Presenter Information

Howard S. H. Ho

Research Advisor

Nelson, Harlan F., 1938-2005

Advisor's Department

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Funding Source

This research is sponsored by UMR Opportunity for Undergraduate Research Experience (OURE) program.

Meeting Name

1st Annual UMR Undergraduate Research Symposium (1991: Apr., Rolla, MO)


During the initial phase of a missile design, a quick and simple way of estimating wing-body interference is essential. A simple panel model based on the cross flow over a cylinder is developed to estimate the effect of the body on the wing lift This model produces quick and reasonably accurate results, while little user expertise is needed. This model determines KWB (upwash interference factor) and KΦ (sideslip interference factor), and is applicable to infinitely thin delta and clipped delta fins on missiles in supersonic flight. The effects of the fin semivertex angle, span, taper ratio, free stream Mach number, angle of attack, and roll angle are investigated. The free stream Mach number ranges from 2 to 5. The angle of attack varies from 5 to 15 degrees. The rolling angle varies from 0 to 6 degrees. Fin semivertex angles of 30,45, and 60 degrees are tested. The fin span varies from 1 to 6 body radii. The model predicts acceptable results for conceptual and preliminary design.

Research Category

Improving Structures

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1st Place

Presentation Date

April 1991