There is no difference in the thermal expansion behavior of an intermetallic compound (Al2Au) and of an ionic (LiF), except in the magnitude of the expansion coefficients, which for both compounds upon cooling below 40°K approach zero. The lattice parameters of the two compounds mentioned decrease uniformly and without anomalies with lowering the temperature, approaching a constant value below 40°K. The a–T relationship between 40 and 180° is given in form of equations. A pump working on the Joule‐Thomson principle was used for cooling. The GRÜNEISEN parameter, γ, of LiF between 40 and 180°K is a constant, contrary to theoretical prediction. The values of a, α and γ agree well with previous measurements, where liquid gases were used for cooling and lattice parameter determinations and a dilatometer for expansivity measurements. Copyright © 1972 Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim


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01 Jan 1972

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