Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Dissertations



Dissertations from 2003

An analysis of the relationship between work measurement and Total Quality Management (TQM), Esin Sadikoğlu

Evolving neural networks in classification, Sunghwan Sohn

Development and analysis of intelligent computation based stock forecasting and trading systems, Suraphan Thawornwong

Dissertations from 2002


A comparative study of Just-In-Time (JIT) and Theory of Constraints (TOC) systems with varying constraint locations and operational characteristics, Pirun Hemmondharop

Effective leadership for total quality management, Paul D. Hirtz

A study of early adopters of technology in the independent telephone industry, William Ralph Kehr

Development of an ISO 9000 advisory team, Hsien-Tsung Liao

The relationship between R&D spending and shareholder returns in high technology industries, Darrel Aloysius Mank

Factors influencing success in the packaging machinery integration process, Tunyarut Viriyapituk

Dissertations from 2001

Global stock index forecasting using multiple generalized regression neural networks with a gating network, Parinya Disorntetiwat

Data mining through neuro-fuzzy-genetic architecture, Korakot Hemsathapat

Exploratory study of external technology transfer between public research institute and small medium-sized firms: the case of Korea, Jingyu Lee

Dissertations from 2000


Characteristics of Thailand's automotive industry managers based on the SYMLOG model, Panat Boonkham

Dissertations from 1999

The design and analysis of a metalcutting coolant/lubricant application system for delivery of a soy based cutting fluid, Richard Neal Callahan

A hybrid intelligent model for rapid assessment of military bridging procedures, Nola Rebecca Johnson

Development of an integrated hyper-harmonic software-based noise filter for digital data conditioning, Rungsan Kajornsin

Development of a warrant-pricing model for the Thai warrant market, Popanit Poommarapan

An empirical model for development and implementation of benchmarking, Afshan Sadeghi

The relationships between ethnological culture, corporate culture and total quality management: an exploratory study across three continents, Andres Avelino Sousa-Poza

The effects of leadership style on total quality management implementation, Rhonda Diane Turvey

Dissertations from 1998

Development of a customer satisfaction model for the single customer-supplier relationship, John F. Bade


Total Quality Management and corporate financial performance: An analysis of the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award criteria, Alice Brigid Beechner

The effectiveness of internet-based technology in engineering education, Rosemarie Maffei Evans

Covariance of engineering management characteristics with engineering employee performance, Andrew Arthur Hesketh

The impact of learning styles using web-based asynchronous distance learning to enhance instruction by electrical engineering students, Marcus André Huggans

Integrated packaging system design for advanced developing countries, Özgür Polat

A concurrent engineering based methodology for the design of agile manufacturing systems, Manoon Sivapiromrat

The impact of training and culture on leadership values and perceptions at the United States Army Engineer School, Ted Alan Thomas

Design for serviceability: evaluation and modeling methodologies, Jiangping Wang

Dissertations from 1997

Towards strategic planning for indigenizing the workforce in the Saudi Arabian private sector, Abdulrahman Suliman Alturaigi

A horizontal diversification methodology for service-oriented organizations and it's application to the expanded U.S. military role in humanitarian demining, Gregory Lane Bier

Biologically inspired neural network connectionist models for use in artificial vision systems, David Lee Enke


Service quality using the deviation-score approach to fit in contingency theory in a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers setting, Donald Robert Groh

An industrial needs driven curriculum design methodology and its application to manufacturing in Thailand, Sineepatch Leepatanapan

American and Italian engineering students' images of a most effective team leader and member based on the SYMLOG model, Eugene Ulysses Mariani

The feasibility of the use of telecommunicated courses in Latin American universities, Erland Jose Martinez

Developing a performance measure for selection of dispatching rules to gain time-based advantage in a dynamic job shop: a simulation study, Gül Erdem Okudan

A comparative study of multi-attribute decision making techniques in facility location, Siwiga Pattanapanchai

An object-based evolutionary algorithm for nesting problems, Kanchitpol Ratanapan

An intelligent design tool for manufacturability evaluation of injection molded parts, Rawin Raviwongse

New product development process for microelectromechanical systems industry: an exploratory study, Russell Timothy Rudin

A comparison of factors affecting innovation in small and large firms, Robert James Shaw

A life-cycle energy consumption and waste generation model for passenger car production in the automotive industry, Muhyettin Sirer

Techno-managerial potential of African Americans in workforce 2000, Tamiko Mioshia Youngblood

Dissertations from 1996

A factor analytic approach to global portfolio management, Zeyad Abdulrahman Abanmay

Modeling technology acquisition and utilization in manufacturing: a comparative case study, Neslihan Alp

Computer based face recognition using neural networks: a biometric access control system based on the human face, Usamah M. S. Altaf

A methodology for knowledge engineering in an industrial environment for an expert control advising system, Lisa René Burwell

Organizational culture and total quality management, Shao-Liang Chang

Implementing statistical energy analysis in the development and functions of product design for distribution packaging, Robert Harlan Clarke

An analysis of the relationship between financial performance and total quality management implementation, Stephen Paul Dusseau


Development of a relay ladder logic programming/debugging/simulation software package with graphical user interface, Kevin Martin Hubbard

Managing risk and uncertainty on research and development projects, Chaoyuan Lu

Strategic planning of energy systems under economic-environmental constraints in Latin America: The 3E Model, Johnny Nahui-Ortiz

The design, analysis, and implementation of a genetic-based scheduler for multicriteria scheduling on identical parallel machines, Krittikamas Nananukul

Hierarchical fingerprint identification based on an unsupervised neural network model, Ahmet Murat Ozbayoglu

Cap torque optimization of continuous-threaded closures, Sarunyapong Pramsaneh

A model for the education of packaging engineers, Jesse Pursley

Productivity improvement at an Indonesian state-owned industry, Adik A. Soedarsono

An identification model of target industries for industrial development planning, Wisan Tanthawichian

Predicting and improving the die life for the permanent mold casting process by CAD/CAE, Sufei Wei

Strategic design of manufacturing education, David Lee Wells

Development of a self-evaluation system for total quality management using the Baldrige criteria, Hung-Yi Wu

The influence of U.S. macro economic factors on the international stock market, Jason Shin-Liang Yu

Dissertations from 1995

Reducing the cost of hazardous waste remediation by using land use restrictions for risk reduction at Air Force closure installations, Jared Alan Astin

Integrated water resources planning applied to the Jordan River Basin, Ali Abdul-Karim Farhat

A synergistic paradigm for intelligent multivariate data classification, Mohamed Tarek Gaber

A new approach for robust product and process design using artificial neural networks and the Taguchi method, Jungeui Hong

Human factors of manufacturing management in Taiwan and mainland China, Chung-Ming Huang

Application of neural networks in approximating robot kinematics, Yu-Chung Hung

A quality function deployment framework for effective transfer of AM/FM/GIS information technologies to small communities, Yahya Mohammad Khawaja


An investigation of strategies, incentives, and operational characteristics of recycling programs, Sangwon Michael Kim

A group decision support system for the management of natural resources, Leslie Lahndt-Hearney

A study of multi-parameter effects upon bottle capping and ultrasonic welding systems, Ching-Sung Lai

Technology alliances of organizations: a resonance theory perspective, Feng-Wei Lai

Supplier performance improvement: A study of manufacturing systems with respect to delivery, quality, lead time, and cost performance, Mary Josephine Lakey

Robust parameter design of the precision injection molding process, Sornkrit Leartcheongchowasak

An intelligent GDSS for multiple criteria evaluation of agile manufacturing system designs, Leslie Felix Monplaisir

Multiple criteria decision making in contractor selection and evaluation of construction bids in Saudi Arabia, Maamoun Abdullah Munaif

Cost management for building design and engineering in Japan, Kazuyuki Shimamura

A strategic plan for the electronics industry in Thailand, Kwan Sitathani

The application of hot air or band sealing as pre-heating techniques to improve the capital cost effectiveness of the ultrasonic welding process, Chun-Hsien Su

Neuro-fuzzy control of the nonlinear processes, Arit Thammano

Dissertations from 1994

Expert system for designing gating systems for permanent mold tilt pour casting process, Yi-Kang An


The application of Markov State probabilities in developing artificially intelligent managerial strategies: A case study based on Major League Baseball, Arnold Vincent Arconati

A design methodology for computer-integrated manufacturing in a small business environment, Stephen Earl Aylor

Planning system for hazardous waste site characterization, Fred Ray Browning

A skills inventory based decision support system for personnel assignment in highly diversified, and multi-disciplined, organizations, Salvatore Angelo Bufalino

An object-oriented database model approach for the logical design of a customer order entry system in manufacturing, Hakan Butuner

An intelligent group decision support system for locating manufacturing facilities, Sheng-Chai Chi

A model to study the sources of innovation, Laura Lynne Hoge House

An approach to three-dimensional stock cutting using genetic algorithms, Randy Lee House

Functional relationships among cap sealing parameters empolying response surface methodology, Chawapol Jariyawiroj

A concurrent design environment for flexible and reusable cell control software, James Quo-Ping Lin

Creation and exploratory evaluation of strategic assessment for small manufacturing companies, Merwan Burjor Mehta

Product flexibility in planning and control of manufacturing systems, Emine Persentili

Genetic neuro-nester, Pipatpong Poshyanonda

Artificial vision: three-dimensional object recognition using neural networks, Ryan George Rosandich

A study of activity-based costing in small manufacturing companies: a quality function deployment framework to guide implementation, Harshini Pushpika Siriwardane

Genetic-neuro scheduler, Sinchai Sittisathanchai