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Ferguson; Outcasts; violence; Warren; St. John; Crime; Cop; Officers; Problems; Clarkston; Riots; Fear; Rodney King; Michael Brown; Refugees; Community; Police Trust; Darren Wilson; Time; People; Future; Prevent; Members; Nation; Problem; Baltimore; L.A.; Social Diversity; Training; Respect; Dialogue; Communication; Ethnicities; Scipio; conflict; misconception; misinterpretation; Jordan Chime; American Faults; Looting; Fire; Murder; Mistakes; Solution


The purpose of this project is to provide an entertaining and informational podcast that is accessible to all students on campus, and to help the group creating the project learn about different mediums to express their writing. The topic covered will be how police brutality is repeated in history and present day. The aspects of engaging script writing, audio editing, research of the topic, and the skills and techniques of speaking in a podcast worthy of manner are explored. The end goal is to learn how to work as a group to combine several small parts into one large podcast to share with the student body, as well as bring to light the problem of repeating history when it comes to police-community relations.


English and Technical Communication

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English 1120: Exposition and Argumentation

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English 1120: Schneider, Rachel M.


18 minutes, 52 seconds


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 11-21-2015

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21 Nov 2015

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