Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Dissertations

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Dissertations



Dissertations from 2016


Geotechnical state-of-the-art in Guatemala -- Ground stabilization, Fernando Rafael Callejas Benitez


Static and dynamic characterization of tied arch bridges, John Edward Finke

Dissertations from 2015


An integrated study for hybrid composite beam (HCB) structures, Mohamed Abdelkhalik Aboelseoud


Performance analysis and modelling of hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar panels, Nicole C. Annis


Dynamic behavior of operational wind turbines considering aerodynamic and seismic load interaction, Mohammad-Amin Asareh


Reliability-based optimization design of geosynthetic reinforced embankment slopes, Michelle (Mingyan) Deng


Mechanical characteristics of organically modified fly ash-kaolinite mixtures, Xin Kang


Shape based classification and functional forecast of traffic flow profiles, Wasim Kayani


Unmanned aircraft systems image collection and computer vision image processing for surveying and mapping that meets professional needs, James Preston Peterson II


Development, testing, and analytical modeling of fiber-reinforced polymer bridge deck panels, Hesham R. Tuwair

Dissertations from 2014


Longitudinal analysis of crash frequency data, Mojtaba Ale Mohammadi


Rapid repair of severely damaged RC columns under combined loading of flexure, shear, and torsion with externally bonded CFRP, Ruili He


Plant uptake of environmental contaminants: applications in phytoscreening, Matthew Alan Limmer


A unified bond theory, probabilistic meso-scale modeling, and experimental validation of deformed steel rebar in normal strength concrete, Chenglin Wu


Seismic repair of bridge columns with interlocking spirals and fractured bars, Yang Yang

Dissertations from 2013


Shear and fracture behavior of high performance concretes, Mahdi Arezoumandi


Numerical analyses of long carbon fiber reinforced concrete panels exposed to dynamic loading, Zahra Sadat Tabatabaei


Enamel coated steel reinforcement for improved durability and life-cycle performance of concrete structures: microstructure, corrosion, and deterioration, Fujian Tang


Phytoforensics on energetics: novel plant tissue measure approach and modeling, Yuan Yuan

Dissertations from 2012


Prediction and performance of single piles in clay soils under vibratory loadings, Domenica Cambio


Discrete fiber-reinforced polyurea systems for infrastructure strengthening and blast mitigation, Natalia L. Carey


A progressive collapse evaluation of steel structures in high temperature environment with optical fiber sensors, Ying Huang


Nitrification performance of activated sludge under low dissolved oxygen conditions, Guoqiang Liu


Characterization of soil variability for reliability-based design, Sitenikechukwu Onyejekwe


Shear and fracture behavior of high-volume fly ash reinforced concrete for sustainable construction, Carlos Andres Ortega Ordonez


Characterization of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and cohesive soil mixtures, Nicholas Thomas Rocco


Behavior of advanced innovative materials for improved long-term bridge performance, Wei Zheng

Dissertations from 2011


Micropile response to combined loading, Kyle Allen Kershaw


Ozone and terpene reactions on indoor surfaces: reaction rates and implications for indoor air quality, Shi Shu


Leaching characteristics of inorganic contaminants from coal fly ash, Tingzhi Su


Postcyclic behavior of low-plasticity silt, Shuying Wang


Hilbert Transform applications in signal analysis and non-parametric identification of linear and nonlinear systems, Zuocai Wang

Dissertations from 2010


Improvised explosive device crater repair for enduring route remediation, Daniel Roman Kienitz


Behavior of externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer systems for strengthening concrete girders in shear, Michael Shawn Murphy

Dissertations from 2009

Optimization and behavior of high-performance concrete in structural applications, Jared Earl Brewe


Seismic behavior of circular reinforced concrete bridge columns under combined loading including torsion, Suriya Prakash Shanmugam

Dissertations from 2008


Formation and removal of pesticides and pesticide transformation products during water treatment, Evelyn F. Chamberlain


Liquefaction and postliquefaction behavior of low plasticity silts using cyclic triaxial tests, Ali Mohammad Izadi


Physical modeling of railroad ballast using the parallel gradation scaling technique within the cyclical triaxial framework, Adam F. Sevi

Dissertations from 2007


Innovative solutions in bridge construction, rehabilitation, and structural health monitoring, Fabio Matta


Experimental and analytical evaluation of FRP-confined large size reinforced concrete columns, Silvia Rocca


Field and laboratory investigation of ozone-indoor surface reactions: secondary emissions inventory and implications for indoor air quality, Hong Wang


The leaching behavior of arsenic, selenium and other trace elements in coal fly ash, Tian Wang

Structural condition assessment of the Bill Emerson Memorial Cable-Stayed Bridge using neural networks, Wenjian Wang

Development and assessment of transparent soil and particle image velocimetry in dynamic soil-structure interaction, Honghua Zhao

Dissertations from 2006

The use of root-colonizing recombinant bacteria to enhance rhizosphere degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls, Amanda W. Gilbertson


Behavior of reinforced concrete girders under cyclic torsion and torsion combined with shear: experimental investigation and analytical models, Gary Gordon Greene Jr.

Analysis, occurrence and control of chloro-s-triazine endocrine disrupting chemicals in drinking water, Hua Jiang


The effects and fate of selected veterinary antibiotics in two Missouri anaerobic swine lagoons, Keith A. Loftin

Field evaluation of composite materials for bridge strengthening, Alexis Andres Lopez-Inojosa

Fate of genetically modified plant tissue in soil: what happens to the DNA, Paula Kay Mihalcik

The influence of ammonia and carbon dioxide on the sorption of basic (alkaline) organic pollutants onto indoor surfaces, Maneerat Ongwandee

Seismic performance of mass-variable tuned liquid dampers with particles fluidization in building applications, Yuxiang Xin

Measurement and modeling of the efficiency of constructed wetlands in removing lead and zinc from neutral pH mine drainage, Chang Ye

Seismic retrofit of reinforced concrete beams, columns, and joints with thin steel sheets and steel plates, Xiaofei Ying

Mechanical devices for manually prestressing FRP and their applications in structural strengthening, Piyong Yu

Dissertations from 2005

Resilient modulus estimation system, Yuh-Puu Han

An integrated VE damping and FRP strengthening system for performance-based seismic retrofit of RC columns, Xi Huang


Soil suction and swell behavior of chemically treated expansive clays, Cheng-Ping Jiang

Transport of selected sulfonamides and other antimicrobials in three loamy soils, Sudarshan T. Kurwadkar

Seismic site response of deep soil and embankments in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, Wanxing Liu

Application of displacement-based design method to blast-resistant reinforced concrete structures, Binggeng Lu

Steel-free hybrid reinforcement system for reinforced concrete flexural members, Huanzi Wang

Dissertations from 2004

Evaluation of the effects of various environmental conditions on reinforced concrete columns wrapped with FRP sheets, Sang-Wook Bae

Assessment and improvement of capacity of concrete members: a case for in-situ load testing and composite materials, Paolo Casadei

Durability performance of advanced construction materials, Mahmut Ekenel

Shear strengthening of unreinforced masonry (URM) walls with FRP composites, Tong Li

Fate and transport of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in phytoremediation systems, Xingmao Ma

Intelligent hybrid damper-actuator bracing control (HDABC) with deterministic and nondeterministic seismic input, soil-structure interaction, and tectonic movements, Xiaozhe Zhang

Simulation of soil-pile-superstructure interaction in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, Wei Zheng

Dissertations from 2003

Semi-active control of elastic and inelastic building structures with piezoelectric friction dampers, Chaoqiang Chen

Modeling and operation of single and multiple tube membrane bioreactors, Ellen England

Characterization and modeling of paleoliquefaction features in Missouri, Houda Jadi


Rehabilitation of steel bridge members with FRP composite materials, Xiangdong Liu

Development and validation of coaxial cable sensors for damage detection of reinforced concrete structures, Huimin Mu

Mechanisms of lead and zinc removal from lead mine drainage in constructed wetland, Ying Song

Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in activated sludge floc, Holley Kaempfer Steller

Comparison of treatment technologies on a pilot scale for the removal of fuel oxygenates from natural groundwater, Justin M. Sutherland

The use of hyperspectral data to estimate soil properties, Yong Wu

Field and laboratory performance of prestressed high performance concrete girders for Missouri bridge structures, Yumin Yang

Dissertations from 2002

Modeling of complex hat-shaped chords of cold-formed steel trusses, Stuart Werner Baur


Micro-scale moveable bed physical model, Roger Andrew Gaines

Ozonation of artificial aquaria seawater: oxidation kinetics and byproduct formation, Robert E. Reed

Web crippling and combined bending and web crippling of cold-formed steel header beams, Sutton F. Stephens

Investigation of FRP materials for bridge construction, Danielle Kleinhans Stone

Dissertations from 2001

Destructive testing of a highway bridge strengthened with FRP systems, T. (Tarek) Alkhrdaji

Strengthening of masonry structures with FRP composites, Gustavo J. Tumialan

The engineering of construction specifications for externally bonded FRP composites, Xinbao Yang

Dissertations from 2000

Use of porous steel soil nails for enhancing dynamic stability of earth dams, Saad Abdel-Hamid Farag


Seismic performance, design and placement of multiple tuned mass dampers in building applications, Jingning Wu

Dissertations from 1999

Seismic analysis of pile supported rigid bridge abutments using material and geometric nonlinearity, Muhammad Shahbaz Chaudhry

An optimized one-dimensional unsteady flow model for open channels, Mario Daniel Sanchez

Displacement-based analysis and design of rigid retaining walls during earthquakes, Yingwei Wu

Dissertations from 1998

Hybrid damper-actuator system with optimum observer-controller for seismic-resistant structures, Hongping Jiang

Non-linear behavior of reinforced concrete beams subjected to pure torsion, Nasr-Eddine Koutchoukali

Dynamic operation of check valves within transient hydraulic systems, Charles Edward Patterson

Average stress-strain relationships of reinforcing bars in concrete panels incorporating the biaxial stress field effect, Amlan Kumar Sengupta

Dissertations from 1997

Structural behavior of coped web elements of cold-formed steel memebers, Exaud N. Koka


Multiobjective optimum design of static and seismic-resistant structures with genetic algorithm, fuzzy logic and game theory, Dan Li

3-D nonlinear finite element analysis of reinforced concrete low-rise wall structures and bridges under earthquake excitations, Kangyu Lou