Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Dissertations



Dissertations from 1998


Dynamic modelling and optimal control of the primary and secondary drying stages of freeze drying of solutions in trays and vials, Hasan Sadikoǧlu

Dissertations from 1997


The modelling and analysis of the dynamic performance of perfusion chromatography in fixed bed and periodic countercurrent column operations and parameter estimation and model discrimination using experimental data, Glenn Allen Heeter

Dissertations from 1996

Methodology for data modeling for the process industries: conception through programming interface, James Jordan Fielding

Automated development of an application programming interface (API) for an EXPRESS information model, Milind Madhav Khandekar

Wetting kinetics of liquid drops on a smooth surface, Chin-Ming Lin

Dissertations from 1995

Development of an application programming interface to step databases for chemical process software, Yashodhan Keshav Gidh

Unsteady conjugate mass transfer between a solid particle, droplet, or bubble and an ambient creeping flow with an external chemical reaction, Leonid Shamitch Kleinman

Deviations from classical kinetics in free radical polymerization at low conversions, Purnendu Rai


Synthesis of anion exchange adsorbent particles by surface functionalization of polystyrene-divinylbenzene based spherical porous matrices, Anan Tongta


The modelling and analysis of adsorption and elution stages of perfusion chromatographic systems, Yihui Xu

Dissertations from 1994


Analytical, modelling, and experimental studies of the primary and secondary drying stages of the freeze-drying of pharmaceutical crystalline and amorphous solutes, Roberto Bruttini

Fixed site facilitated transport in Co-chelate containing plasma polymer films, Youngson Choe

Dissertations from 1993

A Hexic equation of state and virial-based mixing rules, Sabyasachi Sen

The limitations and dynamics imposed on multicomponent batch distillation by tray hydraulics, Keith George Tomazi

Statistical properties of fluctuating concentration fields convected by random solutions to the Burgers equation: bispectral behavior of exact solutions to the Burgers equation for random initial conditions, Weiguo Zheng

Dissertations from 1992

A study of solid metal reductive stripping involving Cerium(IV) ions, James Donald Dillon


The modelling, dynamic behavior, and analysis of affinity and perfusion chromatography systems, Mark Alan McCoy

Adsorption and diffusion of gases and vapors in microporous media, Karthik Raghavan

Dissertations from 1991

Mathematical models for diffusion in glassy polymers, Farhad Adib


Equilibrium, rate studies, and economic evaluation on adsorption and variable-temperature stepwise desorption, Suvit Kulvaranon

Dissertations from 1990

The application of global homotopy continuation methods to chemical process flowsheeting problems, Soo Hyoung Choi


Estimation of desorbed compositions with variable-temperature stepwise desorption, Chi Min Shu

Dissertations from 1989

Surface modification by vacuum polymerization, Richard Allen Engelman

Dissertations from 1988

Statistical properties of large ensembles of exact solutions to Burgers' equation with random initial conditions, Steven Keleti

Synthesis and characterization of X-ray resists, Arlene Saum Koelling

The preparation of composite membranes by plasma polymerization and their evaluation as gas separation membranes, Paul William Kramer

Vacuum deposition polymerization of monomers with selected structures activated by vacuum UV and plasma, Yun-Siung Tony Yeh

Dissertations from 1987

Effects of melt reprocessing on mechanical and thermal properties of engineering polymers, In-Mau Chen

Mass transfer measurements and electrolyte quality determinations in zinc electrowinning, Ashraf Youssef Ezz-Eldin Hosny

Experimental vapor-liquid equilibria of propyne with propane, propene and propadiene, Edward Allen Kyser

Structure and properties of metal and alloy thin films prepared by plasma-enhanced metalorganic chemical vapor deposition, Tyau-Jeen Lin

Sorption and diffusion of organic vapors in polymer membranes, Chen-Pang Anthony Liu

Electrochemical behavior of zinc and plasma-deposited zinc in sulfate electrolytes, Pei-Li Tseng

Dissertations from 1986


The modeling and analysis of multi-component, multivalent biospecific adsorption, Bo Henrik Arve

Experimental measurements of laser-doppler anemometry in a baffled mixing tank, Kai-Yuan Chen

Surface modification by preparation of buffer zone in glow discharge plasma, Dong Lyun Cho

A study on operation of a 20-inch fluidized bed gasifier with indirect fired tube heating, Wenbin Eric Huang

Equilibrium and dynamic aspects of water/oil/surfactant systems, Myungsoo Kim

The study of plasma polymerization by magnetron glow discharge, Iou-Ning Shyy

Partitioning and transport properties of fluids in microporous membranes, Soong-Hyuck Suh

Dissertations from 1985

An equation of state description of weak electrolyte VLE behavior, Kow-Jen Daumn


Kinetics and reactor design in the pyrolysis of tar sands, Charles Arthur Lechner

Dissertations from 1984


Fixed bed sorption with recycle, John Thomas Casey

Applications of a chemical theory based equation of state to multicomponent and weak electrolyte systems, Benjamin Keith Harrison


The modeling and control of freeze dryers, Martin James Millman

Dissertations from 1983

A linear process simulation method, Seyed M. Milani

Calorimetric determination of the thermodynamic behavior of reversible liquid-phase reactions for use in energy storage, Patrick Francis Thompson

Dissertations from 1982


Gaseous reactions in heteroporous media, Elmer Anthony Klavetter

Approximate solution techniques for computer-aided design of distillation column controls, Terry Lee Tolliver

Dissertations from 1981

Determination of concentration profiles in multistage extraction, Ertan Yuzak

Dissertations from 1980

Relative volatility of the ethane-ethylene system, David Alan Barclay

Vapor pressures of some C₄ hydrocarbons and their mixtures, Judith L. Flebbe

Culture studies on the conversion of corn stover methane, Gary Lynn Foutch

Chemical plant design under conditions of risk, Raymond A. Freeman

Dissertations from 1979

The biological conversion of corn residue into ethyl alcohol using an immobilized-cell reactor, Oliver C. Sitton

Dissertations from 1978

The kinetic and economic effects of separating the stages of the anaerobic digestion process, Edgar Clemens Clausen


Cellulase production by fermentation with trichoderma viride on cellulose and wood wastes, Nguyen Huu Kho

Effects of precise arrays of pits on the nucleate boiling of freon 113 from flat copper surfaces at one atmosphere pressure, Anthony Dominick Messina

Dissertations from 1977

A study of mechanical degradation of high molecular weight polymers in dilute solution under controlled hydrodynamic shear, Feng-Shing Yu

Dissertations from 1976

Mechanical degradation of polymers in dilute solutions, John Dougherty Culter

Optimal process overdesign with a flowsheet simulator, Frank Joseph Doering

Mass transfer in dispersed and continuous phases in non-newtonian fluids, Türker Gürkan

A mechanistic and structural investigation of plasma-polymerized ethylene, Marvin R. Havens

The effect of molybdate on the anodic oxidation of acetylene, Robert Elroy Kuhlmann

Determination of vapor-liquid equilibria from total pressure measurements, Jose Antonio Casas Martinez-Ortiz

Dissertations from 1975

Split-film anemometry in a drag-reducing solution, Jack Chosnek

Simulation of nonisothermal absorber-reactors for multicomponent systems, Robert E. Schwab

Dissertations from 1974


Transition boiling of normal pentane from a horizontal flat gold surface, Ronald M. Canon


Process optimization by flow sheet simulation, Larry Dale Gaines


Anionic polymerization of a series of cyclocarbosiloxanes, William W. Knickmeyer


Hydrodynamic mixing model applied to a continuous stirred-tank reactor with and without second-order reaction, Leon L. Otte


A characterization and study of barium promoted silver catalysts for the partial oxidation of ethylene, Robert Harold Pahl


A study of exothermic chemical reaction in a porous catalyst wedge, Joseph Michael Schardl Jr.


Nucleate boiling of N-Pentane, N-Hexane and several mixtures of the two from various tube arrays, Kenneth Wayne Wall


In vitro studies of lipid uptake by medical grade silicone rubbers used for heart valve balls, Shu Hua Wu

Dissertations from 1973


Film boiling of Freon 113, Normal Pentane, Cyclopentane, and Benzene from cylindrical surfaces at moderate pressures, Gary Joseph Capone


Electro-reduction of bromate on mercury, Jaw-Shin Chang


Film boiling of benzene, freon 113, freon 11, and normal pentane from horizontal surfaces at atmospheric pressure, Richard Stanley Kistler


Measurement of molecular diffusivities of liquid alkane systems, James W. Moore

Nucleate boiling from polymer coated surfaces., David Franklin Warner

Dissertations from 1972


Mass transfer with second-order chemical reaction inside circulating fluid droplets, Roy James Brunson


The electrochemical reduction of fumaric acid on Hg-Bi cathodes, Chen Hwei Chi


Synthesis and characterization of poly-(p-phenylene pyromellitamic acid), Constantine William Tsimpris

Dissertations from 1971


An investigation of the radiation polymerization of methyl methacrylate-kaolin clay composites, James Jackson Beeson


On-line economic optimization of a chemical reactor, Jesse Daniel Bennett


The effect of a knurled heat transfer surface upon pool nucleate boiling of normal pentane, Jerry James Carr


Response surface study of a characteristic chemical plant, John Thomas Mason III


A measurement of complex viscosity with large amplitudes, Kuo-Shein Shen

Dissertations from 1970


A study of the anodic oxidation of 1, 3-butadiene on platinum and gold electrodes, Arun Kumar Agrawal


Investigation of liquid carryover in the girdler-sulfide process for production of heavy water at the AEC Savannah River Plant, Samuel Clark Allen


The cathodic reduction of maleic acid, Show Yih Hsieh


Mass transfer from spherical gas bubbles and liquid droplets moving through power-law fluids in the laminar flow regime, Cheng-chun Huang


Effect of axial dispersion on interphase mass transfer in packed absorption columns, Virendra Kumar Mathur


Binary molecular diffusivities in liquids: prediction and comparison with experimental data, Ronald Dean Mitchell


An SEM surface study of nucleate pool boiling heat transfer to saturated liquid nitrogen reduced pressures from 0.1 to 0.9, David Virgil Porchey


Anodic dissolution of zinc in potassium iodide-potassium iodate solutions, Chi-Chiu Yao

Dissertations from 1969


Turbulence measurements in drag reducing flow, Jorge Mario Rodriguez


A study of the anodic oxidation of acetylene on platinum-gold alloys, Christopher Kuo-chieh Wu


Mass and heat transfer through nonwettable porous membranes, Chung-Liang Yeh

Dissertations from 1968


Liquid extraction with single droplets-effect of chemical reaction, William Victor Andoe