Plasma Arc Welding of ZrB₂-20 vol% ZrC Ceramics


Zirconium diboride ceramics containing 20vol% zirconium carbide were preheated to 1450⁰C and plasma arc welded to produce continuous joints. Arc welding was completed using a current of 198A, plasma flow rate of 0.75l/min, and welding speed of~8cm/min. Two fusion zones, having penetration depths of 4.4 and 2.3mm, resulted in different microstructures. One fusion zone contained ZrB2 crystals, up to~1mm in length, and a ZrB2-ZrC eutectic. The second fusion zone revealed ZrB2 and ZrC, along with C that was attributed to diffusion from the graphite support used during welding. ZrB2 and ZrC grains in the latter fusion zone were asymmetric, having an average maximum Feret diameter of 52.4±53.2μm and 10.8±8.1μm, respectively. Hardness, used to identify a heat affected zone for both weldments, increased from 12GPa at the fusion zone boundary, to the hardness of the parent material, 15.2±0.1GPa.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Advanced ceramics; Microstructural analysis; Welding; ZrC; Carbides; Ceramic materials; Electric welding; Hardness; Feret diameter; Parent materials; Zirconium carbide; Zirconium diboride

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01 Dec 2014