A Taste of Rolla: The Chancellor's Table

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A group of friends of UMR and in particular, friends of this house, have united in this project. It is our hope that the profit from this book will provide the residence with a new dining table and chairs. We have appropriately named our cookbook The Chancellor's Table. It has been exciting, rewarding and just fun to work together. The response to our request for recipes has been overwhelming! In fact we received so many that we have saved some for use at a later time, perhaps another cookbook. One night John came home and found me typing recipes at six o'clock and suggested that at that hour, perhaps recipes were intended to be cooked! Juanita and I took that as a hint a·nd did try many of them. John agreed with us that not only did the recipes sound good to read and type, they were delicious! We didn't get to test all the recipes, but we rest assured that everyone sent us a well-tested family favorite. Thank you for sharing with us! Our deepest appreciation and thanks go to all our contributors. If you were unaware of this project, we ask your forgiveness and assure you that your participation is wanted and hope you will share a recipe with us next time. It has been a joy to read notes from the contributors and relive with them their association with MSM-UMR. We hope you will find this book full of delicious recipes and notes that you will enjoy. - Dorcas Park



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A Taste of Rolla: The Chancellor's Table Volume I