Ontologies and Decision Support for Failure Mitigation in Intelligent Water Distribution Networks


One of the greatest benefits offered by cyberphysical systems is the potential for automated decision support, which can increase the intelligence and efficacy of environmental management. Agentbased modeling can facilitate the application of cyber infrastructure to environmental decision support, by abstracting physically-distributed and communication and control into the operation of one or more agents. Ontologies can capture the semantics of the operation of both physical and cyber components of an environmental management system, respectively; while reflecting interactions between the two. As such, they can serve as a basis for automated reasoning by agents for intelligent decision support. In this paper, we illustrate and validate the use of ontologies in decision support for an intelligent water distribution network. The focus of the decision support is on identification and mitigation of failure; the aim is dependable distribution of potable water.

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45th Hawaii International Conference on System Science (2012: Jan. 4-7, Maui, HI)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electric Power Distribution; Embedded Systems; Environmental Management; Environmental Management Systems; Ontology; Potable Water; Semantics; Water Distribution Systems; Water Supply Systems; Automated Reasoning; Communication And Control; Cyber Infrastructures; Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs); Environmental Decision Supports; Failure Mitigation; Intelligent Decision Support; Water Distribution Networks; Decision Support Systems

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01 Jan 2012