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Qian Wang

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De-Embedding; Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge; High Speed Design; Signal Integrity; Silicon Interposer Technology; Through Silicon Via


"Traditional two-dimensional system-in-package (2D SiP) can no longer support the scaling of size, power, bandwidth, and cost at the same rate required by Moore's Law. Three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D-ICs), 2.5D silicon interposer technology in which through silicon vias are widely used, are implemented to meet these challenges. Embedded multi-die interconnect bridge (EMIB) technology are proposed as well.

In Section 1, a novel de-embedding method is proposed for TSV characterization by using a set of simple yet efficient test patterns. Full wave models and corresponding equivalent circuits are provided to explain the electrical performance of the test patterns clearly. Furthermore, broadband measurement is performed for all test patterns up to 40 GHz, to verify the accuracy of the developed full wave models. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) measurements are taken for all the test patterns to optimize the full wave models. Finally, the proposed de-embedding method is applied to extract the response of the TSV pair. Good agreement between the de-embedded results with analytical characterization and the full-wave simulation for a single TSV pair indicates that the proposed de-embedding method works effectively up to 40 GHz.

In Section 2, the signal integrity performance of EMIB technology is evaluated and compared with silicon interposer technology. Two examples are available for each technology, one is simple with only one single trace pair considered; the other is complex with three differential pairs considered in the full wave simulation. Results of insertion loss, return loss, crosstalk and eye diagram are provided as criteria to evaluate the signal integrity performance for both technologies. This work provides guidelines to both top-level decision and specific IC or channel design"--Abstract, page iii.


Fan, Jun, 1971-

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Achkir, Brice
Beetner, Daryl G.
Pommerenke, David
Drewniak, James L.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Summer 2016


ix, 62 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 58-61).


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Three-dimensional integrated circuits
Interconnects (Integrated circuit technology) -- Design and construction
Embedded computer systems
Systems on a chip

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T 10987

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