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Friday, June 11th

An Integrated Approach to Control Diesel Particulate Matter In Underground Coal Mines

Pramod C. Thakur, CONSOL Coal Group, Morgantown, WV
Larry D. Patts, CONSOL Coal Group, Pittsburgh, PA

Rolla, Missouri

Mine Fire Detection in the Presence Of Diesel Emissions

J. C. Edwards, NIOSH, Pittsburgh, PA
R. A. Franks, NIOSH, Pittsburgh, PA
G. F. Friel, NIOSH, Pittsburgh, PA
C. P. Lazzara, NIOSH, Pittsburgh, PA
J. J. Opferman, NIOSH, Pittsburgh, PA

Rolla, Missouri

NIOSH/NCI Study of Exposure to Diesel Exhaust in Underground Mines — an Industry Perspective

Christopher J. Pritchard, Tg Soda Ash Inc., Granger, WY

Rolla, Missouri

Proposed Regulation on Diesel Particulate Matter in Underground Coal Mines

Thomas F. Tomb, Mine Safety and Health Administration, Pittsburgh, PA

Rolla, Missouri

The Effects of a Diesel Particulate Filter and Fuel Borne Catalyst on Engine Emissions

Mahé Gangal, CANMET, Canada
Thierry Leprince, DLC International, Canada
John Muter, DLC International, Canada
Brent Rubeli, DLC International, Canada

Rolla, Missouri