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"The main objectives of this investigation were the recovery and partial characterization of organic micropollutants from Missouri subsurface waters and the evaluation of the number of filters in series required for effective removal of organic materials from water using the Carbon Adsorption Method.

The organics were recovered from a spring and two deep wells using three large capacity (1. 5 cu. ft.) activated carbon filters in series. Chloroform and ethanol were employed as primary elutants, but acetone and benzene were also investigated. Characterization was by organoleptic, chemical, and biological determinations, toxicity measurements, and solubility partitioning.

Organic materials were found in subsurface waters ranging in concentrations from a low of 2.15µg/1 to a high of 290 µg/1 total chloroform and alcohol soluble extracts in a well and spring, respectively. The extracts from the various subsurface sources exhibited considerably different characteristics from the extracts recovered in a similar manner from surface waters. All the organics exhibited an odor potential; the chloroform soluble extracts had a greater potential than the corresponding alcohol soluble materials, and the spring extracts were considerably more odorous than the well extracts. The spring extracts appeared to be biodegradable to a limited extent, while the well extracts were not. Although none of the extracts evaluated inhibited the activity of unacclimated activated sludge microorganisms, the combined chloroform and alcohol extracts from the spring showed acute toxicity to fish at a concentration of 130 µg/1"--Abstract.


Grigoropoulos, Sotirios G.

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Siehr, Donald J.
Hanna, Samir B.
Roberts, J. Kent, 1922-2014


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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M.S. in Civil Engineering


United States. Public Health Service


This research was sponsored in part by Project No. 6 titled "Long-Term Toxic Effects of Odorous Micropollutants" of program project "Trace Amount Substances in Environmental Health", Grant No. POl1 ES-00082 by the Public Health Service, U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.
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University of Missouri at Rolla

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Organic water pollutants
Micropollutants -- Environmental aspects
Water quality -- Missouri

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T 1974

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