The projectile energy loss for 7.5--25-MeV C6+,5+ and F6+ ions was measured for single collisions with He, Ne, Ar, and Kr as a function of the recoil-ion charge state and the projectile scattering. This energy loss was measured for collisions in which the projectile captured an electron and for those involving just direct ionization. We investigated and found a large average energy transfer (100--250 eV/electron) to the continuum electrons. A strong increase of the scattering angle with recoil-ion charge state was observed for both capture and direct ionization. The results imply that, for smaller impact parameters, higher recoil-ion charge states are produced and that higher energy losses are obtained. We observed a weak target-Z dependence of the energy loss. The results are compared with n-body classical-trajectory Monte Carlo calculations by Olson, semiclassical-approximation calculations by Schuch et al. [Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. Sect. B 42, 566 (1989)], and the energy-deposition model.



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