studies, David V. Uy

Design and implementation of a single board computer based on the TMS320C30, Medardo A. Logreira Van Arken

Performance analysis of an intelligent robotic assembly system, Mahesh Kumar Vellanki

Performance evaluation of hypercubes and folded hypercubes, Vanita Anne Wilfred

An algorithm for converting photo-based image data into simplified vectorized polygons, Michael G. Wisland

One-dimensional rectangular blur removal using the distance-squared weighting function, Ming-Chieh Yu

Theses from 1991

Low cost computer vision technique for acquisition of the 3 dimensional profile of an object, Andreas Michael Bartels

Design of an automated gain control for a medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging system, Alan Wesley Bryant

A modified Kimbark stability criteria applied to a VAR constrained power system, Daniel Harrison Buss

Image compression using multiresolution fractal coding, Daniel Richard Cannon

Ultrasound thickness measurement of thin aluminum sheet, John Walter Carlson

Modelling of the vapor phase growth of cadmium telluride single crystals, Li-Jen Chou


Reduced order H controller design, Seng Chu Chow

Distributed flight control system using fiber distributed data interface (FDDI), Oliver Keith Hall

Fractal dimension estimation in color image processing, Gregory John Hardy

Flux augmentation of permanent magnet direct current machines, Donald F. Harker

A radar range simulation for the Macintosh, John James Heller

Texture classification using the wavelet transform, Mary Beth Henke-Reed

A computer architecture simulation methodology, Ramakrishna Huggahalli

Improvement of the testability of bit serial array processors using Multiple Input Signature Registers, Vinod George John

Real-time computerized control and data acquisition : an application, Raju Mohan Khubchandani

The research of various factors affecting the performance of ETHERNET networks, Ming-Jeng Lin

Pole placement through the utilization of Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) constraints for a fighter aircraft, Charles Roy Moore

Design of reduced-order robust controller using optimal projection method, Khanh Tu Ngo

Efficient digital filter algorithms for use in Monte Carlo simulations of communication systems, Hans-Christian Perle

Fault detection in an internal combustion engine using exhaust acoustics, Mark S. Rootz

Design and fabrication of an S-band satellite receiver front-end, Khaled Jamal Salah

Analysis of baseband equivalent noise in a first-order correlation loop utilizing pseudonoise signals, Christopher J. Scholten

A self-adaptive cache replacement algorithm by using back-propagation neural networks, Cheng-Fo Sen

Design of a cervical spectrograph, David Clinton Stanfield

Implementation of programmable logic cell arrays in the design of a hard disk controller system, Mouhammad Hazem Tabba

Design of a real time system : a count controller based on RTX2001A microcontroller, Ting-Wen Tang

Stability analysis of a multivariable model-based predictive controller with mismatch between model and process, Ching-Yu Tyan

A microcomputer-controlled automatic optical guided mobile robot system, Xiaoling Wang

An analysis of current economic models for battery energy storage, Lewis Brian Wiles

An expert system for locating and describing distribution system outages using trouble call analysis, John Frederick Witte

Theses from 1990

Design of a floating point data acquisition system and a development system for the NC 4016, Ish Kumar Bhargava