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This report shows how often visitors have downloaded an item published to the repository and/or viewed the metadata page for an item. Most "hits" will come directly from full-text downloads, however some readers interact with the repository by browsing and searching the site, typing a URL from a citation, or clicking links in search results. These actions are reflected in the number of metadata page hits an item receives.


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01 Mar 2016

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The Download button will download a PDF version of the summary report by series for 2015. The raw data in detail and summary format is also available for download in CSV format.

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2015 - Full-Text Downloads and Metadata Page Hits.csv (4533 kB)
Detail Full-text and Meatadata Page Hits

2015 - Summary of Full-Text Downloads and Metadata Page Hits.csv (5 kB)
Summary Full-text and Metadata Page Hits