Mobile Terminal Receiver Design: LTE and LTE-Advanced


Combines in one volume the basics of evolving radio access technologies and their implementation in mobile phones. Reviews the evolution of radio access technologies (RAT) used in mobile phones and then focuses on the technologies needed to implement the LTE (Long term evolution) capability. Coverage includes the architectural aspects of the RF and digital baseband parts before dealing in more detail with some of the hardware implementation. Unique coverage of design parameters and operation details for LTE-A phone transceiver. Discusses design of multi-RAT Mobile with the consideration of cost and form factors. Provides in one book a review of the evolution of radio access technologies and a good overview of LTE and its implementation in a handset. Unveils the concepts and research updates of 5G technologies and the internal hardware and software of a 5G phone.


Computer Science

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4G mobile communication systems; 5G mobile communication systems; Cellular telephone systems; Cellular telephones; Hardware; Mobile devices; Mobile phones; Radio; Radio communication; Radio transceivers; Rats; Reviews; Telephone sets; Wireless telecommunication systems; Design parameters; Digital baseband; Hardware and software; Hardware implementations; Lte- advanced; Mobile terminal; Radio access technologies; Receiver design; Long Term Evolution (LTE)

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01 Sep 2016