Effect of Rock Type and Tunneling Machine on Bulk Material Handling Parameters


Size and strength tests were performed on eleven samples of machine-produced muck derived from nine different tunnels. The object was to determine if the material handling characteristics of the muck could be varied, and thus improved, by varying a machine's cutting parameters. Since most machine-driven tunnels use some combination of conveyor belts and track haulage plus a certain number of gravity transfer points, the desired handling characteristics are freedom from cohesion and a reasonably high angle of internal friction. The sizing tests tend to demonstrate that single-disc cutters produce the coarsest-sized consists. The strength tests show that if a single-size product (uniform grading) is considered, then the finer is the product, the higher is its friction angle. If a product of mixed sizes is considered (well-graded), then the more coarse material that is contained in the consist, the higher is the angle.

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Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conference


Mining Engineering

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01 Jan 1974

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