We present a concurrency control algorithm for an open and safe nested transaction model. We use prewrite operations in our model to increase the concurrency. Prewrite operations are modeled as subtransactions in the nested transaction tree. The subtransaction which initiates prewrite subtransactions are modelled as recovery point subtransaction. The recovery point subtransaction can release their locks before its ancestors commit. Thus, our model increases the concurrency in comparison to other nested transaction models. Our model is useful an environment of long-running transactions common in object oriented databases, computer aided design and in the software development process

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1997 International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing, 1997


Computer Science

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CAD; Computer Aided Design; Concurrency Control; Concurrency Control Algorithm; Database Theory; Long-Running Transactions; Nested Transaction Tree; Object Oriented Databases; Open Nested Transaction Model; Prewrite Operations; Prewrite Subtransactions; Recovery Point Subtransaction; Safe Nested Transaction Model; Software Development Process; Software Engineering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1997