T. H. Lee


It is a great pleasure for me to have this opportunity to present to you a subject that is very close to my heart - future transmission systems. Electrical demand in the U.S. is doubling every ten years. While the electric growth capacity characteristics are being questioned for the future, the best estimates are that this will continue at least through the 1990’s.

Load tends to be concentrated in cities and historically generating plants were located in cities. Environmental considerations for fossil plants are tending to locate them away from cities and the trend is expected to continue. Reluctance to accept nuclear plants near larger cities results in locating these out of cities. Transmission will become increasingly important not only to bring energy from remote plants to the cities but to provide interconnections between areas for improved reliability in emergencies and to take advantage of area diversity in demands.

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1st UMR-MEC Conference on Energy Resources (1974: Apr. 24-26, Rolla, MO)

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Article - Conference proceedings


Energy Systems

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26 Apr 1974