Presenter Information

Andrew P. Johnston

Research Advisor

Finaish, Fathi

Advisor's Department

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Funding Source

This study was supported by the Opportunities for Undergraduate Research Experience program of the University of Missouri-Rolla.

Meeting Name

1st Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1991: Apr., Rolla, MO)


The dynamic response of a rigid wing in steady flow mounted on translational and rotational elastic supports is investigated. This study presents both a numerical and a physical experimental arrangement that can be employed to investigate the effect of a wide range of parameters on the response of the wing subjected to steady flow. An interactive computer program, which utilizes the fourth order Runge-Kutta integration scheme to solve the governing differential equations, is discussed. The program output allows for quick visualization of the change in response due to parameter changes. An experimental arrangement that utilizes the new 18" x 18" subsonic wind tunnel is also developed. The experimental setup allows for quick parameter changes as well as being adaptable to other one or two degree of freedom systems. Low frequency oscillation at low speeds for flow visualization is obtainable along with chaotic responses at higher flow speeds. Periodic, quasi-periodic, and chaotic responses are observed in both experiments. A qualitative comparison of the results from the two experimental setups is given.

Research Category

Improving Structures

Document Type



2nd Place

Presentation Date

April 1991