Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Dissertations



Dissertations from 1994

Application of group technology to the design and operation of flexible manufacturing cells in the permanent mold casting industry, James Scott Sutterfield

A non-contact intelligent system for measuring the dimensions of hot-forged parts, Ting-Wen Tang

The Development and implementation of on-line statistical process control software for a continuous process, Chung-Cheng August Tsai

Transformation of engineers into managers in China, Mingxi Wu

Computer integrated manufacturing technology applied to industrial wastewater pretreatment process management for small scale facilities, Sheela Nilam Yadav-Olney

Dissertations from 1993

An Exploratory study of the product innovation process: characteristics and success factors in the telecommunications industry, Mohamed El-Mougy Ahmed


A model of electronic warfare systems acquisition and engineering for Saudi Arabia, Negaa M. Albegami

Effectiveness of groupware as a knowledge delivery and collaboration system, Nabil Mohammad Alghalith

An integrated multi-criteria decision model for manufacturing project selection in a developing country, Saeed Ali Al-Fannah Araimi

Study of corporate turnaround: using a probability of bankruptcy, Chavalit Arkaradejdachachai

Packaging machinery acquisition: an integrated study, Jean Brielle Babcock

An exploratory study of corporate external technology acquisition, Dalton Wayne Baker

Application of total quality management to a research and development environment, Scott Anthony Dellana

Economic evaluation of automated mapping systems in small communities, Adel Aly Fadel


A risk management model for environmental remediation projects, James Edward Koch

A method for the selection of energy source for electric power generation in a developing country, Mulyanto Soerjodibroto

A synergistic approach to intelligent monitoring of large projects, Saleh Salim Sunaidi

A study of the optimization of process parameters for producing sound aluminum castings via statistical experimentation, Murat Tiryakioglu

CAD-based graph features for three-dimensional neuro-recognition in a manufacturing environment, Kuang-Ming Tseng

Dissertations from 1992

Computer aided conceptual design (CACD): a hybrid model for needs-to-functions-to-structures association by utilizing the fuzzy associative memory and fuzzy information content, Ali Bahrami


A taxonomy-based design methodology for CIM laboratories in engineering education, Winston F. Erevelles

An intelligent decision support system for facility location, Chamnong Jungthirapanich

Stereoscopic neuro-vision for three-dimensional object recognition in a manufacturing environment, Mark Bradley Lynch

A methodology for the design of cellular manufacturing systems, Lorace Learmond Massay

A priority based simulation model of an Ethernet using an artificial neural network, Michael M. Shoukat

Analysis of robot process capability using animated simulation, Chiu-Chi Wei

Dissertations from 1991


A decision support system for international debt management, Rahim Abbassi

A study of structuration in group decision support systems, Abdul Ghafoor Akram

Knowledge-based control of a robotic assembly cell: diagnostics and error recovery, Robert Dale Borchelt

Synchronous manufacturing: benefits and barriers for small manufacturers, Susan Hollis Burgess

An intelligent decision support system for naval ship design, Yu-Chao Chou

Effectiveness of a computer-integrated, multi-media learning environment on engineering education, Bonnie Daily

Managing of transformation phases to total quality excellence in a small manufacturing company, Hazim S. El-Baz

Diffusion of industrial products: empirical estimation of the influence of opinion leadership, Lisa K. Baganoff Gaynor

Automated computer aided stock cutting: irregular two-dimensional pattern generation using simulated annealing algorithm, Alireza Hajakbari

An intelligent decision support system for construction planning and scheduling, Ossama Ahmed Hosny

A concurrent engineering-based methodology for communication network design in a CIM environment, Doo Yong Kim


Toward the development of decision support tools to manage the CATIS project life cycle, Steven Wayne McCrary

Characterizing backpropagation neural network architecture response to domain entropy: implementation with a fuzzy logic based expert system, Alice E. Smith

Integrating product and packaging design for manufacturing and distribution: a survey and cases, Ming-Ren Sun

Dissertations from 1990

An intelligent decision support system for public sector investment programming, Joseph Bannis

Sensitivity analysis studies for the improvement of structural design, Pericles Panique Dakay

Distributed knowledge base approach for scheduling in intelligent manufacturing, Gerald E. Hoffman

A study of high technology small business use of intellectual property protection, Mary Ann Seyer Koen

A unifying approach to risk and sensitivity analyses, James E. Pelkie


A hybrid artificial neural networks and knowledge-based expert systems approach to flexible manufacturing system scheduling, Luis C. Rabelo

Maintaining the competitiveness of small manufacturing firms in an environment of changing world markets and advanced technology implementations, Edward M. Raney

Measurement and improvement of white collar productivity, Maximilian Karl Schwartz

The development and implementation of knowledge worker performance measurement systems in a service industry environment, Gregory Allen Sedrick

The influence of graphics-based decision support systems and user cognitive skills on decision quality, Hulya Yazici

Dissertations from 1989

An expert system to evaluate the rural community development, Derya Alasya

A probabilistic evaluation procedure toward robot implementation, Stephen Louis Allen

Advisory system for selecting the proper geophysical techniques for mining exploration, Edwin J. Ballantyne

An integrated multi-objective decision model for industry planning in a developing country, Ikedi C. Ehie

A standardized methodology for the structuring and implementation of a flexible manufacturing system, Lewis Neri

Integration of artificial intelligence and operations research in production planning, scheduling and control, Tatchapol Poshyanonda

Corporate packaging management: "An integrated approach", Stephen A. Raper

Toward the integration of computer-aided design and material requirements planning: a case of wire products, Joaquin Alberto Vila-Ruiz

The theory and measurement of entropy in management, David Alan Wyrick

Dissertations from 1988

An analytical hierarchy process approach to establish the systems analyst's knowledge base for selecting an information requirements determination strategy, Veera Veerakool


Toward the development of a knowledge-based construction schedule planning system, Nordin Bin Yunus

Dissertations from 1987


Effects of the luminous environment on managerial decision making, Marc Clay Belcher

Dissertations from 1986

Marketing needs and manufacturing tasks: a study of congruency in small manufacturing firms, Paul Ferreol Cretin

Organizational validity of constrained facet analysis in U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering, Hal Andrew Rumsey

Financial ratios as predictors of corporate acquisition candidates by industry, Sehrazat Omurtak Saridereli

Prediction of corporate bankruptcy for manufacturing, transportation, and trading industries using financial ratios with discriminant analysis, Annop Tanlamai

Protecting operating profits of multinational manufacturing corporations through optimizing currency exchange portfolios, Resit Unal

Dissertations from 1985


A management training model for engineers in Saudi Arabia, Majid Al-Kassabi

A productivity and quality enhancement model for small Missouri industrial firms, Peter J. Schmidt

Dissertations from 1984

A decision support system for motor carrier breakbulk operations, Madison Daily

The internal layout of a warehouse using rack storage, Maitree Wasuntiwongse