Thermal Contact Conductance Of A Phase-mixed Coating Layer By Transitional Buffering Interface


The thermal contact conductances of metallic joints having phase-mixed coating layers applied by a novel transitional buffering interface technique was investigated. This study is restricted to relatively low contact pressure and to microhardness (P/H) ratios, 10-4 < P/H < 6 x 10-4, where very little data exist. These results are extremely useful for some applications such as electrical contacts in spacecraft. The purposes of this work were 1) to conduct an experimental study to examine four different coating materials, two pure materials, and two phase-mixed materials; and 2) to develop a theoretical model for a phase-mixed coating layer to predict the thermal contact conductance under the first-load cycle. The theoretical model included both the thermal and mechanical (microhardness) aspects of the contact problem. An extensive experimental program was carried out employing four different coating materials, as well as a broad range of surface roughness and microhardness. In order to obtain more robust coatings than conventional methods with better endurance, an adhesion test was conducted to investigate the adhesive strength of transitional buffering interface (TBI) coating layers. © 1991 by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. All rights reserved.


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01 Jan 1993