Fluid-Bed Gasification of Whole Rice Hulls


Klass, Donald L.


A previous study, at the University of Missouri-Rolla facility, has provided insight into ground rice hull gasification. The extension of this work, using the whole hull, presented several initial problems. Gasification performance tests were conducted in the 6 inches fluidized bed, the reactor was 12 ft. high with a 10 inches disengager at the top of the reactor. Theoretically, increasing bed temperature would increase the product gas heating value but in the data presented, gasification temperatures above 1300 degree F resulted in a decrease in heating value and thermal efficiency. 1300 degree F, under present conditions, appeared to be the upper limit for the gasification process without lowering the heating value. Considerable data has been collected in the top feed unit running under steady state conditions. The data provides the experience necessary for operating a small scale fluidized bed gasifier and for any desired scale-up.

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Energy from Biomass and Wastes X


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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Fluid-Bed Gasification; Poster Paper; Product Gas Heating Value; Temperature Limits; Top Feeding; Whole Rice Hulls

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1987

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