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"The fungal metabolites excreted into the culture fluid by basidiomycetes growing on synthetic glucose media as well as formed in the mycelia of the organisms were investigated in this thesis. Earlier unpublished work had shown that Maucoria confragosa excreted into the medium compounds which were thought to be phenols. Insufficient material was recovered from an ethyl acetate extract of the medium in the present study for further investigation. Colorimetric methods were employed both for the quantitative estimation of reducing sugar not consumed by the microorganisms as well as for a measure of the total organic solids present in the spent beer. A survey of the glucose utilization by cultures of Leucopaxillus paradoxus, and Crepidotus agrophorus on a synthetic glucose medium were also made. The mycelium of N. confragosa was extracted with ether and then with ethanol. A yellowish solid material separated from the concentrated ether extract, but was not identified. Three different kinds of crystals separated from the concentrated ethanol extract of the mycelium. Two of theses were identified; one was mannitol and the other as ergosterol. The presence of a second polyol and an amino acid, neither of which was identified, was shown. The identification of the polyol compounds by paper chromatography was attempted. Column and thin layer chromatography were employed for the separation and identification of ergosterol formed by N. confragosa. An unknown fungus (A-1-C) which was isolated in this laboratory, grew well in four percent malt medium. After seven days the medium turned red. The spent medium was extracted with ether and from the ether extract yellow red crystals separated. Thin layer chromatography indicated that the extract contained at least two yellow pigments. No further work was done on the purification and identification of the pigment. The rate of formation of the pigments by the unknown fungus was studied. The U. V. and visible absorption spectra of the isolated pigments were determined"--Abstract, page ii.


Siehr, Donald J.

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Joiner, James W., 1931-2013
Hanna, Samir B.
Conrad, Frank H., 1902-1983



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M.S. in Chemistry


University of Missouri at Rolla

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viii, 56 pages


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Fungi -- Analysis

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T 1748

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