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Agatha Dwilewicz


Biological Sciences

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Brown, Roger F.

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Biological Sciences

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Materials Science and Engineering


Three borate-based glasses, compositions designated 1B, 2B, and 3B, with B203 levels of 15, 31, and 46 mole percent (Table 1), respectively, were tested for their effects on the growth of MC3T3-El mouse pre-osteoblastic cells under physiological fluid conditions. Silicate type 45S5 glass was used as a control for comparison. Independently, the biocompatibility of recently developed silicate-based porous 13-93 bioactive glass scaffolds was tested; Saos-2 human osteosarcoma cell line was used. Tests performed for the two studies included: contact assays of cell growth at the glass interface, chemical analysis of borate released into the culture medium, quantitative fluorescence DNA assay of cell proliferation in the presence of the test glasses and scanning electron microscope imaging. The results obtained suggest that 1 B and 2B glasses permit a satisfactory level of MC3T3-El cell growth while the porous 13-93 bioactive glass scaffolds appear highly promising for possible use in bone tissue engineering.

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