Non-Linear Wrinkling of a Sandwich Panel with Functionally Graded Core - Extended High-Order Approach


The non-linear response of a sandwich panel with the core that consists of a functionally graded material (FGM) undergoing in-plane loading is investigated. The panel consists of two face sheets, metallic or composite laminated, and an FGM core that is a medium whose mechanical properties change through the depth facilitating a desirable response of the structure. The effect of the FGM core is introduced through the constitutive relations that affect conventional and high-order stress resultants and stress couples in the panel. The formulation employs the Extended High-Order Sandwich Panel Theory (EHSAPT) to assess the effect of the FGM material of the core. A variational approach is adopted to derive the linear and non-linear governing equations with a prescribed FGM distribution through the depth of the core. The wrinkling study of FGM panels includes two loading scenarios where in-plane loads are applied through a rigid edge beam connected to the core only and where the loads are applied through a rigid edge structure attached to both the face sheets and core causing uniform end shortening. The post-wrinkling behavior is also considered to prove that the initial pattern of wrinkles is not affected.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


The financial support of the Office of Naval Research, USA, Grant N00014-16-1-2831, and the interest and encouragement of the Grant Monitor, Dr. Y.D.S. Rajapakse, are both gratefully acknowledged.

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Beams and girders; Buckling; Displacement control; Honeycomb structures; Laminated composites; Press load control; Rigid structures; Sandwich structures; Constitutive relations; Edge beam; Functionally graded materials (FGM); Non linear governing equations; Non-linear response; Sandwich panels; Variational approaches; Wrinkling; Functionally graded materials; Buckling; Displacement control; Extended high-order sandwich panel theory (EHSAPT); Load control

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01 Sep 2018