Mathematics and Statistics Dissertations



Dissertations from 2020


Fuzzy logistic regression for detecting differential DNA methylation regions, Tarek M. Bubaker Bennaser

Dissertations from 2019


Dendrites or lambda-dendroids as generalized inverse limits, Faruq Abdullah Mena


Decoupling methods for the time-dependent Navier-Stokes-Darcy interface model, Changxin Qiu


Modeling of HIV, SIR and SIS epidemics on time scales and oscillation theory, Gülşah Yeni

Dissertations from 2018


Incremental proper orthogonal decomposition for PDE simulation data: Algorithms and analysis, Hiba Fareed


On modeling quantities for insurer solvency against catastrophe under some Markovian assumptions, Daniel Jefferson Geiger


Cox-type model validation with recurrent event data, Muna Mohamed Hammuda


New developments of dimension reduction, Lei Huo


HDG methods for Dirichlet boundary control of PDEs, Yangwen Zhang

Dissertations from 2017


T-closed sets, multivalued inverse limits, and hereditarily irreducible maps, Hussam Abobaker


Programming problems on time scales: Theory and computation, Rasheed Basheer Al-Salih


Local holomorphic extension of Cauchy Riemann functions, Brijitta Antony


A harmonic M-factorial function and applications, Reginald Alfred Brigham II


Numerical investigation on nonlocal problems with the fractional Laplacian, Siwei Duo


Bootstrap-based confidence intervals in partially accelerated life testing, Ahmed Mohamed Eshebli


A functional data analytic approach for region level differential DNA methylation detection, Mohamed Salem F. Milad


Zero-dimensional spaces and their inverse limits, Sahika Sahan


Balanced Truncation Model Reduction of Nonlinear Cable-Mass PDE System, Madhuka Hareena Lochana Weerasinghe

Dissertations from 2016


Small sample confidence bands for the survival functions under proportional hazards model, Emad Mohamed Abdurasul


Modeling daily electricity load curve using cubic splines and functional principal components, Abdelmonaem Salem Jornaz


Pointwise and uniform convergence of fourier series on SU(2), Donald Forrest Myers


Existence and classification of nonoscillatory solutions of two dimensional time scale systems, Özkan Özturk

Dissertations from 2015


Discrete analogues of some classical special functions, Thomas Joseph Cuchta


Small sample saddlepoint confidence intervals in epidemiology, Pasan Manuranga Edirisinghe


On testing common indices for several multi-index models: A link-free approach, Xuejing Liu


Discrete and dynamic population models with logistic growth rate, Sabrina Heike Streipert


Volterra difference equations, Nasrin Sultana


Small sample UMPU equivalence testing based on saddlepoint approximations, Renren Zhao


Essays on unit root testing in time series, Xiao Zhong

Dissertations from 2014


On some inferential problems with recurrent event models, Withanage Ajith Raveendra De Mel

Dissertations from 2013


Sparse group sufficient dimension reduction and covariance cumulative slicing estimation, Bilin Zeng

Dissertations from 2012


Lifetime prediction and confidence bounds in accelerated degradation testing for lognormal response distributions with an Arrhenius rate relationship, Steven Michael Alferink


Periodic q-difference equations, Rotchana Chieochan


Economics and finance on time scales, Julius Severin Heim


Small sample inference for exponential survival times with heavy right-censoring, Noroharivelo Volaniaina Randrianampy


Sieve bootstrap based prediction intervals and unit root tests for time series, Maduka Rupasinghe

Dissertations from 2011


Minimal and near minimal congruence lattice representations of finite lattices by finite algebras on sets of integers, Roger Lee Bunn


Modeling hourly electricity prices: a structural time series approach incorporating modified GARCH innovations, Edirisinghe Mudiyanselage Asitha Edirisinghe


Probability theory on time scales and applications to finance and inequalities, Thomas Matthews

Dissertations from 2009


Holomorphic extensions in toric varieties, Malgorzata Aneta Marciniak


The Kalman filter on time scales, Nicholas J. Wintz

Dissertations from 2008


Inverse limits of permutation maps, Robbie A. Beane

A modified approach for obtaining sieve bootstrap prediction intervals for time series, Purna Mukhopadhyay


Stochastic dynamic equations, Suman Sanyal


Estimating bounds for nonidentifiale parameters using potential outcomes, Thidaporn Supapakorn

Dissertations from 2007

Distributional aspects of P-value and their use in multiple testing situations, Xiaojun Hu

Dissertations from 2006

A likelihood ratio test of endogeneity for binary independent variables, Xu Cao

Parameter estimation for a finite mixture model in high dimensional applications, Qinfang Xiang

Dissertations from 2005

Integral representations and holomorphic extension on toric varieties, Alexey Alexandrovich Kytmanov


Bootstrap prediction intervals for multivariate time series, Florian Sebastian Rueck

Statistical methods for the analysis of aerosol concentration data, Yi Ye

Dissertations from 2003

Automorphism groups of resolvable incidence structure, Grant Harlan Lathrom

Dissertations from 2002

Applications of temporal logic to assembly and disassembly sequences, Murat Atmaca


Tauberian theorems for convergence and subsequential convergence of sequences with controlled oscillatory behavior, Fi̇li̇z Di̇k


Tauberian theorems for sequences with moderately oscillatory control moduli, Mehmet Di̇k


The geometry of map equations for trochoids, Sibel Pasali

Dissertations from 2000


On a characterization of W-sets, Jonathan Robert Hatch


Considerations of the dynamics of the Poincaré map acting on the attractor of the Newton-Leipnik system, Benjamin Arthur Marlin

Dissertations from 1998

Weighted Sidon sets, Katherine Marie Vassallie Adams

Some ranking and selection procedures for the Weibull distribution based on the shape parameter, Jeanne Sue Hill

Predictive density estimation in life testing, Ananda Jayawardhana

Irreducibility of inverse limits on intervals, David James Ryden

Tauberian theorems for generalized Abelian summability methods, ʻbrahi̇m ßanak

Dissertations from 1997

Analytic solutions of nth order differential equations at a singular point, Brian Haile

Dissertations from 1993

Fixed point theory for non-self maps, Linda Marie Saliga

Dissertations from 1992

A class of entire functions generated by integral transforms: theory and applications, Everett D. McCoy

Dissertations from 1991

Convergence of Fourier series and representations of Fourier and Fourier-Stieltjes coefficients, Dimitrios G. Natsis

Concerning the expansive property and shift homeomorphisms of inverse limits, Fredrick Edward Worth

Dissertations from 1990

Properties of estimators of concave regression functions, Dietrich William Kuhlmann

Dissertations from 1989

Semigroups of functions on nearness spaces and near completely homogeneous spaces, Rhonda Louise McKee

Dissertations from 1988

Some order restricted inferences in nonhomogeneous poisson processes, James Michael Guffey

Dissertations from 1987

Fixed point theory and stability results for fixed point iteration procedures, Alberta Marie Harder

Tests for and against a stochastic ordering between multinomial populations: the general case, Larry Albert Lucas

Dissertations from 1985

Comparing a set of K statistical populations with respect to a control, Linda Marie Penas

Dissertations from 1982

Extensions, generalizations, characterizations and testing for independence through infinite divisibility, Edward Joul Danial

Topic in isotonic regression, Rhonda Cheryl Lank Magel

Experiment size for Poisson and negative binomial sampling, approximations of ratios of F-Variates and tests of equal gamma scale parameters, Wei-Kei Shiue

Dissertations from 1981

On the integrability and L¹-convergence of trigonometric series, William O. Bray

Dissertations from 1980

Solutions of differential inequalities and existence theorems for multi-point boundry value problems, Paul W. Eloe

Mathematical modeling process applied to reflector design, Judith Ann Hankins

Algorithms for fixed points of nonexpansive operators, Michael Donald Humphries

Dissertations from 1978

Some results on inferences for the gamma and double exponential distributions, John Victor Grice

Locally quasi-uniform structures and strongly complete quasi-uniform structures, Shirley Carpenter Huffman

Some selection and ranking procedures for the two parameter weibull distribution, Joseph Victor Kingston

Inferences on the shape parameter of the gamma distribution and Cramer-Rao lower bounds from censored data, James Wyckoff

Dissertations from 1977

Inverses of transfer function matrices, James Theodore Bruening

Convergent solutions of difference equations, W. J. Fitzpatrick

Probabilistic foundations of general quantum theories and characterizations of representation space, Salvadore J. Guccione Jr.

Strict convexity in locally convex spaces and fixed point theorems in generalized Hilbert spaces, Ed Wilburn Huffman

Dissertations from 1976

Reliability growth apportionment, Donald Henry Galli

Extremal structure of convex sets, J. C. Hankins

Solving mixed-integer quadratic programs by the sequential contour contraction technique, James Lee Richards

On estimating functionals of probability densities and applications to parameter estimation, Dolores Marie Halper Tichenor

Dissertations from 1975


A heuristic algorithm for the multi-terminal vehicle dispatch problem using the modified sweep algorithm, Jerry George Johnson

Applications of metrics over Tikonov semifields and fixed points in Hilbert spaces, John David Kubicek


Mixed nonderivative algorithms for unconstrained optimization, Roger Ellis Lessman


A study of some life testing distributions, Robert Marvin Smith

A blocked orthogonalization method for nonlinear regression, Daniel C. St. Clair

A mathematical investigation of the effects of computer architectural features on program size, James Frederick Wade

Dissertations from 1974


On integrability and L¹ convergence of certain cosine sums, John William Garrett