Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Dissertations



Dissertations from 1978

Optimum design of plane tall steel structures for simultaneous multicomponent static, dynamic, and seismic inputs, Dhiraphorn Srifuengfung

A three-dimensional analysis of extrusion and metal forming by the finite element method, William Donald Webster

Dissertations from 1977

Systems engineering as applied to Public Works Engineering Administration Educational Training Program, Seid Hossein Abtahi


Strength of cold-formed steel beam webs in bending, shear, and a combination of bending and shear, Roger A. LaBoube

Prediction models for commuter rail services, Suppamas Prachakvej

Aerobic digestion of sewage lime sludge, Kuo-Chun Tsai

Dissertations from 1976

Network models for managing turnkey projects, George Edward Cannon Jr.

Environmental effects on composite-girder bridge structures, J. Leroy Hulsey

Sulfide generation in experimental filled pipes, Muthiah Mariappan

Behavior of inelastic multi-story structures subjected to 2-D earthquakes, Kenneth Byron Oster

A study of the lateral displacement phenomena, for uninterrupted traffic flow on freeways, Ali A. Selim

Dissertations from 1974


Structural behavior of cold-formed steel members made of thick sheets and plates, Ai-Shen Liu


Evaluation of methods for the recovery, chemical and toxicological characterization of trace organics, James Robert Matthews


Removal of nutrients by sorption on activated alumina, Checkman Michael Yue

Dissertations from 1973


Nonlinear optimum design of dynamic damped structures, Mark E. Botkin


Analysis of continuous curvilinear structures by infinite matrix series methods, Trinh-Ngoc Rang


Dynamic instability and ultimate capacity of inelastic systems parametrically excited by earthquakes, Wu-Hsiung Tseng

Dissertations from 1972


The structural behavior of cold-formed steel members with perforated elements, Charles S. Davis


Computer assisted teaching of steel design, Wendelin Henry Mueller III


Probabilistic models for construction estimating and bidding, James E. Spooner

Dissertations from 1971


Dynamic behavior of eccentrically stiffened plates, Charles Stuart Ferrell


Transient hydraulic simulation: breached earth dams, D. L. Fread

Dissertations from 1968


The identification and evaluation of toxic effects of organic micropollutants, John Warren Smith

Dissertations from 1967


Matrix computer analysis of curvilinear grid systems, David Leon Fenton