"To the southeast of the Ozark Escarpment all municipal, industrial, and agricultural water supplies of record are obtained by drilled wells from alluvial sands and gravels, unconsolidated sands of the Wilcox and McNairy (Ripley) formations, and at a few towns from consolidated Paleozoic dolomites limestones, and sandstones. The irrigation wells obtain their water supply from the Allluvium. These wells have recorded yields of several thousand g.p.m, and the water, though excessively high in iron, is still satisfactory for the irrigation of crops. Some municipal and industrial supplies are obtained from the Wilcox sands, but the water usually requires iron-removal treatment. The deeper sands of the McNairy (Ripley) yield a very soft and relatively low iron water which is utilized for municipal supply at some towns, The McNairy (Ripley) formation offers a source of supply for textile and similar industries which require a soft water with low iron content. Southeast of Crowleys Ridge the Paleozoic formations have not been developed because they are excessively deep and they produce sulpho-saline water.

The occurrence of asphalt in some of the deeper wells indicates a possibility for commercial accumulations of oil. The Pascola arch which is the largest known structure in the area has had some test drilling with negative results. However, there is always the possibility that oil may be trapped on the flanks of this structure and only additional drilling will completely condemn it"--Abstract, page 7.


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This is a published monograph (v.37 of the series 557.78 M69 Ser.2), but being treated as a professional degree thesis (Professional Engineering Degree, Engineer of Mines) by the Missouri School of Mines. The monograph was published in 1955 but degree conferred in 1956.


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Geology--Missouri --Mississippi Embayment Region
Geology, stratigraphic

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Grohskopf_John_1955_Plate_I.TIF (49302 kB)
Index map showing important wells in Missouri

Grohskopf_John_1955_Plate_II.TIF (46548 kB)
Geologic map of the Mississippi Embayment area of southeast Missouri

Grohskopf_John_1955_Plate_III.TIF (46108 kB)
Pre-Cretaceous geologic map

Grohskopf_John_1955_Plate_IV.TIF (45564 kB)
Structure map, top Paleozoic

Grohskopf_John_1955_Plate_V.TIF (45930 kB)
Structure map, base of Cenozoic (Clayton)

Grohskopf_John_1955_Plate_VI.TIF (45853 kB)
Structure map, top of Midway group (Porters Creek)

Grohskopf_John_1955_Plate_VII.TIF (42150 kB)
Cross section through selected wells

Grohskopf_John_1955_Plate_VIII.TIF (38351 kB)
Physiographic map of the Coastal Plain area

Grohskopf_John_1955_Plate_IX.TIF (30759 kB)
Columnar section