The 1st Annual Undergraduate Research Conference (UGRC), a celebration of experiential learning at Missouri S&T, was held April 13, 2005. Undergraduate students received awards for oral and poster presentations in four Research Categories: Engineering, Humanities/Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Management and Information Systems.



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Wednesday, April 13th

1st Annual Undergraduate Research Conference Winners


Missouri University of Science and Technology

A Novel Method for Removing Radionuclides and Toxic Metals from Nuclear Waste

Leia Ponder

Acrylic Emulsions Derived from Soybean Oil

Kyle Anderson

Acrylic Emulsions Derived from Soybean Oil

Kylee Hyzer

Analysis of Microfinance in Mexico and a Proposal for a similar system in the Peruvian Highlands

Arturo Guiterrez

Design & Development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Verticle Takeoff and Landing Capabilities

Peter Cross

Development and Evaluation of Web-Accessibility Tutorials

Jeremy Rowe

Development and Validation of On-Board Customer Service Attitude Surveys for Bus and Rail Passengers

Grant Mabie

Development of a Spring Flow Rating Curve for Ha Ha Tona Spring

Vanessa Eckhoff

Development of a Tool to Facilitate Observational Analysis of Collaborate Virtual Environments

John Warmbrot

Development of Validation of On-Board Customer Attitude Surveys

Melissa White

Digital Cities: An Overview

Bonnie Yates

Educational interventions to promote safe water drinking practices in Lemoa, Guatemala

Rex Tennyson

Educational interventions to promote safe water drinking practices in Lemoa, Guatemala

Rob Luhrsen

High PressureWater Jet Contaminant Remediation of Intertidal Sediment Via Distributed Granular Activated Carbon

Rachel Dilly

Linguistic Theories of Humor

Norman Horn

Minimum splice length for fiber reinforced polymer for (FRP) reinforcement in concrete application

Trevor Acorn

Modeling Cascading Failures in the North American Power Grid

Ryan Kinney

New Technology Does Old Tricks

Ryan Parish

Porous Borate-Based Glass Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering

Beau Ahrens

The Effects of Exposure to Stereotypically “Media” Female on Body Image Satisfaction

Jennifer Rene Raum

The Extension Monads of a Vector Space

Igor Izyumin

The Extent and Distribution of Individual Proterozoic Orogenic Belts in Southern Africa from New Gravity and Magnetic Datasets

David Heeszel

The Positive Effects of Exposure to Sports Media

Gina Mongillo

The Properties of Bridgestone Ecopia Solar Car Tires

Tessa Russell

The Real John

Robert Haselwander

Wichita Weekly

Amy Bone

Wichita Weekly

Rebecca Rose

Wichita Weekly

Aimee Jenkinis

Wichita Weekly

Konya Hutsell

Wichita Weekly

Julian Pearson