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Dawei Xu

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Data analysis; Fine migration; Low salinity water flooding


"Low salinity water flooding (LSWF) is well proved to be an effective EOR technology both in laboratory and field tests, however, the conditions for LSWF to work and EOR mechanism is still debatable. Up till now, many mechanisms have been proposed to explain the incremental oil recovery in sandstone by LSWF, for instance, fine migration, ionic exchange, wettability alteration and pH increase.

In this study, we only focus on low salinity water flooding effect through induced fine migration mechanism. The objective of this study is to conduct a comprehensive analysis using statistical analysis methods and explaining the mechanism of fine migration and its impact during low salinity water flooding in sandstone reservoirs. First, we extracted data from a large number of LSWF flooding tests using sandstone core samples that have been published to date (by January 2019), and analyzed the permeability and injected pressure difference change during the flooding process results collectively. In most of the sandstone flooding experiments, the permeability will decrease because of the migration of fine particles except some cores with extremely high initial permeability. Secondly, according to the particles detachment model six rock/fluid system properties are pointed out to be the reason of particles detachment in porous media, including clay minerals concentration, injection brine velocity, brine salinity, brine pH, divalent ion concentration and oil viscosity. Experimental results are collected, organized and analyzed, from different papers, different authors and comprehensive analysis were made to reveal the impact of high relative rock/fluid system properties on permeability change and oil recovery"--Abstract, page iii.


Wei, Mingzhen

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Bai, Baojun
Flori, Ralph E.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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M.S. in Petroleum Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2019


x, 44 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 39-43).


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