Physics Masters Theses



Theses from 2011


Novel transparent conductive materials: understanding and prediction, Yaou Song

Theses from 2006

Waste storage and photolithography of nanoparticles in sol-gel materials, Brian R. Heckman

Theses from 2005

Monte-Carlo simulations of disordered non-equilibrium phase transitions, Mark Dickison

Theses from 2002

Radiolytic synthesis of bimetallic silver-palladium and silver-platinum nonoparticles with high aspect ratios, Carmen M. Doudna

Transfer function study of a radial differential mobility analyzer, Ben Eimer

Theses from 2000


Interaction of atoms and molecules with intense electric fields, Courtney Ryan Feeler

Theses from 1999

Atomic and magnetic structures of the LaNi5-xFex system, Choon Bee Tan

Theses from 1998

Growth of ice crystals by diffusion in mixed phase clouds, Kiran Sonnad

Breakup of biomolecules through low-energy ion bombardment, Daniel M. Storey

Theses from 1995

The magnetic structures of LaCr₁₋ₓMnₓO₃ with X = 0 to 0.5, Chiu-Ying Tai

Theses from 1993

A neon optical electron polarimeter, Kenneth Wayne Trantham

Theses from 1992

Corrosion resistance of zinc-tin alloy films made by plasma deposition, Farhad Akhavan

Theses from 1991

Influence of multiple spin exchange on ferromagnetic systems, Christopher Jay Mertens

Theses from 1989

Neutron diffraction and Mössbauer effect studies of praseodymium-iron-manganese-boron compounds, Jie Fu

Theses from 1988

A Nd LiNbO₃ tunable laser, Zu-En Wang

Theses from 1987

Sensitivity of the ellipsometric parameters to the angle of incidence for GaAs, Jie-Fang Li

Theses from 1986

The homodyne interferometer and its use in finding the optical properties of graphite, Steven Randle Frey

Conductivity and photoconductivity mechanisms of iron and magnesium doped lithium niobate, Joseph Francis Kirchhoff

Electron transitions in multiply-charged ion-helium collisions, M. Lou McKenzie

Modeling lighting distributions in biological growth chambers, Kent Bowen Reuber

Theses from 1984

The special theory of relativity in a gravitational field, Masayuki Note

Theses from 1983

Application of the impact approximation to collisional line shifts in Na-rare gas systems, Mahdi Azougui

Theses from 1981

Homogeneous nucleation of ethanol in argon using an expansion cloud chamber., Gregg Wesley Adams

Theses from 1979

On the design and construction of a dilution refrigerator at the University of Missouri at St.Louis., Gregg C. Bischoff

Temperature dependence of the electron attachment rate in iodine., Howard Lundgren Brooks

A rare gas halide laser photoelectron source., Stephen Richard Foltyn

Adhesion of nickel films on graphite., James Richard Snyder

Theses from 1978

Surface states at the gallium arsenide-metal interface: preliminary considerations., Steven Richard Goldammer

Theses from 1977

The design and characterization of a high flux beam source of fast neutral helium., David William Fahey

Theses from 1975

Charge transfer between OH ˉions and O₂ molecules in the ground state., Clayton Edgar Evans Jr.

Theses from 1974

Charge transfer between H ˉions and O₂ molecules and D ˉions and O₂ molecules in the ground state., Paul Edgar Chaplin

A computational method for determining the growth rates of saline water drops., Robert Alexander Fletcher

Theses from 1973


Model correction for the formation of amorphous silicon by ion implantation, John Robert Dennis


The design and calibration of a vibrating sample magnetometer, Donald Dwight Hoffman


The contribution of phonon-induced tunneling to donor ESR spectral narrowing in semiconductors, David Lawrence Meier


Temperature dependence of the formation of an amorphous layer in ion-implanted silicon, Gary Keith Woodward

Theses from 1972


Gas-to-particle conversions of SO₂-NO₂-H₂O-air gas mixtures under specific UV irradiation, James Leonard Fowler

Theses from 1971


Thermal expansivity and refractive index determinations for some hydrosol systems and their similarity to properties ascribed to "anomalous" water, Gerald Wayne Chappue

Theses from 1970


Application of the Weiss molecular field theory to the lattice of the B-Site spinel, Wayne Edmund Holland

Theses from 1969


A study of the evaporation rates of small freely falling water droplets, Hugh Alan Duguid


An experimental comparison of various nuclei counters, Joel William Mansell


A low frequency phase shift method, Ronnie Carroll McMillan


Infrared cooling near atmospheric temperature inversions and absorber concentration variations, Joey Keith Tuttle

Theses from 1968


Electronic transitions in diatomic molecules, James O. Hornkohl


A study of bismuth ferrate and bismuth manganate in solid solution with lead titanate, Harris C. Jones


Absolute specification of x-ray spectra by Laplace transform analysis of attenuation data, Gerald Robert Lusk


Infrared related solid state studies, Donald George Rathbun


A study of BiFeO₃ and the Hall effect in BiFeO₃ and CdS, Fred Hoerger Taylor

Theses from 1967


A study of the afterglow of an R-F excited mercury discharge, James A. Aubrecht


A study of an electric method to excite and detect acoustic waves in solids, John H. Stevens


A study of the molecular emission and of the life times of the metastable states in the afterglow spectrum of a mercury discharge, Bruce M. Whitcomb

Theses from 1966


The Mössbauer effect in bismuth ferrate, Bruce A. Banks


The Faraday rotation and dispersive doppler effects in the ionosphere at oblique incidence, Charles Roland Baugher II


The construction of a multi-threshold foil for fast flux measurements, Michael Henry Holkenbrink


Absolute soft x-ray dosimetry for radiation chemistry studies, Howard Sajon Joyner

Theses from 1965


Drop growth in a supersaturated vapor, Roger Buecher


A study of re-evaporation nuclei, Ronald Dawbarn


A measurement of dead space and its effect on the homogeneous nucleation rate of water vapor in helium, Michael A. Grayson


An instrument for the measurement of anelastic properties of glass, Thomas Frederick Miller


Operating characteristics of a cloud chamber suited for condensation measurements, Donald L. Packwood

A second study of homogeneous nucleation of water vapor in helium, Raymond J. Schmitt

Theses from 1964

The dielectric properties of thallium nitrate., Gene E. Gowins


Studies of an electrical method for generating ultrasonic waves, Yung-Yien Huang

An investigation of the sensitized fluorescence of the mercury-sodium and the cesium-rubidium systems., Joseph Edward Hueser

Transverse spin relaxation of optically pumped rubidium., Robert Evans Hufft

Longitudinal spin relaxation of optically excited rubidium., John Robert Martin

A study of the effect of the crystal orientation on the internal friction of magnesium single crystals., Robert Ray Nothdurft

Construction and test of equipment for use in ultrasonic pulse echo studies., Charles Joseph Reinheimer

Aging of the dielectric properties of some perovskite ceramics, Hector Troche-Maldonado

Determination of the fast flux of U.M.R. reactor., Dave Vibhakar Ratilal

Theses from 1963


An investigation of the acceleration of neutrons, Charles Edward Byvik


The application of quantum-mechanical concepts to biological systems, Andrew A. Cochran


The construction and analysis of an amplifier for ultrasonic research, Jerry John Koelling


The measurement of the life-time of the 62P3/2 state of thallium, Danny Hale Sokolowski

Spin relaxation of optically pumped rubidium., Kenneth Brian Steinbruegge

Theses from 1962


Neutron flux mapping of the MSM reactor, Cary Chow-Yuen Chen


A study of Duffing's equation, Charles Kirby Murch


Variation of sensitized fluorescence with penetration depth of incident 2537A radiation, George Grayson Robinson

Theses from 1961


Normal incidence - grazing incidence spectrograph for the vacuum ultraviolet, J. Kirston Henderson


The magnetic monopole, Thomas E. Kemple


A theoretical investigation of periodic precipitation, Jack M. Scrivner

Theses from 1959


A preliminary search for subionizers, Joseph B. Hughes


A cell-center distribution function for liquid argon, Arthur M. Soellner

Theses from 1958


Iterative solutions of Kirkwood's integral for liquid argon, Eugene D. Fabricius


Investigation of the geometric effects connected with the U-effect-III, Anthony Edward Hoffman


An improved long sensitive time Wilson cloud chamber, Clarence W. Mettenburg


A study of background in a long sensitive time Wilson cloud chamber, Donald A. Rinker


An application of cathodic sputtering to the etching of metallographic specimens, Robert Ruch


Liesegang rings, Robert Edward Young

Theses from 1957


Internal friction in manganese copper alloys, William Paul Dixon


Detection of low energy positive ions by scintillation methods, Graydon J. Hanson


Some thermodynamic and structural properties of a linear chain of atoms, and extension of the model to two- and three-dimensional cases, Hari Gopal Mukerjee


A probe for measuring ultrasonic pressures, Robert F. Rohrer

Theses from 1956


The thermal conductivity of potassium chloride at elevated temperatures, Wendell D. Miller


Thermal conductivity of sodium chloride within the temperature range 375°K to 637°K, Paul E. Ohlsen


Direct correlation functions for liquid argon, Arthur Reetz Jr.


An investigation of the internal friction of manganese-copper alloys, Ed. (Edward) Sickafus

Theses from 1955


The thermal conductivity of sodium chloride at elevated temperatures, Howard Martin Brown


Correlation functions for use in small angle x-ray scattering, James Edwin Thomas Jr.

Theses from 1954


A study of the emission and absorption spectra of NaCl and KCl between 100 A and 1000 A, Paul Henry Blackmon