Mining Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 2024


Dig limits optimization using binary integer linear programming method in open pit mines, Hussam Naif Altalhi


Evaluating the influence of operator practices on hydraulic shovel productivity and energy consumption using telemetry data, Noah Adekunle Aluko


A binary integer linear programming model for optimizing underground stope layout, Theophilus Mensah


High strain rate analysis of 3d printed concrete as compared to conventionally cast concrete, Weston McLeod Thomsen

Theses from 2022


Replacing combustion engines with hydrogen fuel cells to power mining haul trucks: challenges and opportunities, Ayorinde Akinrinlola

Theses from 2021


The effects of rigid polyurethane foam as a confinement material on breaching charge detonations, Nathan Franz Paerschke-O'Brien


Projectile generator design for underground coal mine seal testing, Ethan Allan Steward

Theses from 2020


Shock wave propagation behavior at corners and crosscuts in five small-scale tunnel scenarios, David Pierre Doucet


Additive manufacturing of linear shaped charges to address run up and run down phenomena, Jason Ho

Theses from 2019


Projectile impact effects on a 50 psi plug type coal mine seal, Bruce Albert von Niederhäusern

Theses from 2018


Management of coal dust explosions in United States' coal mines using bag type passive explosion barriers, Jay Robert Schafler

Theses from 2017


Recovery of phosphate minerals from plant tailings using direct froth flotation process, Ashraf Alsafasfeh

Theses from 2016


Mechanics of impulse force reduction for mitigating dump truck vibrations under HISLO conditions, Danish Ali


Studies on flocculation of fine mineral tailings using novel polyacrylamide based polymer, Simin Khatibi


Material properties affecting the penetration of metal targets by copper linear shaped charges, Kevin Lee Phelps


Artificial neural network approach to predict blast-induced ground vibration, airblast and rock fragmentation, Raymond Ninnang Tiile

Theses from 2015


Detecting diesel particulate matter using real time monitoring under the influence of an exhaust fan system, Yasir Helal Alghamdi


The effects of short delay times on rock fragmentation in bench blasts, Margaret Ruth Hettinger


Studies on the role of organic-inorganic hybrid polyacrylamides in fine coal flotation, Ontlametse Kenneth Molatlhegi


The effects of physical flash hole deviations on factory-grade rifle ammunition, Nicolaas Martin Schrier


The impact of a strong local supply chain on regional economic impacts of mining, Meiyu Xing

Theses from 2014


An analysis of burn cut pull optimization through varying relief hole depths, Michael Robert Allen


The effects of advanced structural materials to mitigate explosive and impact threats, Caleb Michael Baumgart


Determining and mitigating the effects of firing a linear shaped charge under water, Brian Burch


Test development to determine the feasibility of rubber tractor treads for use as blasting mats, Matthew Kurtis Coy


Behavior in air leakage and recirculation under the influence of booster fans, Koziba Feledi


Analysis of a ventilation network in a multiple fans limestone mine, Ali Haghighat


A modified initiation and cut profile study of the 10500 grain per foot linear shaped charge, Matthew Ortel

Theses from 2013


Methods for evaluating effect of operators on drag line energy efficiency, Maryam Abdi Oskouei


Stochastic-optimization of equipment productivity in multi-seam formations, Elijah Adadzi


Utilization of booster fans in underground mines, Arash Habibi Javanbakht

Theses from 2012


Finite element analysis of blade-formation interactions in excavation, Osei Brown


The effects of water on sympathetic detonation and dead pressing of dynamite and emulsions, Adam Michael Doerfler


Effects of coal comminution in relation to waterjet and selected feed properties, Yaqing Li

Theses from 2011


Impact effects of explosively formed projectiles on normal and high strength concrete, Laurin Ashley Bookout


The effects select physical parameters have on an explosively formed projectile's performance, Phillip R. Mulligan


Pressed powdered titanium and aluminum conical shaped charge penetration of geological targets, Dominique John Nolan


Characterizing formation dredgeability for clamshell dredge, Bismark Osei

Theses from 2010


Application of life cycle assessment to estimate environmental impacts of surface coal mining, Ofentse Ditsele


Explosives recognition and awareness training: a psychological approach to pre-blast mitigation, James Wade Hawkins


The mitigation effects of a barrier wall on blast wave pressures, Nathan Thomas Rouse


Measuring blast induced rock damage from pre-splitting sandstone by applying the multichannel analysis of surface waves geophysical method, Charles Bradford Zdazinsky

Theses from 2006

Energy conservation and integrated waterjet mining and milling, Jorge Gerardo Garcia Joo

Theses from 2004

Applications of ground penetrating radar (GPR) in mapping mine roof, Vanja Dezelic

Theses from 2003


Novel concepts for monitoring the stability of open pit mine highwalls using radar interferometry and spectral imaging, Jami Girard Dwyer

An investigation of the characteristics of linear shaped charages used in demolition, Seokbin Lim

Theses from 2001

A preliminary comparative study of glass microsphere taggants mixed with different types of explosive materials, Eric Raymond Achelpohl

Data mining for prediction of condition and performance of mine machinery, Ibrahim Kaan Ataman

Open pit design: grade cut-off and production scheduling optimization, Ahmed Ould Hamadi

Application of IBM DB2 Intelligent Miner for Data to mine Vital Information Management System (VIMS) data, Edwin Chochi Madiba

Effect of hydraulic coupling on powder factor reduction in secondary blasting, Mark F. C. Schmidt

Theses from 1999

A comparison of open pit design and scheduling techniques, Terry Alan Bush

Theses from 1998

High pressure jet pump conveyance optimization, Michael David Mann

A theoretical and experimental study on air leakage through stoppings, Dai Wang

Theses from 1997


Stemming technique for loading angled holes charged with ANFO, Michael David Wilkins

Theses from 1996

Lab and field investigations using ground penetrating radar (GPR) for mining and geotechnical applications, Sandra June Lang

Fine coal single stage dewatering and briquetting process, Matthew Thomas Tobey

The fabrication of commercial size coal logs using a hydrophobic binder, Brent Allen Ward

Theses from 1995

Coal log compaction with hydrophobic binders for pipeline transportation, Bing Zhao

Theses from 1994

Development of equipment for the application of high-pressure chemical jets to a heap leach gold ore, Edward G. Mitchell

Mineralized rock strength in the New Lead Belt of Missouri, David Lee Van Brakel

Theses from 1993

An experimental investigation of the effect of discontinuity frequency in pre-splitting, Syed M. Tariq

Theses from 1991


Database analysis of slope stability for surface coal mine highwall planning, Russell Kenneth Hively

Theses from 1990

The use of indicator kriging to estimate the extent of mining in abandoned underground workings, Jason Ovanic

Theses from 1989

The effects of varying stemming lengths and bench heights on certain design variables and resultant fragmentation in bench blasting, Bruce Carlton Townes

Theses from 1988

Beneficiation of ultrafine coals with the use of selective flocculation and oil agglomeration, Yungchin Ding

Theses from 1987

Drilling and blasting round design for an underground placer deposit in permafrost, David R. Ziegler

Theses from 1986

A determination of optimum delay between boreholes in single row bench blasting, Douglas R. Barlet

The influence of various blast casting designs on the percent cast and resulting economic benefits, Scott George Giltner


Experimental investigation of the effect of geological discontinuity conditions of rock splitting by blasting, Shijie Qu

A computer algorithm for locating underground atmospheric explosions ; utilizing shock wave first arrival times, William George Townsend

Computer-controlled-automated jumbo drilling robot manipulator, Jianchi Yao

Theses from 1985

An investigation of the mechanics of percussive drilling, Rama Krishna Prasad

The influences of charge weight per delay, horizontal and vertical distances, charge diameter, and travel direction on surface ground vibration levels from blasting, Elmer Alberto Vidal

Theses from 1984


A study on fragmentation and ground vibration with air space in the blasthole, Everett Ellsworth Bleakney III

Resistance to airflow in timber prop-supported mine airways, Douglas Harold Heatherly

An evaluation of the fracture control blasting technique for drift round blasts in dolomitic rock, Stephen John McGroarty

A microcomputer geostatistical analysis program for optimal drift location, Neal Borden Nagel

Reduced ore dilution by controlled split round blasting in underground uranium mining, John R. Tripi

The effect of simulated detonator scatter on rock fragmentation and ground vibrations in single-row bench blasting, Wei Wu

Theses from 1983


Control of rock fragmentation through explosive coupling, Timothy Wayne Warden

Theses from 1982

The influence of explosive primer location on fragmentation and ground vibrations for bench blasts in dolomitic rock., Joseph Robert Brinkmann

Design of blasthole initiation delay intervals and apex angle for optimum V-cut cratering., Roger Lee Keller

Fogging in underground mine atmospheres., Michael A. Schimmelpfennig

Theses from 1980

Diametric ultrasonic wave velocities in axially loaded rock specimens., Stephen Anthony Lang

Theses from 1979

The effect of borehole deviation on the economics of shaft sinking by ground freezing., Gerald Raymond Gronbeck

Computer simulation of surface mine haulage systems using GPSS., Li-Jen David Kuo

Cavitation resistance of rock., Philip Randolph Scott

Theses from 1978

Evaluation of artificial coal seam construction for testing of the UMR Hydrominer., Ronny Jal Sadri

Theses from 1975

Analysis of the stresses induced in rock by rock splitters., Diogenes De Jesus Chollett

Creep and stiffness of full column resin grouted roof bolts., Wesley Clare Patrick


Decoupled explosive charge effects on blasting performance, Roberto Ucar

Theses from 1973


The effect of explosive charge length of cratering, John M. Mason

Theses from 1970


Surface energy determinations in plexiglas, Li-King Chen


The failure criteria and deformational moduli of granular rock, Kyung Chul Ko

Theses from 1968


Spacing of explosive charges, Calvin J. Konya


Computer simulation of scraper-pusher behavior during early open pit mining operations, Martin Alan Thieme

Theses from 1967


A comparison of friction and drum hoisting systems on an energy-input basis, Hemendra Nath Kalia

Theses from 1966


An investigation of failure patterns of layered specimens loaded in uniaxial compression, Narendra Y. B. Choudary


The development of the sonic pulse technique and its comparison with the conventional static method for determining the elastic moduli of rock, James Harold Deatherage