Theses from 2021


Development of complex lattice cell in benchmark model of particle bed critical system, Elijah Chamberlain Lutz

Theses from 2020


Analysis of energy economy in muon catalyzed fusion considering external x-ray reactivation, Nishant Raghav Pillai

Theses from 2018


Development and Monte Carlo validation of a finite element reactor analysis framework, Wayne J. Brewster


An investigation into the effects of ion tracks on α-quartz, Bryant Alan Kanies


Fuel burnup simulation and analysis of the Missouri S&T Reactor, Joshua Hinkle Rhodes


Modulated photothermal radiometry: Detector sensitivity study and experimental setup, Jessica Nicole Seals


Customized multi-group cross section generation with NJOY for discrete ordinates computed tomography and radiography simulation, Steven Michael Wagstaff

Theses from 2017


The viability of ADVANTG deterministic method for synthetic radiography generation, Andrew Albert Bingham


Design and analysis of a passive heat removal system for a small modular reactor using STAR CCM+, Raymond Michael Fanning


Comparison of ²⁵²Cf time correlated induced fission with AmLi induced fission on fresh MTR research reactor fuel, Jay Prakash Joshi


CFD validation and scaling of condensation heat transfer, Varun Kalra


Analysis and implementation of accident tolerant nuclear fuels, Benjamin Joseph Prewitt

Theses from 2016


Attenuation properties of cement composites: Experimental measurements and Monte Carlo calculations, Raul Florez


Synthesis of Radioactive Nanostructures in a Research Nuclear Reactor, Maria Camila Garcia Toro


Deterministic simulation of thermal neutron radiography and tomography, Rajarshi Pal Chowdhury


Thermal characterization of phase change materials for thermal energy storage, Rami Mohammad Reda Saeed


A feasibility study of a nuclear power plant with no moving parts, Jonathan Mark Schattke

Theses from 2015


Impact of configuration variations on small modular reactor core performance, William Kirby Compton


Neutronic analysis of light water Small Modular Reactor with flexible fuel configurations, Brendan Dsouza


Computer aided detection of oral lesions on CT images, Shaikat Mahmood Galib


Initial fuel possibilities for the Thorium Molten Salt Reactor, Dustin Gage Green


Computer aided diagnosis of oral cancer: Using time-step CT images, Jonathan T. Scott

Theses from 2014


Experimental investigation of the pebble bed structure by using gamma ray tomography, Fadha Shakir Ahmed


Feasibility study of a two-fluid small modular molten salt reactor with in core heat removal capability, Brandon James Lahmann


Determination of minor and trace elements concentration in kidney stones using elemental analysis techniques, Anjali Srivastava

Theses from 2013


Insufficient CT data reconstruction based on directional total variation (DTV) regularized maximum likelihood expectation maximization (MLEM) method, Fahima Fahmida Islam


A new approach to nuclear safeguard enhancement through radionuclide profiling, Aaron Dawon Peterson


CFD simulation of void flow in ECCS, Lifeng Wang

Theses from 2012


Wavelet based contrast limited histogram equalization for contrast enhancement of digital mammography, Ashish Vighnahar Avachat


Hot channel determination and burnup analysis of Missouri University of Science and Technology Research Nuclear Reactor, Kelly Christopher Rogers O'Bryant


Determination of linear attenuation coefficients of chemically bonded phosphate ceramics, Jason Joseph Pleitt


Verification of a Monte Carlo model of the Missouri S&T reactor, Brad Paul Richardson

Theses from 2011


Contrast enhancement of digital mammography based on multi-scale analysis, Muhammad Imran Khan Abir


Simulation of the field electron emission characteristics of a flat panel X-ray source, Chrystian Mauricio Posada Arbeláez


Production and characterization of supported palladium nanoparticles on multiwalled carbon nanotubes by gamma irradiation, Jessika Viviana Rojas Marin


Density determination of tristructural-isotropic nuclear fuel using multiple projection x-ray radiography, Frank Angelo Strantz


Upgrade and simulation of the subcritical assembly at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Lucas Powelson Tucker

Theses from 2010


Internet-accessible hot cell with gamma spectroscopy at the Missouri University of Science and Technology research nuclear reactor, Edwin Grant


Characterization of the neutron flux spectrum at the Missouri University of Science and Technology Research Reactor, Zachary Andrew Kulage

Theses from 2009

Mass optimization studies of reactivity control schemes and radiation shielding options for space nuclear reactors, Aaron E. Craft


Analogy based modeling of natural convection, Vaibhav Khane

Theses from 2008

Feasibility study of plutonium based MOX fuel online burnup analysis using gamma spectroscopy, Matthew L. Dennis

Modeling the effect of plastic flow localization on deformation and fracture of stainless steel, Michael Louis Lampe

Theses from 2007


Equivalent circuit for transient conduction and convection systems, Bassam Sabry Mohammad Abdelnabi

One-group interfacial area transport equation for horizontal two-phase flow with 90-degree bend, Kennard Callender


Bonding Technetium-99m to hydroxyapatite particles: Opportunity to use hydroxyapatite as a means to remove Tc-99 from nuclear waste streams, Michelle Elaine Minard

Theses from 2004


Using PARET and CONVEC to perform accident analysis of the University of Missouri-Rolla Nuclear Reactor, Christopher M. Carroll

Homogenization effects on neutron flux Monte Carlo calculations for an accelerator driven system, Jamie Marlene Ferrero

Natural convection heat transfer of hydrophilic particle suspension in a rectangular cell, Izumi Hagiwara

An evaluation of domestic nuclear reactor facility security in the post September 11 environment: perspectives from the national, state, and site-specific levels, Tracia Lynn West

Theses from 2003

Determination of void swelling in a PWR baffle bolt due to fast neutron exposure, Tyson Derrik Bourbina

Investigation of the wake flow structure resulting from a bubble's tail and a change in flow channel geometry, Michel Amasa Call

Flow structure in the near-wake of single solid and fluid objects as measured by particle image velocimetry, Hidekazu No

Theses from 2001

Atmospheric dispersion and dose estimates for research reactors, Matthew Clark Adler


DUPoly radiation shielding effectiveness, Scott Patrick Rutenkroger

Theses from 2000


Implementation of the finite element method in a nodal transport program to allow for heterogeneous geometries, Micheal Addison Smith

Theses from 1999

Dynamic finite element modeling of Charpy impact test with various geometry in 2-D and 3-D analysis using ABAQUS, Chong Wan Kwon

Multimedia web-based learning environment for topics in radiation decay, Rodney Allen Rossow


Design and analysis of an accelerator based medical isotope production facility, Jeffrey Dean Shelton

Thermal power calibration of the University of Missouri-Rolla research reactor, Eric Paul Stevenson

Theses from 1997

Determination of moderator temperature coefficient in a pressurized water reactor using neutron and temperature noise analysis, Clinton Eugene Gross

Application of artificial neural network technology to loose parts monitoring systems, Rodney Galen Pickard

Calculated neutron dose rates from a plutonium source using the Monte Carlo method, Erik F. Shores

Theses from 1996

Gamma-ray dose rate from a spent PWR fuel assembly using the Monte Carlo technique, Ahmet Bozkurt

Neutron radiography of granite and marble, Mevlut Guvendik

Dynamic finite element analysis of Charpy impact tests for use in nuclear power plant life extension, Scott E. Sidener

Theses from 1995

Direct solutions to the even-parity neutron transport equation, Scott Walter Drumm

Nuclear fuel pellet inspection using machine vision and artificial neural networks, Mark Le Roy Kelly


Effects of specimen size reduction on the transition curve of the Charpy V-notch impact test, Lonnie Eugene Schubert

Theses from 1994

Dose rate measurements of the highly-enriched uranium fuel at the University of Missouri-Rolla reactor, Michelle Lynn Hill

Neutron fluence at the pressure vessel of a pressurized water reactor determined with the MCNP code, Peter Gyula Laky

Theses from 1993

A thermocouple based proton beam profile monitor, Phillip D. Ferguson

Nature of incorporated water in hydrated potassium silicate glasses, William Joseph Reich

Theses from 1992

C-THERMOS : an integral neutron transport code with a cold neutron scattering kernel option, Yonkai Liao

Comparison of measured and calculated transmutation in copper at spallation neutron sources, Timothy Brian O'Hearn

Theses from 1991

Dose rate determination of the highly-enriched uranium fuel at the University of Missouri-Rolla Reactor in preparation for transportation, Alice Ann Netzer

Analytical computer package for the University of Missouri-Rolla reactor, Tracy John Orf

Theses from 1990

Application of adaptive zoning to the finite element solution of the one-group diffusion equation in two dimensions, Bryan Edward Audsley

Theses from 1989

Neutronics study of the conversion of the University of Missouri-Rolla reactor to low enriched uranium fuel, Lorne J. Covington

Flow analysis of a pressurized water reactor core, Charles Ramon Daily

Determination of characteristics of the University of Missouri-Rolla reactor highly-enriched uranium fuel using the ORIGEN2 computer code, Jeffery Joel Smith

Theses from 1988

Space based neutral particle beam platform prime power system and mass analysis, Bryan John Daiber

Effect of an annular connection between the plasma source and flux conserver on the properties of CTX spheromaks, Charles Matthew Hart

The influence of specimen size on Charpy impact testing of unirradiated HT-9, Brian Scott Louden

Theses from 1987

Mechanical and neutronic properties of neutron absorbing materials, Donald James Buth

X-ray imaging system for the Missouri Magnetic Mirror Prototype Experiment, Curtis David Eshelman

Obtaining the prime implicants of a system by utilizing dynamic core allocation, Linda M. Farrell

Data analysis for the soft x-ray imaging system, Houken Tseng

Theses from 1986


Fuel loading for a low-leakage core in a pressurized water reactor, Omar Ivan Aguilar

Dimensional change correlations for 20% cold worked AISI 316 stainless steel for fusion applications, Robert Wayne Clark

Theses from 1985

Evaluation of a near-surface low-level radioactive waste disposal facility for the state of Missouri, Christine Lang Nelson

Theses from 1984

The compositional and temperature dependence of radiation-induced void nucleation and swelling in austenitic alloys, Bahram Esmailzadeh

Calculation of neutron fluxes in and around the pressure vessel of a combustion engineering PWR, Keith Paul Hock

An evaluation of Westinghouse PWR reactor protection system, T. V. Vo

Theses from 1983

Analyzing and predicting natural circulation in a SNUPPS's PWR using "RETRAN-01", Roger Lee Boyer

A theoretical and experimental investigation of single phase flow through a small centrifugal pump in three quadrants of operation, Lee Charles Cadwallader

Neutron energy spectrum calculations in a pressurized reactor, Lainsu Kao

Sodium diffusion and the leaching of simulated nuclear waste glass, Bernard Peter McGrail

Neutron transport calculation in a pressurized water reactor, Hsueh-Li Yin

Theses from 1982

Suitability of hot-ion mode tokamaks for commercial power., Joseph Scott Meachum