Evaluating a Remote Measurement Problem


The procedure and the evaluation of the specifications of the digital multi-meters (DMM) are discussed to ascertain which DMM will be capable of accurately and reliably molting the required measurement. There can be several reasons for a measurement to be incorrect including the error made by an operator in the reading, the test leads could be faulty, the instrument could be faulty or the calibration process could have been faulty. There are also more subtle influences such as environmental conditions, electrical noise Interference, stray currents, and grounds. In some cases, manufacturers state a typical specification based on a prototype and do not cater for the range of variances that may creep in due to manufacturing processes or ageing of components. in specifications. The users should make sure that they read the whole specification, even the fine print and verify that according to the specification the instrument can do the job required.


Mining Engineering

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01 Jan 2007

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