Materials Science and Engineering Dissertations



Dissertations from 2006

Reaction processing for the development of ultra-high temperature ceramics, Adam L. Chamberlain


Multiple pass friction stir processing for high strain rate superplasticity and the addition of nanotubes into aluminum through friction stir processing, Lucie Beth Johannes

Microstructural control and superconducting properties of YBa₂Cu₃O₇₋ₓ melt textured single crystals, Oratai Jongprateep

Designing next generation flextensional transducers by stress engineering, Manoj Narayanan


Designing and modeling of a new continuous steelmaking process, Jörg Peter

Oxidation of ZrB₂-30 vol% SiC at 1500⁰C with emphasis on reactions involving SiC, Alireza Rezaie

Development of Ti-Si-N and Ta-Si-N as diffusion barriers, Shaoxin You

Dissertations from 2005


An investigation of threshold stress in dispersion strengthened aluminum alloys, Sachin Deshmukh


Plasma spraying of aluminum-based glass forming alloys, Yoshihide Kato


Metal seed deposition from organic solutions for subsequent electroless plating, Jingye Li


Zinc alloy powders for alkaline batteries, Martin G. Perez


Microstructure modification for improved mechanical properties in A356 Al using friction stir processing, Siddharth R. Sharma

Mechanical behavior of ultrafine dispersion strengthened aluminum alloys, Xinlin Shi


Interactions between water and phosphate glasses, Brad C. Tischendorf

Dissertations from 2004


Study of abrasive waterjet nozzle materials and plasma transferred arc welding coatings, Ju Bao


Fabrication of electrode support structure for planar solid oxide fuel cells, Dustin Beeaff


Microstructural and superplastic characteristics of friction stir processed aluminum alloys, Indrajit Charit

Development and characterization of cerium oxide coatings deposited by spontaneous processes on metallic substrates, Joe Edington

Wetting of single crystal mullite by borosilicate and yttrium-aluminosilicate glasses and wetting phenomena of steels containing aluminum and titanium, Benjamin T. Eldred

Effect of pressure on crystallization in lithium disilicate glass, Tihana Fuss


Synthesis and characterization of metal-polyaniline thin films and membranes, Yan Liu


Failure studies of glass fibers, Nathan P. Lower

Effects of stress on material properties, intrinsic and extrinsic behavior, and electromechanical response of stress-biased actuators, Nisanart Navapan

Development and evaluation of P/M processing techniques to improve and control the mechanical properties of metal injection molded parts, J. Alan Sago

Innovative refractories for preventing nozzle clogging in continuously cast aluminum-killed steels, Robert B. Tuttle

Characterization of hexabarium 17-titanate and its effects on the dielectric properties of barium titanate ceramics, Xilin Xu

Dissertations from 2003


The use of a β"-alumina electrolyte as sodium vapor sensor for the determination of NaOH in a glass tank, Jose Manuel Almanza Robles

Investigations into leakage current variation in titanium dioxide dielectrics, Daniel A. Ciardullo


Deposition of gold from an organic immersion plating bath for microelectronic applications, Eric James Dahlgren

Processing and characterization of thin film solid oxide fuel cell structures, Brian P. Gorman

Nozzle clogging during the continuous casting of aluminum-killed steel, Luis Trueba Jr.

Dissertations from 2002

Platinum in phosphate laser glasses, Carol A. Click


Effect of pattern and coating properties on defect formation in aluminum lost foam castings, Devin Ray Hess

Spontaneous electrochemical processing in conventional organic solutions for Fe³⁺ removal and metal deposition, Jinghua Sun

Dissertations from 2001


Spontaneous metal deposition from organic solutions for electronic materials applications, Rui Fang


Development of high energy density dielectrics for pulse power applications, Brian L. Gilmore


Creep behavior and physical characterization of fusion-cast alumina refractories, James G. Hemrick

Microstructure of nanocrystalline undoped and doped cerium oxide thin films and their electrical and optical properties, Toshio Suzuki


Plasma spraying low thermal expansion alumino-silicate glasses, Douglas T. Weaver

Processing and characterization of nanocrystalline ceria, X.-D. Zhou

Dissertations from 2000


Improvement of the hydration resistance of magnesia and doloma using organosilicon compounds, Sergio Luiz Cabral da Silva


An investigation of iron phosphate glasses, Xiangyu Fang


Thermomechanical properties of non-linear refractories, William Lloyd Headrick Jr.


Quench rate and aging effects in aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper aluminum alloys, Donald Scott MacKenzie


The development of nickel silicide based alloy for sulfuric acid application, Sanhong Zhang

Dissertations from 1999


Thermodynamics of the iron-carbon-bismuth ternary system: 1473-1873 K, Lewen Chang

Glass microspheres for medical applications, Samuel D. Conzone

Characterization of nickel electrowinning from acid sulfate electrolytes, Michael E. Holm

Relaxation behavior in a copper-manganese alloy and PMN and PLZT relaxor ferroelectric ceramics, Huh-Tswen Lin


Multi-force dewatering and its simulation, Zhicheng Li

Cordierite glass-ceramics as glaze materials for refractory forming tools, F. Scott Miller

Dissertations from 1998


Examination of chromium-chromium silicide composites and methods of improving toughness, Terry Alan Cruse

Metal recovery from slags using DC arc furnace technology, Adrian C. Deneys

Electrodeposition of high technology coatings, Ming Fang

Preparation and properties of strontium cobaltite and strontium ferrite substituted with lanthanum and copper, Ingeborg Kaus

An environmentally compliant cerium-based conversion coating for aluminum protection, Xuan Lin

Dissertations from 1997


Optical and mechanical properties of glass fiber and ribbon reinforced poly(methyl methacrylate) composites, John M. Barr

Use of zinc-lead alloy in galvanic stripping for iron removal, Chi-Ming Chang

Electrochemical aspects of galvanic stripping in solvent extraction, Haiyang Gu


Synthesis of shape memory alloys using electrodeposition, Timothy Roy Hymer


Immobilization of radioactive materials in iron phosphate glass, Melissa G. Mesko


Submerged combustion in-bath smelting in metallurgical reactors, Dhiren Panda

Measurement of oxygen flux as a function of oxygen activity for selected ceramic materials, Walter Timothy Stephens


Electron emission from ferroelectrics, Weiming Zhang

The effect of additives and substrates on nonferrous metal electrodeposition, Zeyang Zhou

Dissertations from 1996

Dopants and the sintering of ultrafine BaTiO₃ powder, Ratthima Manalert


Microstructure-property relations in solid oxide fuel cells, David Matthew Reed

Sintering and electrical properties of the LaCr1-x-yMgₓZnyO₃ system, Vincent Lee Sprenkle


Application of theoretical and physical models to smelting and refining processes, K. Narayana Swamy


Electrochemical characterization of impurities and additives in zinc electrowinning, Xuewen Tang

Dissertations from 1995

Densification and grain growth of a refractory grade magnesia derived from magnesite, Luis Bittencourt

Fabrication of ceramic powders, thin films, and fibers using a liquid-mix process, Chen-Lung Fan

The mechanisms of mold filling and casting defect formation in the lost foam casting process, Xiaojun Liu


Spray pyrolysis of lead based ferroelectric materials, Jeffrey G. Marx

Electrodeposition of conducting metal oxide thin films and superlattices, Richard J. Phillips

Electrolyte and substrate effects on copper nucleation, Kuo-Shi Teng

Studies of processing parameters and thermal properties of mold in lost foam casting process, Chen Wang

Rare earth-lithium-borate glasses for use as degradable radiopharmaceuticals, James Eric White

Chemical precipitation techniques for the production of ceramics with controlled microstructure, Xi Yang

Dissertations from 1994

Electrochemical evaluation of anodes in lead electrowinning, Christel Bemelmans

Recovery of noble metals from organic solvents using galvanic stripping, Cecilio Flores Escobar


Solvent extraction processing of oxidized zinc wastes for electrowinning, Manuel Prospero Neira Avalos


Modelling of fluid flow and kinetics in counter-current reactors for pyrometallurgical refining, Lloyd R. Nelson

Modeling of multiphase interactions in metallurgical reactors, Kent D. Peaslee

Oxides of La₁₋ₓSrₓCo1-YFeYO₃ for oxygen and electrical delivery systems, Lone-Wen F. Tai

Modification of metallic surfaces using plasma treatments, Jian Zhang

Dissertations from 1993


Galvanic stripping of Fe⁺³ and Pb⁺² ions and dissolution of metallic Fe, Zn, Pb and Cd using Di(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid, Luis Miguel Chia Aquije

The properties and microstructure of neutron irradiated, oxide dispersion strengthened copper alloys, Danny Joe Edwards

Copper electrocrystallization in electrorefining and electrowinning systems, Ersan Ilgar


Thermodynamics of the iron-rich portion of the Fe-C-Zn system: 1473-1873 K, Wenzhong Luo

Phase equilibria and thermodynamic modelling of the Pb-S-O system and applications to direct lead smelting, Weishi Mang


Reaction chemistry and thermochemistry of magnesia-graphite systems containing antioxidants, Jeffrey D. Smith

Evaluation of anomalous deposition mechanisms in alloy electrogalvanizing, Hung-Ming Wang

Dissertations from 1992


The low-temperature sintering behavior of (La,Ca)CrO₃, John David Carter

Thin film preparation and interfacial reaction study of solid oxide fuel cell materials, Chieh-Cheng Chen


Creep deformation and mechanical properties of sintered glass and polycrystalline matrix composites, Rollie E. Dutton

Development of methods for the mapping of outer electron charge density using modern X-ray powder diffraction techniques, Gerald B. Feldewerth


An optimization of processing parameters and casting quality in the expendable pattern casting (EPC) process, Jiang Fu

Formation of ceramic composites by free sintering of coated powders, Ching-Li Hu

Optical and mechanical properties of optically transparent composites, Seung-Gu Kang