"Most of the mineral deposits have been known to exist for over a generation but efforts to mine them usually met with failure. The most signal discovery, that of diamonds, was made only in recent years. They are the only substance coming under the category of mineral which are being exploited on a large scale. Energetic efforts are being made to find petroleum in commercial quantities. There are still vast areas practically unexplored which if thoroughly prospected might lead to more discoveries. It is difficulty, however, for one who has prospected for two years in Angola without any particular success to be optimistic about the possibilities"--Summary, page 33.


Forbes, Carroll Ralph


Mining Engineering

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Professional Degree in Mining Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Geology, Economic -- Angola
Mines and mineral resources -- Angola

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Eulich_Artileus_1924_Map_1.tif (23584 kB)
Index Map of Equatorial Africa

Eulich_Artileus_1924_Map_2.tif (28928 kB)
Map of Angola, showing Itineraries and Locations of Mineral Occurrences. Scale 1:4,000,000

Eulich_Artileus_1924_Map_3.tif (31143 kB)
Geologic Map of the Portuguese Congo, showing Distribution of Igneous Rocks and Itineraries. Scale 1:1,000,000

Eulich_Artileus_1924_Map_4.tif (13505 kB)
Hypothetica1 Cross-Section of the Portuguese Congo along Latitude 7 s. Horizontal Scale 1:1,000,000

Eulich_Artileus_1924_Map_5.tif (30054 kB)
Topographical and Geologic Map of the Bembe Property. Scale 1:5,000

Eulich_Artileus_1924_Map_6.tif (3365 kB)
Topographical and Geologic Map of Gombi Andoi Copper Prospect. Scale 1:5,000

Eulich_Artileus_1924_Map_7.tif (14759 kB)
Map of Itinerary for July 1922 of AV. Eulich in Quanza-Norte and Sul with Geologic Data. Scale 1:500,000

Eulich_Artileus_1924_Map_8.tif (37093 kB)
Topographical and Geologic Map of Cuvo River Copper Occurrence. Scale 1:10,000

Eulich_Artileus_1924_Map_9.tif (9732 kB)
Map of Rio Quicuinhe Manganese Claims. Scale 1:10,000


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