Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dissertations



Dissertations from 2003

A comprehensive dynamic model of the gas metal arc welding process, Fanlin Zhu

Dissertations from 2002


Transverse fracture and fiber/matrix interface characteristics of hybrid ceramic matrix composites, Stephen B. Haug

Lyapunov function based neurocontrollers for a class of deterministic and stochastic problems, Zhongwu Huang

Nonlinear material modeling and finite element analysis of V-ribbed belts, Yuelin Shen

Modeling and analysis of rapid freeze prototyping, Guanghua Sui

A new method for suboptimal control of a class of nonlinear systems, Ming Xin

Fracture mechanics of glass panels subjected to low velocity missle impact, Jiaqing Yu

Modeling the formation and collapse of a keyhole during laser welding process, Wenhai Zhang

Development and characterization of soy-based epoxy resins and pultruded FRP composites, Jiang Zhu

Dissertations from 2001

CFD analyses of two-phase flow with vapor emission for automotive refueling system, Raja Banerjee

Modeling and characterization of long term material behavior in polymer composites with woven fiber architecture, Vikas Gupta

Flight control with adaptive critic neural network, Dongchen Han

Experimental and numerical study of three-dimensional laminar separated flow adjacent to backward-facing step, An Li

An effect of damper configurations on turbulent mixing for air conditioning systems optimization, Bin Li


Three-dimensional radiative transfer in a medium exposed to spatially varying radiation: Effects of polarization, Donald W. Mueller Jr.

Optimal control of distributed parameter systems using adaptive critic neural networks, Radhakant Padhi

Experimental study of air mixing and its enhancement in a damper-controlled mixing chamber, Changlin Sun

Simulation of ABS incineration under oxidative and reductive conditions, Li Xing

Integrated optimization system for airbag design and modeling by finite element analysis, Honglu Zhang

Process planning for multi-axis laser aided manufacturing process, Jun Zhang

Nonparallel thermal instability of natural convection flow over horizontal and inclined plates in porous media, Jianzhong Zhao

Dissertations from 2000


Augmented reality applications in product modeling, analysis, and development, Chia-Pin Huang


Hygrothermal modeling and testing of polymers and polymer matrix composites, Weiqun Xu

Dissertations from 1999


Reuse machining knowledge for process planning system in a web-based collaborative design and manufacturing environment, Hsin-Chi Chang

Machine tool accuracy characterization, error modeling and compensation using telescopic ballbar and laser interferometer, Yalcin M. Ertekin

Indoor air quality: economizer control and air mixing in variable air volume systems, Roger George

Active vibration suppression of self-excited structures using an adaptive LMS algorithm, Indranil Danda Roy

Investigation and analysis of the inverse cycle engine and virtual turbomachinery concepts for high mach number flight, Thomas Winston Scott

Identification and characterization of complex dynamic structure in spark ignition engines, Robert M. Wagner

Modeling of three-dimensional gas metal arc welding process, Yun Wang

Dissertations from 1998

An enhanced cutting force model and its application in tool breakage detection for end milling process using NURBS based neural-fuzzy system, Ilyoung Ahn

Design of piezoelectric motor systems, James R. Friend

A new supervisory control system for cutting force in milling operations using neural networks and fuzzy logic, Tao Luo

Design and stability and robustness analyses of neural networks in control systems, Jie Shen

Real-time intelligent monitoring and diagnostic system for a CNC turret lathe in a production environment using multi-sensing and neural network, Anietie Udo Ukpong

Dissertations from 1997

Multiple scattering of a polarized laser beam, Amrit Ambirajan


Vehicle performance optimization utilizing the Air Turbo-Ramjet propulsion system; Methodology development and applications, Kirk Christensen

Damage detection in composite structures using multi-sensing, actuation, and neural network systems, Yuping Jiang

Numerical analysis of fracture and damage in brittle laminated structures, Fangsheng Ji

The simulation of high-speed internal flowfields using parallel computing, Mark Lee Underwood

Fixture clamping condition modeling and monitoring, Jung-Hua Yeh

Dissertations from 1996

Numerical simulation of crack initiation and propagation within the framework of a modified Gurson's model, Yin-He Cao

Numerical simulation of low velocity, small missile impact of laminated architectural glass, Forrest W. Flocker

The application of finite element methods to the analysis of acoustic propagation in steady flows with harmonic heat sources, Carlos Arturo Gutierrez

Intelligent control using recurrent neural networks, Qun Xu

Numerical analysis of hydrogen-air counter flow diffusion flame, Jun Zhao

Dissertations from 1995

Improved control strategies for effective ventilation with variable air volume systems, William Woody Delp

Geometric modeling and computer simulation of mechanical assemblies with changing topologies, Yong Fang

Finite element analysis of depleted uranium and tungsten in dynamic shear banding and penetration, Zheng Peng


Modified discrete ordinates solution of radiative transfer in multidimensional participating media, Mohan Ammanath Ramankutty

Dissertations from 1994

Modeling of the formation of macrosegregation during solidification of binary alloys, Qizhong Diao

Application of fuzzy sets and probabilistic methods in car body structure noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) design, Thomas Kidangalil Mathai

Fade, wear, and fracture behavior of phenolic based non-asbestos friction composites, Gopalkrishna Padmanabhan

Analysis of matrix damage in single fiber composites, Shashikumar Venkatakrishnaiah

Intelligent process planning system with learning capability: a case-based reasoning approach, Hao Yang

Dissertations from 1993

Air-conditioning system performance with heat reclaim and economizer operation, Venkata Surya Anantapantula

Finite element analysis of axisymmetric deformations of thick thermoviscoplastic targets, Xingju Chen

Analysis of pressureless densification of ceramic matrix composites, Wei Hong

Liquid atomization in supersonic flows, Azzedine Missoum

Finite element analysis of dynamic shear bands in 2-D and 3-D deformations of thermoviscoplastic materials, Xiangtong Zhang

Failure analysis of high temperature composites, Yonglu Zhao

Dissertations from 1992

Experimental study of mixed convection in laminar separated backward-facing step flows, H. I. Abu-Mulaweh

Aircraft landing gear shimmy, Jeffrey Allen Baumann

Thermal residual stress-strain analysis for composite materials using high sensitivity moire interferometry, Kook Yun Byun

Transition from laminar to turbulent flow around an airfoil, Chang-Ren Chen

Shrinkage-induced fluid flow and its effect on the formation of macrosegregation during alloy solidification, Jen-Hsin Chen

Thermal contact conductance of a phase-mixed coating layer by transitional buffering interface, Kee-Chiang Chung

Finite element analysis and experimental evaluation of buckling phenomena in laminated composite tubes and plates, Mahmood Farhadinia

Analysis of dynamic shear bands in plane strain compression of dipolar thermoviscoplastic materials by using an adaptively refined mesh, Jungsun Hwang

Two dimensional fin analysis, Hyung Suk Kang

An adaptive mesh refinement technique for two-dimensional problems and its application to the analysis of shear bands, Kwang I. Ko

Analysis of matrix damage in unidirectional composites, V. G. Mukunda

An investigation of crack growth at interfaces in bimaterials and composites using a consistent shear-lag model, David Brian Popejoy

An investigation of the dynamic response of lifting surfaces with concentrated structural nonlinearities, Iyad Khalil Qumei

Robust control of smart structures, Seung-Woo Rhee

New acceleration potential method for supersonic unsteady aerodynamics of lifting surfaces, further extension of the nonplanar supersonic doublet point method, and nonlinear, nongradient optimized rational function approximations for supersonic, transient response unsteady aerodynamics, Ashish Tewari

Dissertations from 1991

The effect of temperature and imperfect bonding on the mechanical properties of ceramic matrix composites, Douglas R. Carroll

Modeling of fluid flow and porosity formation during casting solidification, Fon-Chieh Chang

Unconstrained and constrained motion control of a planar two-link structurally-flexible manipulator, Byung-Oh Choi

Analysis of steady state axisymmetric penetration problems by the finite element method using a mixed formulation, R. (Rajarathinam) Jayachandran

An application of the boundary element method to two-dimensional sound propagation over an irregular topography, Jong Moo Park

Dynamic analysis and vibration control of smart structural materials, Ming-June Tzeng

Dissertations from 1990

Mixed convection in two dimensional laminar air flow with reverse flow regions, Byung Joon Baek

Non-steady state cracking in unidirectional composites, Li Chai

Intrinsic workability and metal forming analysis, Hen-Li Henry Chen


Studies on the shrinkage-induced transport phenomena during alloy solidification, Kun-Chuan Chiang

Finite element solution of steady state axisymmetric penetration problems, T. Gobinath

Dynamics of an axially moving flexible finite strip, Madana M. Gopal

Polymeric composite tube mold design and hygrothermal stress analysis of composite tubes, Byung Sun Kim

Nonparallel thermal instability of forced, natural, and mixed convection flows, Hsien-Ren Lee

Micromechanics characterization of sublaminate damage, Huanqiu Tang

Melting heat transfer in enclosures, Chudong Wen

Finite and boundary element analysis of three-dimensional linear elastostatics, Amir H. Yahyavi

Comparison of energy consumption of common heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems with closed water loop heat pump systems, Jawad Hussain Zaidi

Dissertations from 1989

Finite element analysis of laminated composite plates, Virat Chomkwah

Shear strain localization phenomenon in viscoplastic materials, Chang-Ho Kim


Dynamic adiabatic shear band development in plane strain deformations of a viscoplastic material, De-Shin Liu

A finite element method to solve a third order convected acoustic wave equation for sheared subsonic flow in a circular duct, with application to propeller noise, James Edward Steck

Dissertations from 1988

An analysis of steady state penetration problems by the finite element method, Pei-Rong Lin

Modeling and control of large flexible space structures, Jayant V. Ramakrishnan