Physics Dissertations

Physics Dissertations



Dissertations from 2017


Long-range interatomic interactions: Oscillatory tails and hyperfine perturbations, Chandra Mani Adhikari


Electron impact excitation-ionization of molecules, Esam Abobakr A. Ali


Theoretical calculations for electron impact ionization of atoms and molecules, Sadek Mohamed Fituri Amami


Dirac surface states of magnetic topological insulators, Seng Huat Lee

Dissertations from 2016


Fully differential study of projectile coherence effects in ionization of molecular hydrogen and atomic helium, Thusitha Priyantha Arthanayaka


Unconventional phase transitions in random systems, Hatem Nuri Barghathi


Spectroscopic and spectro-astrometric analysis of T Tauri Stars, Logan Ryan Brown


Properties of Amorphous Transparent Conducting and Semiconducting Oxides from First Principles, Rabi Khanal


DFT investigations of hydrogen storage materials, Gang Wang

Dissertations from 2015


Accuracy of theory for calculating electron impact ionization of molecules, Hari Chaluvadi


Evolutionary dynamics of speciation and extinction, Dawn Michelle King


Approximation methods in relativistic eigenvalue perturbation theory, Jonathan Howard Noble


Analytical and numerical studies of photo-injected charge transport in molecularly-doped polymers, Amrita Roy Chowdhury


Nano-structured materials for energy storage applications, Dongxue Zhao

Dissertations from 2014


Speciation dynamics of an agent-based evolution model in phenotype space, Adam David Scott


Investigation of projectile coherence effects in fully differential studies of 75 keV proton - H2 collisions, Sachin Sharma

Dissertations from 2013


Quantum phase transitions in impurity models and percolating lattices, Manal M. Al-Ali


Structural and magnetic properties of Ni and Cr substituted La₀.₇Sr₀.₃MnO₃, Thomas Franklin Creel Jr.


Optical spectroscopic studies of two star forming regions, Kristen Leilani Erickson


Transport in correlated and uncorrelated random media, with applications to molecularly doped polymers, Nilanka Praveena Gurusinghe


Study of artificially disordered optical fibers, Herath Mudiyanselage Sumudu Rasika Kumari Herath


Phase transitions in disordered systems, Fawaz Y. Hrahsheh


Quantum phase transitions in disordered magnets, David Nozadze


Characterization of nano-scaled metal-hydrides confined in nano-porous carbon frameworks, David Edward Peaslee

Dissertations from 2012


Handel's Maser-Solution Theory of ball lightning: the creation of stable three-dimensional cavitons by an atmospheric maser with an open resonator, Glenn Andrew Carlson


Theoretical studies of few-body problems, Uttam Chowdhury


Complex oxides as novel transparent conductors, Altynbek Murat


Synthesis and applications of imidazolium-based ionic liquids and their polymer derivatives, Woon Su Oh


Characterization of wave transport in non-conservative media with random and correlated disorder, Benjamin Henry Payne


Complex scaling behavior in animal foraging patterns, Prabhavi Kaushalya Premachandra


A Monte Carlo study of the scaling of nucleation rates in a Lennard-Jones system, Mark Allan Thomason


The characterization of volatiles associated with young stellar objects, Kari Anne Wojtkowski

Dissertations from 2011


Multiple differential study of fragmentation processes in 75 keV proton-molecular hydrogen collisions, Kisra Nayomal Egodapitiya


Quantum phase transitions in the presence of disorder and dissipation, Chetan Kotabage


Absorbing state transitions in clean and disordered lattice models, Man Young Lee


First-principles studies of complex hydrides for Li-ion battery and hydrogen storage applications, Timothy Hudson Mason


Quantum electrodynamics and fundamental constants, Benedikt J. Wundt

Dissertations from 2010


Theoretical study of electron impact-ionization of molecules, Ola Al-Hagan


Weak shear study of galaxy clusters by simulated gravitational lensing, David Coss


A study of the growth and structure of chromium and iron oxide films on Pd(001) using X-ray photoelectron diffraction and low energy electron diffraction, Tina Dhekial-Phukan


Three-body dynamics in single ionization of atomic hydrogen by 75 keV proton impact, Aaron C. LaForge


A study of synchronization of nonlinear oscillators: Application to epileptic seizures, Daisuke Takeshita


Quantum 1/f noise in infrared detectors and scanning tunneling microscopes, Amanda Marie Truong

Dissertations from 2009


Interference effects due to projective-target nucleus scattering in single ionization of molecular hydrogen by 75 keV proton impact, Jason S. Alexander

Cognitive and cellular levels of synchronization in the central nervous system, Roxana Patricia Contreras


The role of stochastic resonance and physical constraints in the evolution of foraging strategy, Nathan Daniel Dees


Triple differential measurements of single and multiple ionization of argon by electron and positron impact, Jared M. Gavin


Fully differential cross sections for four-body scattering processes, Allison L. Harris

Dissertations from 2008


Characterization and synthesis of nanoscale materials, Jinfeng Wang

Dissertations from 2007

Analysis and modeling of stochastic oscillations with applications to biology, Jorge Nicolas Brea


Quantum dot photolithography, Raghuveer Reddy Gadipalli


Electron beam characterization of carbon nanostructures, Eric Samuel Mandell

Dissertations from 2006

Analysis of laser diode bar degradation, C. Ryan Feeler


Single ionization of helium by charged particle impact, Lewis Matthew Foster

Electron-impact ionization of molecules, Junfang Gao

Structural, magnetic and electric transport properties of metal substituted La₀.₇Sr₀.₃MnO₃, Minseob Kim

Classical Hamiltonian dynamics of a particle interacting with the vibrational modes of a one-dimensional medium, Alex A. Silvius

Superfield calculation of loop contribution in extra dimensional theories, Minh Quang Truong

Dissertations from 2005

Second order distorted wave calculations for electron impact ionization processes, Zhangjin Chen

Lens design and optimization using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms, Shaine Joseph

The effects of the coulomb interaction between outgoing electrons in electron impact ionization processes, Andrew Richard Prideaux

Surface structure determination of nanoscale transition metal oxide films using x-ray photoelectron diffraction and low energy electron diffraction, W. A. A. Priyantha

Quantum 1/f noise and the resulting phase noise in high-stability resonant sensors, Adam Gregory Tournier

Dissertations from 2004

Surface deposition and encapsulation of metallic clusters, Jared F. Hund

Nucleation theory using equations of state, Abdalla Obeidat

Magnetic and superconducting quantum critical behavior of itinerant electronic systems, Rastko Sknepnek

Dissertations from 2003

Probing the classical/quantal boundary using the Stark effect, Joseph Frederick Baugh

Magnetic studies of novel mixed rare earth-iron rich R₂T₁₇ intermetallics, Kishore Kamaraju

Search for post-starburst (E+A) galaxies in the cluster Abell 3266, Zhongyu Zhang

Dissertations from 2002

Ionization of helium by proton and H₂+ impact studied by projectile and recoil ion momentum spectroscopy, Liqun An

Probing extra dimensions by lepton-flavor nonconserving quantum loop effects, Bo He

Growth and structure of ultra-thin epitaxial chromium and iron oxide films on silver(001) and silver(111): a comprehensive study accomplished by X-ray photoelectron diffraction and low energy electron diffraction, Osman Ozturk

Differential thermal analysis of nucleation and crystal growth rates in glasses, Kisa S. Ranasinghe

Electron-cadmium ionization for energies near overlapping autoionizing resonances, Muzaffer Mustafa Tabanli

Wavelet analysis of electroretinograms and its clinical application, Srinivasa Varadharajan

Dissertations from 2001

Spatiotemporal dynamics of noisy excitable systems: application to cultured human glial cell networks, Gaþbor Bala͠si

Binary homogeneous nucleation of octane isomers, G. Jay Doster

Dissertations from 2000

Electron capture and ionization dynamics in ion-Rydberg collisions, Kevin Ray Cornelius

Analysis of biological and physical systems using nonlinear topological methods, Kevin Thomas Dolan

Stabilization of autoionizing states, Heider Naim Ereifej

Lattice time-dependent correlated two-electron system approach to scattering problems, Dan Onyango Odero

Collisions between slow highly charged ions and surfaces, James A. Perez

Direct space (nano)crystallography via high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, Wentao Qin

Tandem differential mobility analyzer studies and aerosol volatility, Otmar Schmid

The magnetic and electronic structures of several rare earth-transition metal intermetallic compounds, Chiu-Ying Tai

Dissertations from 1999

Calculation of scaled nucleation rates for water using Monte Carlo generated cluster free energy differences, David J. DiMattio

Structure and properties of iron phosphate glasses: a novel host matrix for the vitrification of high-level nuclear wastes, Mevlüt Karabulut

Thin film systems: design of laboratory analysis system and studies of V/Cu(001) and Cu/Ag(001) by x-ray photoelectron diffraction and low energy electron diffraction, David Patrick Moore

Dissertations from 1998

Monte Carlo simulations of small sulfuric acid-water clusters, Shawn Michael Kathmann

Spectroscopic studies of Abell clusters, Michael J. Way

Collision dynamics for electron removal from helium and molecular hydrogen by heavy ions, Christopher J. Wood

Dissertations from 1997

A time-dependent approach to electron-atom scattering, Gavin Douglas Buffington

The three-body problem of electron-hydrogen ionization, Stephen Louis Jones

Lateral displacement maps obtained from scanning probe microscope images, Chang Shen

Dissertations from 1996

Instrument response function for scanning force microscopy and defects on mica induced by 50 kilo-electron-volts argon ions, Lu Fei

A neutron reflectivity study of copolymer thin films and interfaces, Ravindra Kulasekere

A classical treatment of coherence studies for single-electron processes, Christie J. Lundy

A study of several rare-earth transition metal intermetallic compounds, Sanjay Ramnaresh Mishra

Quantitative non-destructive study of sub-micron defects in very large scale integrated-circuit silicon using transmitted and reflected infra-red laser scattering, Luciano Mule'Stagno

Dissertations from 1995

Electron and positron collision with hydrogen and alkali atoms, Vladimir E. Bubelev