Submissions from 2018

A Hybrid Instrumented/Computational Modelling Framework with Lab-on-Sensor Design and Calibration for Structural Behaviour Monitoring, Genda Chen and Ying Huang

Graphene Coated LPFG Sensors for High Sensitivity Corrosion Monitoring, C. R. Guo, C. L. Wu, and Genda Chen

Strain Measurement on the Surface of Diametrically Loaded Acrylic Sphere with a Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor, M. Klegseth, Y. Bao, and Genda Chen


Influence Length of Wire Fracture and Wire-to-Wire Interaction in Helically Wired Strands under Axial Loads, Hongya Qu, Tiantian Li, and Genda Chen

Concrete Delamination Detection with Adaptive Wavelet Transform, H. Y. Qu and Genda Chen

Submissions from 2017

A Strategic Framework to Extend Structural Health Monitoring into Bridge Management, Genda Chen


Integrated Smart Structure Technologies for Automated Inspection and Preservation of Bridges on Mobile Platforms, Genda Chen


SHM Roles in Autonomous Inspection and Preventive Maintenance of Bridges, Genda Chen


Mechanism and Sensitivity of Fe-C Coated Long Period Fiber Grating Sensors for Steel Corrosion Monitoring of RC Structures, Yizheng Chen, Fujian Tang, Yan Tang, Matthew O'Keefe, and Genda Chen