Terrain Relative Navigation with Anonymous Features


Terrain relative navigation is a technique that utilizes observations of the terrain sur-rounding a vehicle to provide useful updates within a navigation filter. Standard approaches to these filtering problems require explicit specification of the measurement generation process in order to reliably produce an updated filter state. However, non-standard measurement types, such as those provided by terrain cameras, contain non-standard measurement errors that cannot be formally accounted for in the standard approaches, such as missed detections, misidentification of features, and spurious returns. This paper derives a new measurement likelihood and update that formally account for these non-standard error sources, and Monte Carlo analysis indicates that the new update is a significantly more reliable estimator in the presence of inevitable flaws in the collected data.

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AIAA Scitech Forum, 2019 (2019: Jan. 7-11, San Diego, CA)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Aviation; Navigation, Filtering problems; Generation process; Missed detections; Monte carlo analysis; Navigation filters; Relative navigation; Standard errors; Standard measurements, Landforms

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2019