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This volume is a collection of refereed papers presented at the Fifth Annual UMR-DNR Conference on Energy held at the University of Missouri--Rolla on the dates of October 10 - 12, 1978.

Guided by the President's goal of energy independence by 1980, the UMR-DNR Conference on Energy organized in 1974 with the purpose of providing social scientists, scientists and engineers a means for rapid communication of their most recent research results in the field of energy and to offer solutions to the energy related problems of local government, business, industry and the general public. Since that time, there has been considerable difference of opinion regarding the meaning of energy independence, and even greater differences as to how the goal of independence should be achieved. To some, energy independence is a condition in which the U.S. receives no energy through imports and produces all of its energy domestically. To others, energy independence is a condition in which the U.S. imports some energy to meet it's requirements, but only to acceptable levels of political and economic vulnerability.

Concerned citizens throughout our country, aware of the nation's critical dependence on its energy resources, are actively working on solutions to our energy supply and in the development of new alternatives to traditional energy systems and patterns of energy utilization. At every level -- from trying to lower energy consumption to the development of sophisticated alternatives resources -- concerned researchers are doing what they can to help our nation achieve energy self- reliance and stability.

Papers covering the work of many of the nation's outstanding researchers are contained in this volume. The attention is focused on the future directions to be taken by the scientific, political, social, and institutional forces addressing the energy question and their expected results. The theme, "Energy Involvement: What We Can Do!" was adopted to allow a broad spectrum of responses and recommendations for solutions to the nation's energy problem.

Striving for an exchange of ideas on the energy problem, the UMR-DNR Conference on Energy is sponsored annually by the University of Missouri--Rolla and the State of Missouri's Department of Natural Resources with the cooperation of the professional societies listed on the previous page. Much of the conference support is provided through the company sponsorships. This year's participants in the company sponsorship and registration program are listed on the previous page.

Papers presented at the Conference are of two categories: (1) those that are presented by invitation and (2) those selected from papers submitted in response to an open call for papers. Papers are selected by a committee of experts from the University of Missouri--Rolla and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in the various fields emphasized in the Conference. Suggestions for papers are always welcome if received by April 15 in the year of the Conference. The meeting is open to all persons interested in energy resources, its extraction, its environmental effects and economics and policies related to energy resources and processes. The Conference provides a forum for social scientists, scientists, and engineers in universities, industry, business or government to meet and exchange ideas between themselves and the general public. Academic sponsorship is intended to provide the freest possible discussion ranging from the most technical detail through the economic questions and to the social and political aspects of the subject of energy. The sponsors of the Conference and the Director, in particular thank the companies and individuals contributing to the success of the Conference. The help of the Session Chairmen, Co-Chairmen and the Organizing Committee is gratefully acknowledged. A special note of recognition goes to the many authors whose contributions appear in this tome. With their efforts, the success of the Conference was assured, as well as the value of the printed proceedings. Through the continued research efforts of those and other outstanding social scientists, scientists, engineers and public servants, I am confident that our nation will meet the challenges and achieve its goal of energy independence in the 1980's.

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5th Annual UMR-DNR Conference on Energy (1978: Oct. 10-12, Rolla, MO)


Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.
University of Missouri--Rolla. College of Arts & Science
University of Missouri--Rolla. School of Mines and Metallurgy
University of Missouri--Rolla. School of Engineering
University of Missouri--Rolla. Extension Division


Theme: Energy Involvement -- What We Can Do!

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12 Oct 1978