L. G. Hauser


My remarks will be directed to four points:

First, that energy is the life blood of our economy, and that its use or conservation is far from a simple matter of personal habits of waste or frugality. In other words, the vital role energy plays in the production of goods and services should be distinguished from its use in their consumption.

Second, that our excessive dependence on our two scarcest energy resources -- oil and natural gas -- is the core of the energy problem, both U.S. and worldwide.

Third, that limiting our time horizon to this winter, next summer, or even 1985, will lead us to commit major blunders in formulating our energy strategy and policy.

Fourth, that shifting to an electric energy economy founded on our most abundant resources -- coal and uranium -- is the only realistic, logical, long-term solution to the energy problem; and the only way to counter OPEC's control of the availability and price of oil.

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2nd Annual UMR-MEC Conference on Energy (1975: Oct. 7-9, Rolla, MO)

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01 Jan 1975